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Across the Multiverse - dramatic_spoon

Big Mac's alternate universe offspring search for answers

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Everyone Around

Gem continued to pace the room as Spectrum, Stratos and Rhapsody watched her. Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy stood at the doorway, watching the group.

“You do realize that making a hole in the carpet isn’t going to speed up their discussion, right?” Spectrum yawned.

“What if she’s talking to A.R.M.O.R. or whatever the equivalent is here?” Gem responded, “It could…”

“This is the first time you’ve gotten the parents involved…” Stratos glanced over to Rhapsody, “Well, the first time their parents actually talked to their kids about it.”

“It was incredibly reckless to bring a young filly with you,” Shimmer scoffed, “Especially if you have no idea what you are doing.”

“I have a plan,” Gem shot back.

“Even so, it’s reckless to go on when you clearly lack experience.” Fluttershy shook her head.

“I did fine, I beat up…”

“Fresh recruits,” Fluttershy chuckled, “We assign the newer guards to the left wing. Had you ended up in the right wing and fought…” the captain shrugged, “I’m sure we would still be having this conversation, just in the holding cells, not in the castle.”

“…I planned for everything.” Gem muttered.

“...We all think we are prepared,” Shimmer responded, “And then we discover our plans are useless once we actually see the situation.”


The doors opened as Oscura and Queen Umbra entered. The older unicorn watched as Gem skidded to a stop.

“We have decided.” The Queen stated, “Oscura will accompany you on this journey.”

Gem broke out into an ecstatic grin as Temporal and Stratos exchanged uncertain glances.

“However…” Umbra continued on, “I expect her to return in both a reasonable amount of time and… if she is injured or otherwise…shall we say harmed, I will not hesitate to punish you.”

“…Yes, your Highness.”

“Now, how shall you be leaving?” Queen Umbra continued, “And what is necessary for your journey?”

“I’d like another spear,” Temporal interrupted Gem’s response, “It’s got good balance, and maneuverability.”


The captain of the guard quickly bowed and left the room.

“Anything else?”

“Can I have something to eat?” Rhapsody hopped off her chair.

“…Shimmer, take her to the kitchen.”

“Yes, your majesty. Come with me, Rhapsody.”

The yellow mare lead the filly out of the room and down the brightly lit hallway.

“What do you wish to eat?”

“Something cheesy.”

“Our kitchen staff should be able to whip up something quickly, so you do not keep your friends…”

Shimmer trailed off as Stratos caught up to the two. He flashed an embarrassed grin before speaking.

“Sorry, I didn’t get to eat breakfast.”

“…It’s the afternoon.” Shimmer shook her head.

“I woke up late.”

The older unicorn shook her head in exasperation, “Very well…”


Queen Umbra looked at the other two ponies before sighing.

“You are creating quite a mess.”

Gem tensed up as Temporal frowned.

“Do not assume I have not been paying attention to details. My ARMOR agents answer to me as well as their counterparts. You are playing a very dangerous game. Has it occurred to you that there are universes out there where things are nowhere near as utopian as this one?”


“Universes where your Elements of Harmony have turned on one another, universes where Nightmare Moon or Corona have won, universes where Discord’s reign never ended, universes where the Changeling hordes have emerged victorious in their attacks on Equestria…or even a universe where my counterpart is a force of evil, not good.” The Queen chuckled, “It’s amazing to see what I might have been, and that there will always be ponies to stop it.”

“I have a plan.”

“So you keep saying. Plans are only as good as their creator, and I assure you, you are not that skilled. I believe your plan is based on a very specific set of individuals and what information you have gathered from your universe’s version of ARMOR.”
Umbra paused, “But that matters little if you cannot adapt.”

Golden Gem opened her mouth to respond, but closed it once again.

“And as for you…” the Queen turned her attention to Temporal, “You are a mystery to me. Who are your parents?”

“Rainbow Dash and Time Turner.”

“…The name Time Turner does not seem familiar to me. Rainbow Dash…” Queen Umbra’s expression darkened at the thought, “While there are stories I can tell, I believe those stories would be inappropriate, for the matter at hand.”

“In the infinite multiverse there are universes where whom we know as our friends are our greatest enemies, and our salvation can come from the unlikeliest of sources. Besides, in our universes the elements defeated you for good.” Temporal responded, “I think I can handle it.”

“…When you are referred to in the papers as the Hammer of Hell, I don’t think so.” The Queen responded, “This conversation is over, finish.”

“…What about my mother?” Golden Gem interrupted.

“Rarity?” Umbra paused, “…She is off in the Griffon Empire. Married some Prince, I do not really pay attention to the Griffons, that is the Republic’s problem.”

“…What.” Gem stared at the queen in confusion.

Before Umbra could respond, the door opened as Fluttershy lead another pony into the room. The unicorn soldier levitated a spear towards Temporal, who took the offered weapon. Without another word, Fluttershy and the pony left. Just as the door was about to close, it opened again, as Stratos carried Rhapsody into the room.

“She ate too much again.” Stratos chuckled.

“I like feta,” the filly groaned.

“I believe we may go now,” Oscura finally spoke.

“Remember what I have said…” Umbra trailed off.

“I know.” Gem nodded.

“Where are we going now?” Temporal asked.

“Universe One-nine-nine…”

The group vanished in a flash of light.


The air shimmered as the group reappeared in an abandoned house.

“…Garden Royal’s home.” Golden Gem grinned

Stratos and Oscura exchanged confused glances before turning back to the unicorn.

“Why her?” Stratos asked.

“I do have to agree that seeking out her assistance seems very… unusual.” Oscura nodded.

“I plan for everything, help me look for her.” Gem motioned towards a window.

The ponies turned to the window and looked out onto the street. Ponies continued their way down the street; chatting, laughing, and enjoying themselves. As the group continued to watch, they noticed something odd.

Everypony’s face contorted into a large, cheerful, almost unnatural looking grin.

“…How come everypony’s smiling so much?” Rhapsody asked.

“Ponies can always find something to be happy about…” Stratos half-heartedly remarked.

“There is a difference between joy and… strangeness,” Oscura remarked, “And this is most definitely unusual.”

The group continued to watch as the ponies continued their everyday activities. Eventually a red coated pegasus mare, with a long pink mane trotted into view. Gem nodded.

“That’s Royal, let’s go,” Gem motioned towards the door.

“Wait, look.” Temporal motioned.

A blue pegasus stallion with a rainbow mane followed Royal, eventually catching up to her and snuggling up to her.

“There’s my little cupid,” the stallion grinned.

“Not out here, Blitzy-witzy,” Royal responded.

Temporal and Stratos exchanged disturbed glances. Rhapsody made a retching noise as she turned away from the window.

“It’s worse than Aunty Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon.”

“I love you, my little pony-wony.” The stallion replied

“I love you more, my smoopy-doopy pegasi,”

“No, I love you, my petite-choufleur.”

“No, I love you, my…”

Garden Royal was cut off as a blinding flash of light erupted from a nearby building.


The group rematerialized in the middle of the apple orchard.

“We’re never talking about that again.” Golden Gem ordered. Instead of responding the others nodded.

“Where are we now?” Stratos asked as he looked around, “And how did we end up on the farm?”

“Universe one-eight-five-nine,” Golden Gem looked around, “as for how we ended up here, I-”

“Who are you and what are you doing on the farm?” a new male voice demanded.

The group turned around and found themselves face to face with a new alicorn stallion. The stallion’s flowing, gamboge mane highlighted with black streaks was tucked under a stetson hat, and his cutie mark took the form of what appeared to be apples cut into the shape of stars.

The stallion coughed, “I said…”

“We heard you,” Oscura interrupted, “I am Oscura, and these are my traveling companions.”

“We’re her companions?” Gem muttered under her breath. Temporal and Stratos nudged the unicorn, “What?”

“…Can’t say I’ve ever heard of you all,” the alicorn shrugged, “We get a lot of folks comin’ in though, with the family reunion and all comin’ up.”

“…Family reunion?”

“Yes, Auntie Applebloom just had a child with Button Mash…” the stallion trailed off.

“Hey, Kanzi!” another voice, a female called out.

Another unicorn mare trotted into view. The new unicorn’s grey mane was done up in a very impressive, fancy style, and her orange coat was carefully groomed and cared for. As she trotted up to the Alicorn, Kanzi’s, side, she noticed Oscura.

“..Friend of yours?”

“I am not sure.” Kanzi shrugged.

“Hey, Oscura, she looks lot like you,” Rhapsody chimed in, surprising the others.

The two unicorns examined one another before shrugging.

“They say everypony has a do-”


A crackling noise was heard, followed by a pop. Something dropped atop Oscura, knocking the mare down. A large, oddly shaped pony grinned as she sat atop the unicorn. The red mare tossed her amber and grey mane back with a paw-like foreleg. Her long, snake-like tail whipped back and forth in joy, as she slowly drew her talon like fingers on Oscura’s horn. The pony grinned, revealing a number of odd canine teeth.

“Eep.” Rhapsody dived behind Temporal and Stratos.

“Bellona, get off of me.”

“But it’s been so long!” the draconequus pouted, “You’re much more fun than Darcy, I’ll say that.”

“Bellona,” Golden Gem started, “I want…”

“I’m in.” the hybrid grinned.

“But I didn’t get a chance to explain anything.”

“I don’t care. You’re here, that means you broke the rules, that means it’s something fun.” Bellona’s grin grew larger, “Well, let’s go. Oh, right, Darcy, Kanzi, let my dads know I’m going on a trip.”

Gem rolled her eyes as she adjusted another knob on her transporter. The group vanished into a flash of light, leaving behind scorched earth and a pair of baffled ponies.

“What just happened?” the Alicorn, Kanzi, wondered out loud.

“Never mind that,” the unicorn, Darcy, countered, “What are we going to tell Uncle Macintosh?”

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