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The heart works in mysterious ways. Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps may seem like opposites in temperament, physique, ...everything.

But a single chance encounter can cause a pony's feelings to change and grow, and that may mark the start of something beautiful.

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(Because sometimes you just have to sit down and bang out a Shyceps fic. And because Bulk Biceps got a character tag!)

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Fluttershy x Bulk Biceps is the most official shipping ever!

Dunno, Dash has saved Soarin's pie twice now. There's obvious sparks.
I'm just curious how quickly Bulk got over his morbid fear of butterflies.
Great read, regardless. Have a like :twilightsmile:

I saw the "twist" here coming from the very beginning, but I would have been very disappointed if it hadn't been there. Great story.

Also, Shyceps is a fantastic ship name.

*browses new stories*
*spots Flutters x Bulky pic*

... And so it begins... :rainbowdetermined2:

why must this have a "complete" tag. :fluttercry:

3815919 had the same reaction

Being nitpicky here, but "the strongest muscle" is a bit vague. Though I will say that the heart works itself to death.
EDIT: Actually reading the story, I can't believe I didn't catch the "twist" until that pronoun appeared. Good job writing this story!

About time I stumble across a Flutterceps fic! XD I've been waiting to see one; my only complaint is that there isn't a continuation of this. :rainbowkiss:

:pinkiegasp: Oh it was from Bulk Biceps point of view? :facehoof: Oh well I'm a dummy. :pinkiehappy: Nice story.

That certainly makes up for the don't hit girls thoughts I had.


I've heard the tongue and the heart both for that slot. Just now I've heard of the glutes (keeps us bipedal), jaw and Uterine muscles (childbirth).

Bulk Biceps fic?


And here I thought it was in Fluttershy's PoV:rainbowlaugh:!

Nice story, though I must say I like the term Bulkershy myself :twilightsmile:.

Okay, I had to read it twice, but I get it now! Clever.

You got me! :rainbowlaugh:

Maybe I would've seen it coming, but it's the middle of the night. Either way, I loved it :pinkiehappy:

Too bad there isn't going to be more :fluttershysad: I enjoyed though.

Yes, this exists :heart:

I've been looking for some of these!:twilightblush::heart:

So this was from Bulks POV. Interesting.

Ah yes, about time one of these types of ship fics popped up. :yay:

Your story has been added to the FlutterBulk group! Feel free to join us!

I thought it was kind of odd that Fluttershy was so relaxed around Bulk during Rainbow Falls. It seemed like they were already good friends even before the competition. This story gives the explanation as to why so well. I can see this ship working. The gentle giant and the shy, small beauty.

I liked it. Twas cute.

D'awwwwwww. :D

Sequel: Biceps reads Mane-iac comic and sees fluttershy hulked out



I love this so much, you don't even know. I knew as soon as I saw Bulk and Fluttershy together that I would ship them, and as the episode went on they just got closer and closer and... and... this is so cute and pleasant and well-written and...


Nooooo why did you mention that now I can't stop shipping them :raritydespair:

That sure was fast, but I'm not complaining. It was very adorable, and I liked Snowflake (I don't think I'll be used to calling him Bulk Biceps quite yet) from the very start of that episode. They worked very well together and made the episode funny. You pulled him off well here; I can imagine him as someone who, behind those big muscles, is very gentle and willing to get hurt in sacrifice for anyone else.

I'll just leave this here for somepony to properly caption...

But seriously. I need more. Give me more shyceps. (That is a much better name than flutterbulk)

Excellent story and very cute. I love how you didn't reveal that it was Bulk telling the story until the middle. Fluttershy coming to the rescue: I LOVE IT!!!:yay:

Bulk's apparent phobia of butterflies in Flight to the Finish was a metaphor for his fear of admitting his true feelings towards Fluttershy. Clearly he has reached some point of acceptance by Rainbow Falls.

That's my head-canon, and I'm sticking with it!
*puts on shipping goggles* :coolphoto:

I... but... you... how...
Dammit, headcanon accepted! :rainbowlaugh:

I... I'm not a fluttershy fan... Never was... But... But..... YES. I LOVE THIS HEADCANON!
You, whoever you are, get a favorite and upvote from me! You deserve the feature box! :yay:

This is definitely my new favourite ship. FlutterBulk. Shyceps. Whatever it will be called, I love it! :pinkiehappy:


This turned my insides into mush. Sappy, squee-filled mush.

this was a great read! hope you continue with this shipping :derpytongue2:

Lol after the latest episode I knew that there would be a Bulk/shy fic. coming! :twilightsmile:
It was supper cute and I am totally supporting this shipping! :raritystarry:

I knew they would be shipped

haven't read yet-- upvoting for "Shyceps" being the ship name.

Comment posted by chingis09 deleted Jan 21st, 2014

Saw it coming. :eeyup:

I thought his name was Snowflake.


3824691 Hid fannon name is, but the newest episode showed that it's Buff biceps.

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