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No point in sending people to the Molestia tumblr now, since it's gone. :/

This was copied SuperSargeSpecial's dA page.
If you're going to do stuff like this, then at least ask them if it's okay and/or give them credit. :ajbemused:

3806220 According to his profile, he is SuperSargeSpecial. You should double-check that sort of thing before making accusations. If you still want to be absolutely sure he's not an impostor, then message him on DeviantArt.

As for you, author: you cannot have multiple characters speaking in the same paragraph. You have to start a new one each time you switch between each character's dialogue. You probably haven't been called out on this yet because fanfic readers on image-hosting sites like DeviantArt tend to have much lower standards than dedicated fanfic sites like this one.

3806220 Indeed I am supersargespecial hence why I linked my deviantart account with this one. If you do not believe me feel free to send me a message on there and I'll be happy to confirm it.

3810244 Sorry. It's just that I've seen this kind of thing so much that I didn't bother to check.
:derpytongue2: Oops.

What picture of johnjoseco cus there are alot and some are different versions

I absolutly loved this story to death! It was amazing. Though One aspect about it was kind of a let down. I was truly expecting sexual intercourse between Kaa and the mane Six. Kind of a massive let down to not watch the girls willingly be taken advantage of by the snake. Though I do hope this gives reason to a sequal where he goes through with this. Hope to see something along these lines in the future.:moustache:


Well the reason behind them not having directly mentioned sex was due to them being pretty much inspired by JohnJoseco's character designs, and though he likes to toe the line with his drawings and such he doesn't ever draw anything too explicit so, in case he ever read it I didn't want him to be offended or what have you to have it semi affiliated with him.

But thank you for the comment, I appreciate it!


Primarily his consistently used human versions, just check out his Happy New Year Pics to get a good idea for most of the characters



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