• Published 16th Jan 2014
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Haunted dreams - Violet Emblem X

After the events of 'A Canterlot wedding', the mane six stay the night at the castle. Rainbow has nightmares about something yet to happen, and cannot wake up.

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Chapter 3

Author's Note:

Hey everyone! I'm sorry if it isn't very good, I just haven't ben in a very good mood recently, and it kinda effects my writing, but if you do enjoy it be sure to let me know, if you like it then umm, give it a like? If you have any critisism then either mail me, or comment. Again, I am really sory for the poor writing, please forgive me

The sound of hooves constantly battering against the marble floor, resounded all round the castle. The princess ran frantically to the lunar tower, completely oblivious to the strange, and curious glances she was receiving. At the moment nothing else mattered. If she did not manage to do this properly, then the whole of Equestria was doomed.

Princess Celestia ran through the halls of Canterlot castle, searching in vain for a particular pony. Her sister, Princess Luna, ruler, and guardian of the night. Luna currently sat upon her bed, a book propped open in front of her, the only sound that could be heard was the occasional flick of the books pages being turned over.

The door slammed open violently, surprisingly not falling off of it's hinges despite the force it had been opened with. The Sun princess had a frantic look upon her face, her eyes locking on her younger sister.

"Tia!? Whatever art thou doing!?" Luna yelled, staring daggers at her sister, whom currently had a crazed look on her face, her normally flowing mane was a mess frizzing up all over

"Luna! Changelings! Here! Rainbow Dash! Help!" Celestia said each thing between heavy pants, waving her hooves about like a mad mare.

"Calm down sister. We do not understand. What of the Changelings and Rainbow Dash?" Luna draped a wing over her sisters back, consoling her sister who was now on the verge of tears. Celestia suddenly broke into a fit of tears, laying herself across the ground, crying into her fore hooves.

"The changelings are back. They are outside the castle, a-and they are here for Rainbow Dash. What do I do Luna, what do I do!?" Celestia wept even harder, her sister confused about the whole ordeal.

" The changelings are here for Rainbow Dash? Sister, we do not understand, why would they be here for her? Has she even awoken yet? Has she been informed of the changelings presence Tia?" Luna didn't understand what was going on. She crouched down and nuzzled her sister, before lifting her onto the four poster bed with her magic. "We need thee to tell us of the current predicament Tia."

"I guess I can't keep secrets anymore Luna. I shall have to tell you quickly though, time is running short." The solar princess wiped her eyes with her fore hoof, and turned to her sister, whom had just sat upon the bed beside her.


Sitting on a bed all day was not awesome. Being watched constantly by over a dozen guards, with many other's waiting at the door's, was even more not awesome. in fact, this whole day had been totally un-awesome.

Rainbow Dash sighed in frustration, her vision blurry, and her head now throbbing wildly.

"So, umm" Rainbow Dash looked for something, anything to talk about, to get rid of her boredom. "Does anypony wanna pay checkers?"


"Okay then, how about a game of cards?"


Rainbow Dash let out a disgruntled sigh, crossing her hooves and pouted. She was bored. More than anything though, she was worried. Why where there so many guards watching her? Had she done something wrong? it was all mysteries wrapped in mysteries. Her eyelids slowly drooped as she begun to get sleepy. The color was returning to them, but they still remained mostly white. Her vision was in fact almost perfect now and she saw no reason for hr to stay confined to her bed. Her head hurt, but she dare not tell anyone. If she did, she would most likely have to stay in bed even longer, and that would be totally NOT awesome.

A loud thud came from the hallway, catching the attention of everypony in the room. Rainbow bolted upright and shot her eyes towards the door.


"Eh heh, somepony should probably check what all that's about..." Rainbow Dash said, curious as to what was happening. "You know, maybe I should, huh?" Rainbow Dash started to climb out of the bed, only to be immediately halted by the guards standing around her bed.

"Princess Celestia has given us strict orders to ensure you remain here. We cannot disobey her highness." one of the guards said in a deep, booming voice. The noises continued, becoming louder with each minute that passed. Not only did they get louder, but it seemed that the noises got closer. Too close.

"W-what's with all the noi-" Rainbow Dash was cut of, by a guard covering her mouth to stop her from speaking.

"Be quiet, and don't make a sound.' The guard spoke in a hushed voice, though still clear. Rainbow Dash nodded slowly, as the guard slowly got back into position. The sounds where now directly outside the door, it was as if the castle had now become a battle field.

The guards got into their positions, ready to take down whatever was about to come through the door.


Suddenly, they where attacked in a way that none of them had anticipated, with changelings swarming through the window. The guards began fighting off the Changelings, despite the fact that they where easily outnumbered, they seemed to be handling the situation rather well. Rainbow Dash however, pushed herself as far back against the wall as she could, confused and frightened. The pain in her head had deeply intensified, and her body felt as if it was on fire.

Several changelings stood in front of her, leaving her with no way to escape. The guards continued to fight back the changeling swarm, unaware of the changelings near Rainbow Dash. The changelings started to close in on Rainbow Dash, her eyes darting from side to side, looking for any possible way to get herself away from here.

A green flash came from each of the changelings horns, and shot at Rainbow Dash, covering her in a coat of Changeling slime, making it impossible to move.

"G-get this stuff off of me, or you'll be sorry!" Rainbow Dash yelled, sounding stronger than she felt at the moment. She was completely helpless, unaware of what was going on. To sum it up, she was scared.

The changelings picked up the slime cocoon, and Rainbow Dash along with it, making their way to the window.

"Put me down now! Where are you taking me!?" Rainbow Dash shouted at the changelings, completely unsure as to what they where doing with her. They flew up into the sky, flying of in a direction Rainbow Dash was completely unfamiliar with.

A few of the guards, having pried themselves away from the changelings, gasped and immediately darted towards Rainbow Dash. Another green flash came from the changelings horns, covering the guards hooves in the green slime, sticking them to the floor

"No! Get off of me! HEEEELLLLPPPP! Somepony help!" Rainbow Dash screamed for help, her attempts all in vain, as she was carried further and further away from Canterlot castle.

Rainbow Dash could do nothing now, but wait and see what fate had planned for her. They would soon be on the harsh outskirts of Equestria. Her body flt as if it was being crushed by a boulder and head felt like it was about to crack open, but she ignored it, she had more important things to deal with just now.

They passed through the barrier protecting Equestria from any dangerous creatures, into the harsh icy wastelands. While It was just miles upon miles of the frozen landscape, this place somehow felt familiar...

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i appreciate the fact that you are trying to write despite your pissy mood, hang in there bro it'll get better

4150875 Thanks, makes me feel better knowing I have people there who appreciate what I do :pinkiesad2:

The mere fact that you can write content while not being in a writing mood or suffering from writers block is damned impressive, that's it's actually not half-bad is even more so! Nice job!

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4449697 Well thank you very much :twilightsmile: I shall have the chapter up as soon as I can, just as soon as I get every other crazy fanfic idea to leave me alone (seriously I have like 40 ideas a day :twilightoops: ) So ya, I'll be done as soon as I can :pinkiehappy:

4449773 you're very welcome and please don't rush yourself , a story as good as yours is definitely worth waiting for :twilightsmile:

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I dont hate you...
I... I've just been waiting ALL day on FanFiction.net and on here for someone to update... :fluttercry:

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