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Being a mortician already makes somepony strange, but the fact that Stony looks almost no bigger than a colt does pose a problem even outside of the job. Especially when he lives so close too a family that seems to be all about being big and strong, the Apples, however sometimes even the smallest of things can offer something special.

Story takes place in the MAybe world, not necessary yo have read but it would make the character stand out more. Brought in part by

Fat1thatyoulove: as writer, editor and spring boarder.
Soildrock: Original story creator and last call editor.

Chapters (19)
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He's not just a mortician, he's a necromancer! It is a nice little start. I shall have to return on it update. :twilightsmile:

My magic lowers to the room to hold only the empty jar and the book as I sigh a little weekend,

I don't think he is getting ready to go out and do a little partying here. :twilightblush: I think I saw some other places too, like distinct where I think you meant distance in the other chapters.


Yep, gotta love spell check. :twilightsmile:

I love spellcheck. It is what catches a lot of the mistakes I make before I let you have a crack. :twilightsmile:

Whore black widow!.. I couldn't help but chuckle at that point :rainbowlaugh: I like this. And I shall read it and follow you. CONGRATZ!


Funny thing though, I only write the story. This is not my 100% original design, all I am doing is making the scene and adding the dialogue. It is up to my editor/original story creator to look over.

And he didn't :rainbowlaugh:


Glad you like it. :twilightsmile:

And if you ever want to see more about Stony feel free to read the 61 part MAybe series, seeing as how this is just a spin off for a side character in that story.

You know I almost started taking all of your parts and putting them into 1 story (for each overall story). Using the part name as the chapter name. Then I was going to have the mods transfer it back to you. All so it was condensed for the finished ones. :twilightblush:

Oh and so it would be easier to favorite. :twilightsmile:


Pfff, who wants things to be easy. :rainbowlaugh:

Yah! pony drinking games. :twilightsmile:

Stony was ill-prepared. :facehoof:

i dont know if it applies but you may want to consider a mature tag instead of teen for the clop but like i said i dont know if it applies


My views are that mature when it involves sex means that the sex is either, hardcore and really long or very dirty and really should not have been wrote.

Seeing as how this scene falls under neither of those I feel as though it would be teen.

Thanks for the in put though :twilightsmile:


Also, seeing as how I have never seen your name before I'll give you a little info.

This character is a side character in the MAybe series. Which is hosted on my account. This is going to be a full and complete story, but if you ever want to know more about the character feel free to check the series out...It is 61 parts thought :twistnerd:

3829301 yea ive been on this site for a long time now but i just made an account like yesterday so i could make comments


Oh, well welcome.

And little tid-bit, if you are not a fast read stay away from me. Lol, unless you are looking for a story with no end in sight.

3829325 i am a fast read i remember my reading GED test i did 40 questions in 30 mins and made a perfect 800 so ill take that as a challage :rainbowdetermined2:


Well it took over a year to write the MAybe series to where it is now :duck: So it should take a month to read it all :scootangel:

If you're looking for a challenge the story starts with "The Land Before Them"

Here is a link: Story

That bunny is a demon spawn. I keep hoping Fluttershy realizes that in the show someday.


(Making it obvious)
The person who Stony belongs to actually didn't want me to have him call the bunny that. But I always had Stony say that in the MAybe series so I figured it would be okay :rainbowwild:

Don't tell Solid it is in there Shhhhhhh

I have an image of Big Mac seeing if Stony is able to be used as cutting tool to chop down a tree for some reason. Then complaining how he did not live up to his name.

Spider Mane is best pony.

mussels (a few times) I don't think Stoney is made of sea life. It did make me chuckle at the mistake though. :twilightsmile:

Still a fun little story so far.

Tarantula. Not taranchula.

I'm still thinking Applejack's pregnant.

I don't know if i could handle zombie Granny Smith... :pinkiesick:

Hah! I knew it. :twilightsmile:


Yes you did...But anyone who read the Could Be series should know it :raritywink:

But I am like super slacking on your stories and extremely far behind. :twilightblush:


Well then...Secrets unlocked. :yay:

Honestly that was a pretty awesome story


Good, then if you want to see where Stony got his start you might try the MAybe series. Seeing as how Stony is just the side character for the series, also the MAybe series is much longer and more in depth for the characters.

I wonder how far Big Mac will throw him. I bet he can make him land at the little archway to the barn/house from the house door. :twilightsmile:

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