• Published 23rd Jan 2014
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Across the Multiverse - dramatic_spoon

Big Mac's alternate universe offspring search for answers

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Let Go

The group rematerialized in the middle of the library. Bellona turned to Temporal and Rhapsody, frowning.

“So who are these two?” the hybrid pointed two fingers at them, “I remember Stratty, Scurry and you, but they’re new.”

“My name is Temporal Spectrum,” her grip shifted on the spear, “Stratos mentioned you before.”

“How did she get a spear anyway?” Bellona turned to Oscura.

“My mother lent one to her.” Oscura shrugged.

“…Makes about as much sense as anything else.” Bellona turned back around and smiled at Rhapsody, who whimpered.

“Well now… what’s a little foal doing here?” Bellona grinned revealing a mouthful of jagged teeth.

“Don’t threaten her.” Temporal stepped between the two ponies, “I don’t appreciate it, and neither does she.”

“Where’s your sense of h-”

Bellona stopped as the tip of the spear nicked the tip of her nose. Temporal held the spear out, balanced on her back hooves.

“Do not-” Temporal started.

“What’s going on down there?” Another voice called out. A yellow coated unicorn stuck her head out of a back room, “How did you get in here? The library is closed today.”

The unicorn made her way out of the backroom, revealing her cerulean blue mane and cutie mark: three hearts. As the mare came into full view, Golden Gem’s eyes widened in recognition and horror.

“Well? I expect answers.” The mare scanned the crowd, pausing on Bellona, “…Another one?”

“What do you m-”

“We’re sorry, Miss Lemon Hearts,” Oscura interrupted Bellona, “We had a slight teleportation error.”

“…I recognize you from somewhere,” the older unicorn frowned before sighing, “Well, after everything I’ve been through, some of the names and faces will slip. Now I still must ask you all to leave.”


“Will you calm down?” Temporal ordered a nervous, twitchy Golden Gem. Bellona rolled her eyes.

“I can’t help it…”

“It’s highly improbable that this dimension’s version of Lemon Hearts has anything to do with yours.” Oscura nodded.

“It’s safe to be paranoid.”

“If you’re that paranoid, you would not have taken the risk.” Oscura countered, “What universe is this?”

“Universe One-Two-Three,” Golden Gem paused, “Golden Sweet’s universe.”

“…Why her?” Stratos asked, “She didn’t really hang around any of us.”

“Because she-”


Something crashed into Golden Gem, knocking the mare over.

“I told ya to watch out,” a colt’s voice scolded someone else.

“I told mom the brakes were jamming,” another colt responded.

With a pained groan, Gem pulled herself back up, rubbing her head.

“What hit me?”

“These three.” Oscura responded as she levitated a trio of foals into the air: A white, navy blue-maned pegasus colt, an orange earth colt and a red coated unicorn filly. All three flashed Gem an awkward smile.

“...It was all Drift’s fault.” The pegasi pointed a hoof at the earth colt.

“Shut up,” the colt, Drift snapped back, “I told you it wasn’t working but you insisted…”

“You insisted it would work fine until we got to R-”

“Um…” The filly interrupted, “Can you put us down, Miss? We won’t run away.”

“…I want you three to apologize first,” Oscura stated, “Until then…”

The two colts scowled at each other as the filly nudged them both. The three ponies turned to face Golden Gem.

“We’re sorry Mis…um…”

“Golden Gem.”

“We’re sorry Miss Golden Gem.” The three apologized in unison.

“Next time Drift and Whirl go out, we’ll be more careful,” the filly nodded, “But then again, Aunty Scootaloo was the same way.”

“…Wait, Aunt Scootaloo?” Gem blinked, “Who are your parents?”

“My dad’s Rumble and my mom’s Sweetie Bell,” Whirl replied.

“Scootaloo and Flashstep,” Drift replied.

“My moms are Applebloom and Dinky Doo.” The filly beamed.

Gem and the others blinked and looked at Bellona.

“What?” the hybrid shrugged, “Magic?”

“Where’s Golden Sweet?” Gem turned her attention back to the filly.

“Probably at the farm with Uncle Mac an’ Aunty Applejack.”


“And that’s how Laver’s doing,” Carrot Top finished, “I admit I had my doubts, but Flim and Rarity’s machine works fantastically.”

“Between that an’ Gary, Laver’s production rate has doubled,” Roseluck added, “It’s perfect timing, there’s some sort of health craze going on in Las Pegasus and Canterlot. Dried seaweed from the Taishushima Islands is the big new thing, and that’s one of the cultivars Laver has.”

“Yeah?” Applejack cut in, “And what about everypony else?”

“We have more than enough funds and workers,” Roseluck responded, “Besides, Laver likes working alone anyway.”

“Not to mention that this is a golden opportunity.”

“Well I-”

“Alright, I heard enough,” Big Macintosh interrupted his sister’s rebuttal, “ ‘Jack you an’ Rose tell Laver we’ll start on that.”

“Right, Mac.”

The two earth ponies left the room, leaving Big Macintosh and Carrot Top.

“I don’t see why your sister is being so hostile to a plan that will make money,” the mare shook her head.

“You oughta know how my sister is,” Mac sighed, “Times like this makes me wish I had retired an’ let Roseluck take over.”

“Such is life,” the mare shrugged.

The door opened again, as an older Sweet Wheat stuck her head in.

“Big Mac? You got some folks asking for you… and…” the mare glanced outside again, “I really think you should talk to them.”

“Tell’m to come in.”

The mare nodded and vanished. The door swung open, as Golden Gem, Temporal Spectrum and Oscura entered the room.

“Mr. Macintosh,” Gem politely greeted him, “My name is Golden Gem, and…”

“…Wait, Golden Gem?” Carrot Top cut in, “As in… that little filly that came here with Golden Sweet and….those other ponies?”

“I’m surprised you remembered,” Gem responded.

“When you have to write off things as ‘Destroyed by interdimensional counterparts’ you remember.” Carrot Top grumbled.

“…You want Golden Sweet for something, don’t you?” Big Macintosh stated, “No, don’t answer that, it’s obvious.”

“…Yes.” Golden Gem nodded.

“Well… I’m sure you got a story to tell.” The stallion shrugged, “but I got some questions first. I recognize these two, but you’re a new one,” he turned his attention to Temporal, “You got the same look as Romana.”



Stratos and Bellona sat at Sugarcube corner, watching Whirl, Drift, the filly and Rhapsody around another table.

“So who exactly are Kanzi and Darcey?” Stratos frowned.

“Kanzi’s Aunty Selene and Uncle Braeburn,” Bellona shrugs.

“Who’s Selene?”

“Nightmare Moon.” Bellona offhandedly replied.

“…I don’t want to know,” Stratos shook his head, “And Darcey?”

“Uncle Sombra and Aunty Sherbert.”

Stratos opened his mouth to speak, only for no words to come out. He closed his mouth again and shook his head, “…You have some really weird relatives.”

“…So I don’t get it,” Whirl frowned, “Your dad’s Uncle Macintosh, but your mom’s Lyra Heartstrings? Who’s that?”

“She’s a teal unicorn with a cutiemark like a lyre.” Rhapsody drew a lyre in the air to emphasize her point, “Doesn’t she live here?”

“Never heard of her,” Drift shrugged, “What about you, Bailey?”

The Unicorn paused, lost in thought, “I think I heard Uncle Time Turner mention a ‘science-pirate Heartstrings’ before.”

“What’s a science-pirate?” Rhapsody asked.

“I dunno.” Bailey responded as Whirl and Drift shrugged.

As the four foals pondered over it, a dark brown unicorn mare with a flowing black mane speckled with white trotted over to their table, levitating a platter with them.

“Alright kids, whose is the Milkshake?”

“Mine!” Whirl raised a hoof.

“Ala mode?”

“Mine.” Drift nodded in anticipation.

“I know the Rijstevlaai is yours, Bailey.” The unicorn chuckled, “that leaves the turnovers for…Rhapsody, is it?”

“Uh-Huh, Miss Romana.” Rhapsody nodded.

“Rhapsody, don’t you think you’ve had enough to eat?” Stratos interrupted as the unicorn, Romana, placed their snacks down, “You got stuff from Cream Pie, from the kitchen in the castle and now here.”

“Oh be quiet,” Bellona rolled her eyes, “If the kid wants diabetes, let her.”

“What’s diabetes?” Drift turned this attention to Romana.

“It’s something you get if you eat too much sugar.” The unicorn turned to Stratos and Bellona, “Now as for you two, you still haven’t ordered anything.”

“I’m not hungry, I’m just here to keep an eye on Rhapsody.” The stallion absentmindedly waved a hoof towards the filly.

“I would like pie. Shoofly-rhubarb.”

“We don’t make that,” Romana replied, “I can give you a slice of both, if that works.”

“Fiiiinnneee…..” Bellona rolled her eyes.


“…So let me see if I got this right,” Big Macintosh paused, “You want Golden Sweet to join you on some adventure through the multiverse to find a dimension that you don’t know jack shit about. And you want my permission to let her go.”


“...How many of your parents know what you’re doing?” Carrot Top frowned.

“…Only Oscura’s mother,” Temporal cut off Gem’s response.

“….And you expect us to say yes?” Carrot Top shot back.

“…I don’t think Golden Sweet talked a lot about what happened here,” Big Macintosh paused, “But we’ve been through a lot. Nightmare Moon. Pirate attacks. Hell, nearly got myself killed by Nightmare Moon, a zombie bear and Shinin’ Armor.”
The stallion shook his head at the thought, “You all can stay here for the night. I’ll give you an answer in the morning. Do not try to run off with her.”

“That is acceptable.” Oscura cut off Gem’s response.

With that, the group turned and left Carrot Top and Big Macintosh alone.

“…You aren’t seriously considering it, are you?” Carrot Top turned to her husband.

“…I think that’s more for Golden Sweet to decide,” Big Mac sighed.

“You’re kidding.”

“…I’ve gone on some mighty stupid adventures, now that I look back over them,” Big Macintosh chuckled, “I have my decision, but it’s ultimately up to her.”

“…and I don’t get a say in this?” the mare eyed her husband.

“You do get a say, but Golden Sweet gets to ignore both of us, if she wants to.”


Bellona, Stratos and an earth pony mare continued walking away from Sugar Cube Corner and towards the farm. The orange-yellow earth mare had her curly mane tied back in a messy pigtail. Her cutie mark consisted of a grafted Apple sapling. Rhapsody remained laid out on Bellona’s back, rubbing her stomach.

“Well that went well.” Bellona rolled her eyes at the groaning filly.

“That’s the third time you’ve done that, Rhapsody,” Stratos scolded the filly, “I think you would have learned by now.”

“I like sweets, but mom always tells me not to eat too much.” The filly groaned.

“...Where did she put it all?” the fourth pony asked Stratos.

“I don’t know, Golden Sweet.” He shrugged, “She’s got a big appetite, I guess it runs in the family.”

“I suppose,” Golden Sweet returned the shrug, “So by now I assume Gem told mom and dad the same story you told me.”

“Pretty sure.”

“And next, she’s going to give some big speech about how I’m supposed to join y’all on this quest.”

“Most likely.”

“…I’ve been told all the stories about Dad’s adventures with the rest of the Elements,” Golden Sweet blew a stray strand of her mane out of her face, “Nightmare Moon. Trixie and Twilight. Pirates. The whole thing with the Kingdom.”

“Did dad really get into a fistfight with Nightmare Moon?” Rhapsody interrupted, “Because that sounds really, really aw-”

“Gluttonous little fillies that have eaten their body weight in snacks should be quiet,” Bellona grumbled.

“...I didn’t eat that much.”

“I want to have an adventure like that,” Golden Sweet chuckled, “But I don’t think my parents will let me.”

“Well, Parents do generally want what’s best for their children,” Bellona responded, “My dads don’t let me do a hell of a lot of things… but that doesn’t stop me from going off and doing it anyway. Then after it either works out, or it blows up in my face, we… why are the two of you looking at me like that?”

Golden Sweet and Stratos chuckled.

“Because for once, you’re actually giving advice that makes sense.”

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