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After a hard morning of work, a sweaty Applejack makes her way to shower off. And who should she encounter other than Big Mac!

A completely random Applecest done by yours truly, a spin-off to the Pounding Pumpkin series.
Takes place about 13 years after the current series, 3 years before One Pounded Pumpkin.

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Usually people only write one chapter in an applecest fic because you know sex! But i want to read what happens later. Maybe a few dates marriage you know telling your friends and family.

lol you said insert

I suppose, but only cuz you asked nicely :rainbowkiss:


It must have Applebloom getting railed by Big Brother Macintosh in it.

Eh, no. That's just... no. Do not want.

Whats the estimated age difference between Mac and Apple Bloom?

On a side note, kind of ironic that thats the line I wont cross. Lol.

You have my attention:ajsmug: Though you do have some errors that need to be fixed my friend:pinkiehappy:

Meh, I wrote this in an hour a little after midnight. Not too surprised. But thank you :pinkiecrazy:

3797341 :rainbowlaugh: No problem, I understand completely:yay:

Insta-favourite. Insta-like.

Yes, it's me from your other fic. Cocaine. Rob Ford. Need more updates.

I think of it this way:
I'm pretty sure Mac is a good 3-5 years older than Applejack, reasonable?
Applejack earned her cutie mark before Apple Bloom was born, and I imagine she was around 6/7 at the time. That means Mac is at least 9 years older than Apple Bloom, maybe even 12. I personally think he's about 11 or 12 years older.

A very smexy start! :rainbowkiss:

Save Bloom for Babs though, 'kay? :raritywink:

This is sinfully good... >.>
... <.<
I think that I shall... continue reading this in the future, just to see where it goes; it's already got a very decent premise.
Do continue.

No, that's a pretty good line to avoid. Steer clear of the foal/adult pony relations, and the non consensual stuff. I go for many forms of clop, but I won't do those. (and a few others, but I can't be bothered listing them)

I do believe this is going to need a mature and a sex tag really soon at this pace :pinkiecrazy:

Clearly, you pulled the "family finds out" card waaaaay too early, and without giving us anything good for it neither.
But, meh. Not like it's my story.

do you hear that sound ? its like shit hitting a fan ?


Still. Nice so far.

Why are you good at incest?

~Skeeter The Lurker


They be fucked.



~Skeeter The Lurker

Well, what a remarkably perceptive eight year old, no? I'm surprised she picked up on it so quickly. Now all they have to do is kill her and turn her into a special 'apple pie' to which they can feed the neighbors. Either that or hit the road, and fast. Well, all in all, you should keep up the pace - good work.

Apple bloom is about... 18-21?

Celestia damn it, Apple Bloom. (face hoof)


Skeets, we all know where this is going.

It's going to be literally.

Tell ya what, if you can lurk enough people to read this that it pops up on the featured board, I'll break my own promise and make a clop chapter just for you. Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.

Wait... Was?
Was ist dis?
When did this happen? Did you state this prior or are you just now arbitrarily dictating this? Where the hell have I been? What else have I missed? Who am I? What am I? Why am I even trying anymore? All I ever do is ruin shit; I'm always wrong and I'm a terrible person - I should feel bad and I do feel bad...
Sorry, I suppose.
Anyways, keep up the solid work and disregard me - I'm a yutz.1

Never stated, but this takes place about 2-5 years before One Pounded Pumpkin.



Tempting! I'll see what I can do!

~Skeeter The Lurker


Actually, this does bring up a good point. It's never stated anywhere in the story how old she is, so I as well simply assumed she was about 10-12 which is what I assume she is in the show. I thought she was quite perceptive for her age myself.:rainbowlaugh:

Danke! It's nice to know I wasn't the only one confused.

Nein, Ich haust du nicht! There are no hard feelings, I was simply caught off point by the sudden influx of previously undisclosed information. Information is key to sensibility - now that I know her age, her reaction makes more sense. Do please continue.

Tartarus broke loose? Quick, where is Cerberus?:facehoof: Oh shit....this needs to be longer and more detailed but I'm still enjoying this:ajsmug:

And then Applebloom, to her horror, found out that Granny Smith was quite the nympho in her younger years...


I did not see that coming :pinkiegasp: but i spose when you live on a farm all your life you grow to like those there with you a little too much :twilightsmile:

On Hiatus? Why?

For the love of cuthulu chapter please!

TMI indeed. :pinkiesick:

Totally worth over 8 weeks of waiting, amiright?

First off, To Granny Smith: TMI. Secondly, I wonder how they will explain this to Applebloom.

First chapter: Oh my!:derpyderp2:
Second Chapter: Gosh Darnit!:flutterrage:
Third Chapter: Bwuh?:rainbowhuh:

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