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When I saw "Luna Beats Meat"

...I was, I don't know, expecting something... different.


Probably just me.

*clicks and starts reading*

Misleading title is misleading.

I was totally... not expecting the Everyone rating.

*Looks to written stories at the right.*

Oh! You're that guy!

Goddamn my mind is dirty..

Ah! That kinda meat! I had the paper towel ready and everything!

Hilarious and delicious.

THIS IS DELICIOUS! Also, icwutudidwithdattitle

Reminds me of that fic where Dash tries some of the chicken Gilda brought with her to flight school.

Loved it :pinkiehappy:

Ya! That guy with the catchy titles!

Celestia- Luna, are you in the bathroom?........... Are you okay, dear sister?
Luna- oooooh Faaaust, my stoomach HURTS! blargh............ oh was it something it ate?
Celestia-............. did you eat that meat?
Luna- ...........................................
Celestia- ................ siiiiigh. i'm calling the royal doctors in. I swear, this is as bad as when you got ticked off by that game company for making controllers ponies can't hold...........

"Ponies eating meat" is overdone, and not especially clever since real-life horses do it. It's just not funny anymore.

Your use of so many paragraphs made me have to scroll constantly... :twilightangry2:

Good story, however.


Real life horses aren't sentient beings living in a world where all the meat you could possibly eat belongs to sentient or semi-sentient beings. Harry the Bear owns a home. Angel Bunny is plainly a full sentient who just can't talk.

If humans lived in an environment where all the beings were sentient or damn near it, we would have problems with meat too.

I love being an omnivore on a planet with really stupid animals, but you can't gauge pony attitudes toward meat just on the basis of horses are primarily herbivorous; it's more about the world they live in.

One does not simply eat the meat, and not enjoy every second of it.:trollestia:

I was wondering how a title like this one got through this sites mature-blocker for me, until I read the description. Carry on then.

I was literally putting a roast beef sub to my lips when I saw this story's cover image.

I'm not sure whether to downvote you out of spite because you're hating on a story idea I happen to like, or to upvote you because you actually know that real horses will eat meat if given the chance.

Luna should try bacon...
Then she'll be hooked... FOREVER!

:rainbowderp: Well why did you write it if you don't? I assume I am reading the acronym correctly. It wasn't that bad a story...

Pork cubes for the win. But sereously though what was she thinking getting into Discord's fridge.

3798777 I thought it was funny. Guess I'm a rebel now.

Ok, here are the things I don't like:
1. Gamer Luna
2. Luna's speech pattern is wrong

Funny even though I absolutely hate meat:heart:

3971297 are you speaking as a vegetarian or because Luna is your profile pic

I enjoyed this. You sir have earned a mustache: :moustache:

The Ham levels are rising...

Short, Interesting and to the point? I loved It!:pinkiehappy:

I love raw meat, I want a sequel!

Her reality imploded on itself.


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