• Published 16th Jan 2014
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Haunted dreams - Violet Emblem X

After the events of 'A Canterlot wedding', the mane six stay the night at the castle. Rainbow has nightmares about something yet to happen, and cannot wake up.

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Chapter 1

Author's Note:

Excuse my terrible use of language everyone, I'm stupid :P Anyway, if you have anything to say about the story, please comment, or mail. Should I give this a teen rating? I'm not sure, let me know? I decided to scrap my other stories, and for some reason this came to mind. Da Magicks! So umm, yeah, tell me what you think of it, and how bad my writing skills are xD I only write cause it's fun so there's that. Man, I talk a lot :applejackconfused:
..... Yay oatmeal! :pinkiesmile:

The 6 girls all trudged to their room after Cadence's wedding party, tired, and in Pinkie Pie and Applejack's case, slightly drunk.
"Alright girls, time for some bed rest. We need to catch the early train to Ponyville tomorrow." Twilight yawned, pushing one of the provided bedrooms door open.

"I agree darling, I need my beauty sleep!" Rarity exclaimed. "Why, my eyes are looking dreadfully pink!"

"Hey! What's wrong with pink eyes!" Rainbow Dash yelled, pressing her nose against Raritys, glaring with her rose eyes, into the white unicorns aquatic blue eyes.

"W-well nothing, it's just- well- I meant bloodshot of course, I didn't mean to offend you..." Rarity grinned sheepishly, shrinking back into the corner.

Rainbow snorted and turned to Twilight. " Who's sharing with who Twi?"

"Well, I guess Pinkie and Applejack can share a room, Fluttershy and Rarity are sharing," At this point both girls squeed, and turned to face each other, with excited looks on their faces "and Rainbow and I will share a room."
Rarity and Fluttershy helped their two drunk friends keep their balance, and guided them into their room. Twilight entered her room first, switching on the light, and started to climb onto the top bunk, when something pulled her down.

"Dibs on the top bunk!" Rainbow Dash shouted, flying onto the bed. Twilight regained her balance. shaking her head and grumbling.
The night was quiet, Luna's moon giving a beautiful glow, accompanied by the twinkling stars in the dark, night sky.Not even the usual terrifyingly loud snores of Rainbow could be heard tonight as she lay still in her bed. The only noise that could be heard was the light turning of pages, as Twilight read '101 things every librarian should know about shelving', and lay with the cover over her body, keeping her warm.

Alas, this did not last, and she was distracted by a small whimpering noise. She simply let this pass as Rainbow having a dream, but begun to get slightly worried as her friends whimpers turned into pitiful moans, and had started violently tossing around in her bed.

"R-Rainbow Dash?" She called, looking up at the top bed. Rainbows face showed pain, and fear. This only caused Twilight to worry even more. "Rainbow! Rainbow wake up! Rainbow! Rai-" She was cut of as her friend suddenly started to scream, violently writhing, trembling, and clutched onto her friend. " Rainbow! RAINBOW! Please wake up!" She yelled, her attempts fruitless.
The door opened violently, and a few of the royal guards from the section they where staying in, entered the room, checking to see what was going on in the room.

"Miss, what happened to her?" The one with the darker coat said in a stern voice.

"S-she, she won't-" Twilight stuttered, floods of tears running down her face.

"ANSWER ME! What happened!?" The same guard repeated, now yelling.

Twilight jumped, still holding onto Rainbow. "S-she was j-just sleeping, a-and the next thing I knew, sh-she was in pain, screaming, and trembling! S-she won't wake up!" She stuttered, taking breaths in between sobs. The guard whom had spoken, now turned to face his companion, a slightly smaller, and lighter stallion.

"Get the Princess, and get help to carry her down to the medical wing! MOVE!" He yelled, turning back to Twilight. "Miss, please let go of her!"

" I-I can't just lea-"

"I SAID LET GO!" He yelled, glaring at Twilight. She slowly nodded, and pried herself away from her multi colored friend. Voices could be heard outside the door, very angry voices.

"I'm sorry mam, but I can't let you in!" A stallions voice echoed in the hallway.

"Why ever not!? Sir, are you aware that one of our friends is most likely hurt!" A very uptight voice, that Twilight presumed was Rarity, yelled, over Rainbow Dash's screams.

"Oh, we're so sorry! We should go girls." The faint quiet voice of Fluttershy said, barely audible over the shrieks.

"We can't go yet Flutters, that could be one of our friends that needs us!" Applejack said, her speech slightly slurred, and her body almost ready to collapse. Several ponies rushed over to the room, carrying a stretcher, oxygen mask and oxygen tank.

"Everypony out of the way please!" A nurse yelled, carrying the back end of the stretcher.
The four mares stepped backwards, allowing more space to get the stretcher through. All girls had a solemn look on their faces, as the medics and nurses all entered the room.

"Okay, careful when you lift her okay?" A brown stallion said, as the nurses gently lifted Rainbow. As soon as her head was touched she screamed much louder, but this time, in pure agony. "GENTLY!" He screamed over her, as the nurses, lifted her as carefully onto the stretcher, and proceeded to exit the room. Four guards in front, and four guards stood behind the stretcher, inuring the prismatic mare came to no more harm. Very quickly and gently, they heaved the stretcher. and carried it out into the hallway.
Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity, all stared as the nurses slowly and gently got the stretcher out of the door. As soon as the top of rainbows prismatic mane was seen the girls all gasped, and Fluttershy even started to tear up.

"R-Rainbow Dash?" Fluttershy stuttered, trying to hug her, and comfort her.

"Don't touch her! I'm warning you." The guard closest to her said with a cold look in his eyes.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't know!" Fluttershy said, shaking her head and crying even harder. Rainbow continued to scream as she was carried down the hallway, her friends watching as she got further away from them, hoping, no praying that she would be alright.

"Come on girls, I think we should all get back to bed. Things will be better in the morning." Twilight said, poking her head out the door to speak to her friends. Each mare nodded, and headed to their room, fearing for the worst.