• Published 21st Jan 2014
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The Day - Cromegas_Flare

For Night Light, all that mattered to him was his family, and not saying good bye was the hardest part of it all.

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The Day

The Day

Even as Night Light left his home this morning, he could not shake the feeling. Not the feeling of dread, because he was perfectly happy, no this was the feeling that most people don't notice until it's far to late. For Night Light, he was oblivious. The only thing on his mind consciously was the very fact that for once, he was exited to go to work. Walking out of his house, the proud father of the princess made his way down the hill to the city center. Where he will be interviewed about his daughter's new role as Equestrias newest princess.

True, he had always worked for the press, but never before had he been the focus of attention to get an interview. His thoughts however were not on him self, they were on his daughter. Though she may have been the new light and topic of his beloved nation, she was still his daughter. This was more for her benefit then his, still though, having an article with his words was enough to ignite his pleasure to get some lime light.

The blue stallion walked down the road, and all that the other ponies could see was a happy stallion. To them it was not much of a difference, yet they could not but help to stop and stare. It was common knowledge of who this guy was, and to see him in person was a big deal. If they could get on his good side, then maybe they could meet the one and only Twilight Sparkle. Yet there was something intimidating about that pony which made it next to impossible to get close enough for a decent conversation. So keeping their distance the little ponies continued their day, still hoping to get a chance to meet their idols and supremacists.

To Night Light, he was fully aware to the attention he was getting. It made him a little uncomfortable, because when his sweet little foal was in school, her status as Celestia's private pupil was kept to only a whisper. Yet, once she was crowned, all wanted to know about her. His whole family was kept from exposure to their relation, or at least that was until their neighbor told a friend, who told another friend. When it came to friendship, it definitely was magic. Even if some forms of it could be considered dark as your own privacy was invaded. Yet the break in to his home only happened one, after all, his son and daughter did not get the magical abilities from no where. No, his whole family had a strong connection to the magical field. So it was no surprise when the intruders suddenly felt as if they where drained from energy and found terror in their dreams as they slumped on the ground unconscious. Never mess with a Drainage field, they have nasty side effects.

Yet in his thoughts, Night Light soon found himself in the clearing in front of his location. It was to late to run, for what he saw in front of him was what could only be described as alien. A huge floating disk began to appear right on above the Cantarlot Castle.
Now the feeling that filled him became known, it was subconscious earlier as the feeling of awareness, the feeling that is so easily ignored unless given to a trained mind. Though Night Light was talented in magic, his mind was not sharp enough for this. Those feelings however grew to dread, the fear of the unknown. He stared at the vast ship that fully became apparent before him, its dark slick sides covering most, but not all of Canterlot. The chill that brought to every pony who looked upon it.

What is that?

Night Light knowing fully well what the thing was, could not stop his thoughts from questioning. Friend or foe, that thing was the home to a rather advanced race never encountered before. It was his dream to find alien life, but he was hoping for it to be more subtle. More equivalent to a sit down and chat style. No, that was not at all the case, these guys wanted to be known boldly, and made their appearance known.

Maybe they come in peace?

It was hopeful, but deep down in his heart, he know they were not friends. If there was one thing he learned from his daughter, is that friends have a style of pleasantry. What was before him, was not in any way pleasant.

A loud crack filled the air as Night Lights attention was brought to the ship, for below it, on its belly opened a hole that spanned across the whole tip of the castle tower. That was not the wonder that focused his attention though, for even as the rumbling noise grew, a point came out of the gap. The Apparatus seamed to be a large lighting rod, but to its function, it was unknown. Lower and lower did the horn go, until it was nearly touching the tip of the highest tower.

Silence fell over the whole of Canterlot, as they were all immersed to the attraction. Some ponies found it in them selves to run as far as they could from the monstrosity. Few found it curious and decided to trot a little closer to the epicenter. Night Light found himself, like many others to stunned to even move. Yet the only consistent sound was the slight humming coming from the large hover craft.

OK, what is it doing, Night Light found himself thinking, as he raised his hoof to scratch his head.

Sparks erupted from the tip of the rod, and in just a few seconds a powerful beam, one that sliced right through the magical field, shot down and obliterated the grand tower. As the shrapnel and fire roared through the city, the cry of alarm and fear broke everypony in its daze. Never before had the term "curiosity killed the pony" been more accurate as all the near by Ponies where evaporated in an instant. However, the explosion did not stop there. The fire grew and spread quickly, even as pony after pony tried to run, only to be engulfed and incinerated instantly.

Yet Night Light just stood there, to stunned to run. Chaos grew around him as everypony forgot what was important other then their own lives. The cries of doom shouted as the revelation came, that the sky was in fact falling.

To the proud father, his only thoughts could be extended to his family. His son was at the equestrian empire, he could only hope that he was safe, along with his pregnant daughter in law. His daughter was over in Ponyville, and he only hoped that the town was out of the range. If there was somepony out there that could end this, it was her and her friends.

Then there was his beloved wife, Twilight Velvet. Who had done well to raise up such wonderful children. From Shining Armor to his rambunctious personality, to his beloved daughter who would work so hard to make sure everything went perfectly. Twilight Velvet was and is the love of Night Light's life. Nothing would ever change that.

He remembered fondly has he first met the mare of his dreams. At a magic show, in fact, in the middle of Ponyville. It was truly Ironic how that town kept pulling his family together. He remembered his first kiss as they watched their first Metior Shower together.

Tears swelled down his cheeks as heat grew around him, yet he remembered the first argument they had, and how just to make her happy, he kissed her. Swallowing his pride, knowing he was right, yet told her she was correct.

"I love you Twilight Velvet" Said the doomed Stallion as the flames approached ever so closer.

He remembered his lines saying "I do" as she, the perfect mare. The mare perfect enough for him became his wife.

With tears streaming down his face, he walked to the growing furnace.

"No Regrets!," His last words being shouted.

"This is the Day!"

Author's Note:

I realized I needed some practice writing in third person, so I decided to write this up.

Inspired by the film Independence Day, I wrote this.

I hope you enjoyed it,

Mr. Flare

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Comments ( 2 )

This feels like it has a lot missing. The aliens came out of nowhere. Have you heard of foreshadowing? Also, where were the apostrophes?

They are supposed to, if aliens came to earth..... not everyone would notice right away. So when it comes to your first issue, I think I nailed the concern to what I wanted. I for shadowed enough, in the first sentence. I shy away from heavy foreshadowing, for I see it as a flaw in the story. {Slice of Life} tag, cough, cough

The story was never about the aliens.... not once not ever. I don't make things obvious, that would make things to easy. And I don't like a society that expects things to be easy.

As for the Apostrophes....
Who needs stinking apostrophes?:flutterrage:
No seriously though, I'll go through it and fix that.


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