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I just recently started to write stories directly towards the FiM actively, though I have been writing for years, publishing numerous stories at Mibba and the eventual pony story, as far as to the MLP


I had bought a ticket to Equestria. I had planned to return home, but that's two days in the future.

It's simple, I had all I needed with me. I'm going by night train, ready to wake up, fully rested. That's the only way I had available.

What will happen, once there? I'd expect to see the other ponies, naturally.

There are a few details I enjoyed to explore, like the paper I found on the table in my living room, the Equestria Daily.

This seems to be something I could get used to, by the looks of what and who was greeting me, since I had arrived.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 11 )

...... What the fuck is your description saying? :rainbowhuh:

3823602 that the girl goes to Equestria.
She expect to see ponies, which she will.

you did by any chance read the story? even if it is barely getting off of the ground.

No. :twilightblush:
The description made no sense, so I didn't read it.

3823724 it did not make sense to you, I guess I could see? this doesn't say that everyone else found it confusing.

There is the chance it had started to make sense, if you had red it.

I'm wondering, since you posted a comment, and had no idea what the description means?

I had no idea what it was about. :applejackunsure:
I'm not about to start reading any story willy nilly. :ajbemused:
That'd be like sticking your dick in any hole you see. It could only end badly 99% of the time. :trixieshiftleft:

3823808 if you put it that way, I guess I can see why you did not start to read.

I'll look into the description, as I keep develloping the story.
thanks for pointing it out. :pinkiesmile:


We got bored,

So we came and started reading,

I am so confused but I have a gut feeling its going to be good.

Um not to be a bother but you misspelled model. You put "moddle" instead of model.

3850287 Ow. that's always good.
if you could point a hoof to the confusion, more precicely?
Thanks, I'll check this. that's one problem down the lest, towards a clearly readable and enjoyable story.

3850287 I just went over the story, fixing numerous mis-spelld words and other grammatical errors, before I launched the new chapter, leading up to where I'm taking them.



We'll start reading it!


Keep up the good work!

4315988 Some work, but if it makes the story enjoyable to read, it is well worth it.

I'm still working on the next chapter and will continue the story.

I'll do my best to keep the story at least as good as it is now.

I do have a few ideas where to take them, but that's for when I get to the point where I can present the events.

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