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A man and his train are transported to Equestria.

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oohh yes! another train in equestria, just like mine! awsome!!

...and that's why we ship intermodal, kids.

In all seriousness, I'm tracking this like a boss. I would like to comment that I was slightly confused by the injury scene. It almost sounded like the pony spontaneously burst into pain while the -9 was still a ways off. The other ponies didn't seem to act like there was a freaking metal monster sitting right there.

Keep it up. This should be interesting.

340823 Thank you for the helpful review. I appreciate the criticism and I will try to give the characters a little more personality and tighten the action up a bit.

Dig the new art. I also like the rewording you did.

I must admit, the reason I haven't written "diesels in Equestria" is that I have no idea where the story could go from here. I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned.

I guess if I'm so impatient, I might as well offer to preread for you.

343722 Thanks! I had a few problems with the Edit Story function and it wasn't accepting the link, but I got it fixed, I'm glad you like it.

There appear to be some missing words after he asks where the hospital is.

Also, shouldn't the ponies be freaking out just a little?

345435 Thank you for noticing that mistake, I don't think I ever would have found it on my own. It's fixed now.

I need to work on inducing more expressions into my characters. :twilightsheepish:

On the plus side, I have a nice, long, 4-hour car ride to Seattle tomorrow that I can work on the story.

Nice to see a fellow railroader! tracking...




AND YOU?!!?!!?!


1886238 It's like you read my mind, I was planning on releasing an update today.

I like it! Though it needs more steam power...

I'm really starting to like the idea of having two separate perspectives of what's going on.

Ach, I knew I had lost some favorites some time in the last couple of months. Re-added.

Lucky the rail gauge is the same on Earth and in Equestria . . . .

I come from a family of engineers, so I am definitely following this story. I just think steamers are more equestria's speed, because diesels run on diesel fuel, obviously, and equestria is all steam. Once you run out of diesel, your locos are basically scrap metal.

The NS is in the eastern part of the country, not California. I must ask, are you from Great Britan? I ask because "shunting" is the term used over there, and here in the US it is called switching.

I just caught a typo- "throw the sat witch". Shouldn't it be switch?

"Did Jacob fall off? was Adams main question" This should be "Adam's main question was if Jacob had fallen off."

Any time someone is thinking something it should have quotation marks on it. Do you need an editor?

340637 Mine is a PRR K4. What is yours?

I have to ask- How much fuel is left in the Dash 9's?

When is the next chapter? You can't have control of both locomotives from both cabs if they are MU'ed.

I really like this story, please don't cancel:fluttershysad::fluttercry::applecry:.

Will you be returning to work on this at any point? Still curious where its going.

Sooooo, what happened to jacob?

Trains are fun 8D
This looks nice, good work on it so far.

Train collision... I wanted one, Dx
Nice job on this, let's see what happened next.

Wait wait wait... did Jacob get left behind in some random desert back on Earth?
Oh damn xD hahaaha, nice.

Good work on this.
Adam sure is taking this all in stride, considering.

Awesome chapter, liking where this is going.
Nice job, hope to see more soon.

Awesome chapter, liking where this is going.
Nice job, hope to see more soon.

This story is exciting.
Too bad the author seems to have abandoned it.
I gave him a 'like' anyway.

When is there going to be more? I'm curious and I like this.

Hope this isn’t dead I like this story. If helps needed let me know

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