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After the events of 'A Canterlot wedding', the mane six stay the night at the castle. Rainbow has nightmares about something yet to happen, and cannot wake up. Things take a turn for the worse when a certain Queen decides to switch to plan B, revealing secrets which where never supposed to be revealed. This was never supposed to happen. Princess celestia thought she had sorted this long ago
This is a Princess Rainbow Dash story, so if you do not like this type of story then... don't read it I guess?
The Cover art does NOT belong to me, I just happen to like it a lot, so kudos to the person who made it ^_^

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Hm, I love the idea. Let's see where it goes :pinkiehappy:!

Thank you! It was a bit rushed, sorry about that, and it doesn't matter, rookie or not, you are welcome to review :heart:

I like it so far! Though the section where the guards broke in is a little confusing.
Also, I think that the guards way of speaking is a little out-of-character.

Yes....yes this is good...hu huh...yes....
Amazballs :rainbowdetermined2: go on

3798090 ah yes, you picked up on that, good eyes! That is no mistake, the answer shall be revealed in due time. :heart:

3798090 how can you say that the guards are out of character...when you haven't even seen their characters? :facehoof: ever heard of OC's? The guard would be considered one of those.

It seem strange, to me at least, that Twilight & Co. don't insist more to stay by RD's side. For some of them it's even strongly out of character.
That, and that first chapter look a bit rushed, but you already knew that.

Still good, especially for a first time.

I'm now more curious of what will happen.

3798572 well, fear not my friend!The latest the new chapter should be up is Saturday! :pinkiesmile:

What have you do to me

10 bucks says that this ends in hiatus. Any story with alicorn rainbow always does.

3800172 Is that a challenge? :rainbowdetermined:

3798174 I said their way of speaking.
It seemed a little rude and too straightforward.

3801580 Well, they reacted like that for a reason, which you will soon find out :raritywink:

3801611 this is getting interesting.

3801620 I'm that awesome at this :raritywink: I can't believe I have no dislikes so far :rainbowlaugh:

3801580 they're soldiers, they have to be rude and straight to the point otherwise her friends would get in the way and nothing would get done :facehoof:

3801690 people are suckers for an Alicorn RD story :rainbowlaugh:

3802514 I just told my opinion, and yeah, now it sounds a little stupid. :rainbowwild:

3805791 :rainbowlaugh:could you imagine it?
"Um...could you kindly back away from your friend whilst the nurses place her on the stretcher? Ok sure stay huddled around her so the nurses cant get to her, its not like she can die or anything...."

honestly its way too early to like or dislike this story, decent so far tho.

Stuff is gettin real.

Emm... Aside from the changelings... Pretty good!

3937411 ... The changeling tag has been there for like, since I first started with this story... And tje description says it too... I think you offended my precious little changelings *tut tut* :pinkiesmile:

3938090 Oh I know.
I'm just cranky today, too many humans in my life. I was mainly whining about changelings being default "villains"

Mainly because I like the changelings...

3938113 wow. You sure do hate humanity.

3938304 Humanity makes me wake up in the morning, for one thing :twilightangry2:
Though I do look forward to more of this story, we need more Alicorn Rainbow :twilightsmile:

3939647 Okie dokie! I'm already working on chapter 3! :raritywink:

yay i ♥ this story :heart: Im wonderning wuts worng with :rainbowdetermined2: and why :trollestia: wanded to guard her :D Keep writing!!:derpyderp2:

Well thank you :twilightsmile: The next chapter should not take as long, in fact, I am currently writing it just now :raritywink:

Shit's about to go down. :trixieshiftright:

4001677 dat comment doe. :rainbowlaugh: Yeah, probably not quite like that :pinkiehappy:


i appreciate the fact that you are trying to write despite your pissy mood, hang in there bro it'll get better

4150875 Thanks, makes me feel better knowing I have people there who appreciate what I do :pinkiesad2:

The mere fact that you can write content while not being in a writing mood or suffering from writers block is damned impressive, that's it's actually not half-bad is even more so! Nice job!

Though, at the very first sentence you may want to remove the comma after "marble floor".

This is awesome :pinkiehappy:
I want more :heart:
And for me you are a good writer :twilightsmile:

Enjoyed so far, but that guard was an absolute dick:twilightangry2: talk about cold. Hat, did he think they had something to do with why rainbow was screaming? Jerk:ajbemused:

Okay, those last words.... Creepy:fluttershyouch:

I'm or ride about that dream rainbow had. Was it a vision of the future, or possibly the past?:fluttershysad:

Looks like I called it. Future vision.:eeyup:

But now I'm angry I can't find out more til later. Man, I need to know what was going on.

Was Rainbow in the Frozen North?

4435085 I umm.. Guess so? All I know is that she is in a tundra :pinkiesmile: what can I say, my brain just generates at least 40 ideas a day :3

I must have more!! :twilightangry2: oh um if you don't mind, this story is beyond amazing and you have an awesome way of developing the plot without making it too fast paced so a mustache to you for that :moustache: I cannot wait for more this story, like I said, is beyond amazing keep up the fabulous work :raritystarry:

4449697 Well thank you very much :twilightsmile: I shall have the chapter up as soon as I can, just as soon as I get every other crazy fanfic idea to leave me alone (seriously I have like 40 ideas a day :twilightoops: ) So ya, I'll be done as soon as I can :pinkiehappy:

4449773 you're very welcome and please don't rush yourself , a story as good as yours is definitely worth waiting for :twilightsmile:

Fanfic so far is really good, can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:
Good luck witht the other ideas that you have :twilightsmile:

God damn... THEY MADE SHY CRY! :twilightangry2:

CLIFF-HANGER!!! CONTINUE... NOW! :flutterrage:

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