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And so ends chapter 3. That guest chapter was written by Kaidan, so please send your praise, hate, love letters, harpoons, and tomahawks all in his direction.

Chapter four will be out in another 12 hours or so, and that one will be a bit more cheerful than chapters 2 & 3. :pinkiesmile:

Oh, and for this chapter, you cloppers out there should go to Depibooru and search "Raricow" with the mature filter off.

So.. much... Rarity cow :rainbowderp:

I know, right? I added it to my watch list and its like "BAM! Have a cow! No, have 500 cows!"

She waggles her fat, bovine ass and moos.

You see, nothing is more perfect. :raritystarry:

Good lord that's a hell of a cocktail of authors...

All of them batshit insane.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Comment posted by Cantankerous deleted Jan 19th, 2014

Yes! I was waiting for this :pinkiehappy: Time to read it :rainbowwild:

Vegetable Shortening: 25 pounds

She smacks her lips loudly and brings it over to the table. She frowns at the table, it was covered in wrappers and bits of trash from all the other food she ate. She lowers a hoof and dumps all the trash on the floor, then places the tub of fat on the table and sits down. She pops the top and looks around for a spoon. Not seeing one, she dunks her hoof in and starts shoveling the lard-like substance into her mouth, chewing loudly.


(Now to finish reading.)

Twisted... thank you, you magnificent bastard...

Woo! What a way to start this collection off with the most recent clop sensation of the web. Though the mind degradation, while fitting, wasn't really on my taste. Still superbly done for a quickie. One more thing, I kinda wish I could've read about those two other teats poking out.

I was really enjoying the fic until chapter 3. What a boner killer, that author has no clue what he is doing. :ajsleepy:

Aww yiss I LOVE some good transformation!

> Sees dark tag

:flutterrage: FUCK.

So when will the humanized applejack one come out, or is that just a cool looking cover image?

Time for a summary of my thoughts!
This post has been edited to reflect the new chapter order. :derpytongue2:

I've commented on this before, when it was briefly available through a link as an unpublished story or its own. My first impression was "Oh, wait! I remember this one!" Anyway, this chapter exhibits very good writing in almost every regard, with the occasional minor and non-jarring technical issue. The sex does a lot in trying to make the reader feel it, and ends up being quite cloppable (in addition, the sex acts themselves have a rather wider appeal).

Ratings (of 10):
Technical: 8.5
Readability: 9
Cloppability: 8
Overall: 8
Suggested Dark rating: 6. The dark mood once John starts to fuck with Ben is pervasive, chilling, and effective. The story actually kinda hurt, but I'm kind of masochistic (although I have to say I've still never clopped to it).

The Most Generous of the Cows
Mm... okay. A little dark, particularly at the end, there. Additionally, the lack of sex scenes (though I can understand not writing what's basically bestiality) reduces cloppability by a lot. Additionally, this chapter is in need of further editing (odd or redundant word choice is the primary issue), and while I wasn't picking up much feeling from the writing, that could just be my lack of interest in the subject matter.

Technical: 6
Readability: 7
Cloppability: 4
Overall: 5
Suggested Dark rating: 3.5 to 4. The level of dark mood is not really pervasive enough, or the particularly dark ending shocking enough, to earn a 6.5. Then again, my opinion, your scale... (insert ponyshrug of choice here)

Cloppability is weighted slightly more when coming up with the total rating, due to this (and the others) being described as a clopfic.

Toy Swap
A pretty good chapter, but although there's a lot of sex, it's brief, and what's there is almost glossed over. I actually like this, but it doesn't make a great clopfic. It is strong on technical points and story, however.

Technical: 9
Readability: 9
Cloppability: 5
Overall: 8 (as a clopfic).
Suggested Dark rating: 6.5. No particular comment other than I don't think it merits an 8. 8 is Dollhouse.

Also, none of my ratings actually matter, particularly not the suggested Dark ratings. :pinkiecrazy:

3809844 Soooooo do you know where Rarity cow come from, kinda reminds me of the Rarity vs a Giant Crab thing
……. So can we have a chapter of Rarity defeating a giant crab and turning into one, cause that would be kool :raritystarry:

It really makes me question the sickened mentality of the people whom write these kinds of stories, and moreso the people that enjoy them! like me

Oh, and um, shouldn't this have a Sex tag? Because sex happens. A lot. :derpytongue2:

cant wait for man-mare transformations. those are my favorite, specially when fucked by a stallion (sentience optional)

I was writing Applecow before Raricow existed. :twilightsmile:

Watersports aka urine super fetish of mine...

Not all the chapters are dark, just like not all the chapters have humans.

If you click on one of these chapters, at the very top of each page I give a short summary of what the chapter is about, and I even included a "Dark rating" which tells you just how dark they are. :pinkiesmile:

These first 3 are all varied bits of dark, but my next chapter (out in about 12 hours) is going to be totally dark-free. It's a nice slow TF too, so be sure to check it out tomorrow if that's your thing :twilightsmile:


I'd love a futa TF or see a pregger TF somewhere. If I was free I'd totally write one for you.

Aha! This was every bit as awesome as I had hoped :pinkiecrazy: Kudos to every author who wrote or helped edit this story.

All the mental changes definitely makes this fic deserving of the dark tag. Mental changes like these are always dark and are what I find the most disturbing in stories. Definitely not bad though as they all fit in with their stories.

I just love me some tf and tg :heart: I look forward to the next chapter(s) :rainbowwild:

Oh, I'm really excited about that chapter! Basically, there's a teleport accident, and a human and Applejack merge together to form sexy anthro Applejack :rainbowderp:
It's planned to be chapter 5 or 6 I think, but it's totally coming.

As for how come that's the cover art, well, the final cover art isn't ready yet. The actual cover art is supposed to be mixture of three different TF scenes. This was the only scene the artist finished in time, so the other two will be added in later in the week. :twilightblush:

Once chapter four airs tomorrow, I'm going to put up a poll asking for what fetish to do next :pinkiesmile:

Agreed, those are totally my favorite. I tried branching out into other fetishes a bit in this fic, but man->mare followed by gratuitous clop will always be #1 in my book.

Thanks for the very thorough review! And yeah, I think you might be right, The Raricow one really isn't that dark since, which the consequences are arguably grim, everyone in the fic gets their own happy ending!
And the TFTG one might be a touch darker than I thought since there are some pretty strong mind control themes in the middle. I'll tweak the rates a touch.

Apparently like two weeks ago someone posted a picture of fat Rarity looking at her body and saying "Why did this happen to me!?"
Then someone made a cheap edit giving her black spots and the text was changed to "Why did this happen to moooo?" :facehoof:

Then someone made an actual Raricow pic, and then someone liked it and made another, and then another, and the whole thing snowballed. :moustache:

"Neither of them could even remember the last time they fapped to something other than clop"

Yeah well, neither can I:pinkiehappy:

The last part is like Edward Tulane and Toy Story banged, and not in a sexy way.

You've stated what TF is, but not everyone is familiar with abbreviations like this. Could you please edit the description to include a glossary of any abbreviations you use, such as TG (which I'm going to assume without reading means transgender, but I could be wrong).

Is there vore in here? Cuz I hate vore, its nasty:pinkiesick: and i doughnut even wanna read it.

Normally don't read clop except between reading large stories since they are shorter but Kaidan's blog sent me here and twisted is insane so gave Spellbook a read and wow. I fear I may have been converted. :pinkiecrazy:

I can't remember the last time a jerked myself to anything other than clop anymore, so I guess that loss of memory seals the deal for me, great chapter by the way, very hot. hell Fluttershy's been a bit of a target for me more than the rest of the ponies but I have also been fantasizing about Trixie and Rarity. Damn it, I gotta pick one and go with it, I just don't know which one to go with, I mean Trixie, yeah she's a bit arrogant, but that just makes her so much sexier. Rarity, she's got the looks but she cares to much about fashion and staying clean at all times. Fluttershy, she loves animals, I love animals and I'll be damned if she doesn't have the cutest voice I have ever heard. I just don't know which one to choose.

Gahhh!!! Celestia help me, somepony please help me choose wisely.

3811106 TG means "Gender Transformation," and is usually done through some type of magic. Just in case you were still wondering what it actually meant.

The subtle difference between my guess and the truth just goes to show that a glossary is a good idea.

3811557 Indeed. I didn't know what "TG" meant until Twisted made the TF/TG group so I second the idea that a glossary would be helpful to the understanding of others.

:rainbowhuh: ... This is weird. I was just on a chat board like, last week, talking about cows... Well, like this. First it was just milk, then it got into milking, and then it spiraled down to where we were discussing bestiality. I suppose that's just me having too much internet, though.

If there was one thing I would never give up in my life, because he was my friend since I was two years old, is my teddy bear named puppy, I have grown so attached to him that I just can't let him go and I know most would find this embarrassing but I sleep with him every night, so if ya'll wanna laugh at me and call me names, I don't care, I won't let people's opinions of that stop me from doing it.

This kinda reminded me of that connection with my teddy bear.


Why am I planning to read this? I require explanation.

3810697 im not saying u have to do a story with urine in it but it would be nice :) thank you an have a good day :)

Too many run-on sentences and dull descriptions. Despite being 7k words long, the rushed pacing and blunt prose just made it a non-erotic chore to read.

This is especially noticeable with the mental aspect. My personal favorite part of MC stories is the gradual loss of control and the progression of the act, and it didn't feel substantial in this story because those aspects were missing or skimmed over. You could say that of every aspect, but again, this is where it's most severe.

It seems like every time a clopfic that caters to my fetishes pops up in the feature box, the writing is absolutely terrible. Product of pandering, I guess.

Far enough. I admit, compared to chapter 1, chapter 2 was a little rushed. That being said, I never intended for ch2 to be a clop chapter, so that's why I never really went into details describing the sex. But you have a fair point on the mental changes being too sudden. It would have been nice having a few more scenes early on showing the initial, gradual mental TF after each milking in that tub.

Oh well, c'est la vie.

3812214 Quick question! Will there be impregnation chapters?

Haha, is the pope Catholic? :trollestia:
Pregnation and "TF w/TG" go together like peas and carrots. It will most certainly be an aspect of several chapters.

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