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Another fan-made sequel to Cupcakes. Extra bloody!


Awwwww yeah! A sequel to one of my favorite fanfics ever, but with the rest of the Mane 6? This is gonna be gooood!

*Ahem* So aside from a few spelling errors here and there, I think it's looking really good. I like the way you wrote everybody, and in my opinion, I think you captured everyponys' charaters pretty good. I can't wait to get to the murder part, especially when it's Fluttershy's turn. Keep up th geat work :P.

Oh and I just realized that you misspelled "prologue" at the very beginning :P.

Holy crap this is amazing! The writing, the detail, the description, THE GORE. It's all amazing! I freakin loved the dream scene! And the description and awesome metaphors and comparisons are amazing! Again it's only minor spelling errors from time to time. Why do I get the feeling Pinkie is gonna make Fluttershy torture Twilight? You sir/ma'am, are an amazing author. Keep. It. Up.

And again gushing here, the ending with all the suspense and amazing-ness of the writing of guessing who the strange new game player was was the coolest thing ever. Keep up the amazing writing.

Here, I improved your description:


Now it's at least honest.

3805575 Also, obvious alt is obvious.

Sometimes, I like to hide razor blades in my anus.


You are as energizing as a peer pressure presentation from DARE at an elementary school that includes Snoop Dogg.


I think I like you.

Anyway, this story is... well, I've read it about eight hundred times before in various formats, so it's nothing new. Edgy attempts to be dark with over the top, unrealistic torture gore and out of character performances by our heroes, old meme references, etc. It's like the world's blandest 80s slasher b-movie that also takes itself painfully seriously and thinks it's the edgiest thing of the entire 90s decade.

3805636 And I you. We hang out with a lot of the same folk, from what I know.

3805636 go suck each other's dicks elsewhere


plz fellate a walrus and choke on it and die

also your avatar ruined a perfectly good album cover

3805670 fellating a walrus only makes it stronger


but you'll die and that's what matters

It always surprises me when I hear people liking Cupcakes.
it's the equivalent of liking the kid at a party that runs around screaming for attention and is generally being a little cunt.
Making a fan spin off is like watching that kid and going "Fuck, that kid is great. I'm gonna be just like him.'

Be original, make a spin off with Cupcakes, MLD and Rainbow Factory, all mashed together. And voilĂ , you got something edgy and dark as hell and the support of these three fandom, instead of this poor unimaginative spin off.

EDIT : You call it " My little cupcakes factory " and you're golden.

What's with all the downvotes?

Wasn't this posted before and it got the same reaction as now?

3806699 It was.... then I got bored at 0100 in the morining:pinkiecrazy:

3805895 I know its not that original and there's probably a hundred more fan-made sequels. I never write to get followers or fame. I write because I just damn well felt like it.

3805575 you give me the impression that your multiple comments are sarcastic...:applejackunsure:

Soo apparently if someone really likes your story, and says it multiple times, you think they're being srcastic? Great logic there buddy. I'm not being sarcastic dude, I like your story.

So I guess everyone hates me for liking the story huh?


What the hell is this

Well this is certainly getting interesting. Rarity is in a seperate chamber with a legless, rapist, psycho, and Flutershy was forced to beat the crap out of Twilight under false hope of getting Angel back (well technically she did), and Pinkie is fighting against her crazy murderous side, this is getting pretty cool. An by the way, you repeatidly wrote "Angle" instead of "Angel". I really like your story and I'll continue to read and support you. Keep up the good work.

And now that I think about it, couldn't Twilight have used the knife to cut her bindings and attempt to escape? And also, when Fluttershy attacked Pinkie, what made he suddenly stop and start coughing up blood?

3807151 angel angle, grey gray, Macintosh Mcintosh, belle bell, its all the same thing! I guess that's just American English for ya.

Please write more! :3

I can't read this

This is my kind of story

Stop rapping stuff with your hooves!

3888429 oh yeah.... I wrote this before I knew "wrapped" was spelled with a "w":twilightsheepish:

Jeez, why is this so hated? This is wicked!! I love gore! :rainbowkiss:

4176056 well, we're two of few my friend.


From the reviews on this story, I can tell.

You misspelled my name. (Btw I never meant for cupcakes to be continued by Pinkie taking out the rest of the Mane Six, but feel free to finish your story. I do like it though.) :twilightsmile:

to anyone who just found this:

My bad, I was playing around with the text coloring and sizes and hit the wrong button

4456764 wait, if you don't like it, why'd you add it to you group?

3807159 I think you just broke every rule involving spoilers in comments... Now I know everything that's going to happen. I guess that's my fault for reading the comments before I read the story...

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