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Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Big Macintosh meet in the kitchen one early morning to discuss something. Applejack, however, finds that this news is a little unsettling, despite Pinkie's attempt to be rational about things. Then again, we are talking about Pinkie's idea of rationality...

[Rated Teen & Sex tag for sexual innuendos only... your imagination may fill in the blanks...]

Read along with Mr. Afro Pony! Thanks, Afro!

Special Thanks to those at Twi's Library!

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I'm confused?

Oh god...yes.

This made me laugh out loud, good job there sir!:rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: I can't stop laughing! :rainbowlaugh: Oh man, I don't know what actually happened but I'll think it over once I stop laughing. :rainbowlaugh:

This was funny then it got wired at the end. But still made my day.

You sir have made my day.....good job:moustache:

I... I guess I did it. My goal was to confuse my readers with uncontrollable and explainable laughter! MUHAHAHAHHA! Now I'm laughing! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Five stars and favourited
All my colleagues are staring at me now for laughing quite so loudly in the middle of the office... Good show sir

It did get rather wired. Big Mac was still wired up if ya know what I mean :trollestia:

I could make something else for you too...

How about a warm, thanks! :pinkiehappy:

And so the deluge begins...

I don't know whether to laugh or be sickened. Oh wait, I do know I AM LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW! If Apple Bloom wasn't in this it would have be 20% uncooler so, props to you :pinkiehappy:

So you know my plight! Writing such a thing on the campus computer :pinkiegasp:
I think I turned on a few people... :moustache:

Thanks! I felt it was essential for her young fillyhood to be exposed to such things.

I apologize to my family audience...

I tried to broaden my horizon for readers... and I think I succeeded :rainbowwild:

This was amazing. I lol'd so hard :rainbowlaugh:

Okay, I think I'm goo- :rainbowlaugh: I can't stop! Maybe I can put some actual content into comments in the morning :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

If this doesn't get featured, I will seriously shit a chicken.

Okay, now THAT was funny :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

EDIT: Another story idea? :pinkiehappy:

Pinkie is only the Apple's 4th cousin twice removed sooo....it's not incest incest. Not sure 100% but I think that would be legal in the U.S.

That makes it all the more tantalizing

:twilightangry2: Damn you are an awful troll. WHAT'S THE BABY'S NAME! :fluttercry:

Now I won't sleep tonight. Good job...

Yarr, I've spotted your flag off the port bow!

Ahoy matey! :yay: (that's not 'yay'; that's 'YARRR!!')

Hmm... I may make a sequel...

This story was hilarious. It made me laugh quite a bit. Have a thumbs up and a fave.

You know, that actually means a lot to me. Thank you!

3794457 Is Pinkie your favorite pony, because that means that we both have another common ground!

Wait pinkie's idea of rationality? ok i am not sure if that's suppose to be insulting or funny.


Very legal actually the US allows marriage between 2nd cousins. She is much further away than that at best. In some countries first cousins are allowed though I think that is less common.

IN many places they would not really call themselves cousins since it implies a closer relationship than it really is though my family has aunts and uncles that are not blood related but are very close family friends so family titles don't have to be so cut and dry.

Okay I don't know if it's a clop so someone tell me before I read

No, not clop, but pretty darn close XD

There's a lot of innuendos, but nothing is actually shown.

Aaaaaaaand now I have to read this story.

3794858 'cept for that part where applebloom sits in something wet, presumably aj's or PP

Is really Pinkie so innocent, or is she trolling AJ :pinkiehappy::applejackconfused:?
Or is she creating a red herring for when she and "cousin Mac" decide to make babies for real?

“Wait! I want my breakfast! And I wanna know how to make babies! Maybe I can get my cutie mark in making babies!”

“Oddly specific,” Pinkie Pie mused.

I wonder how such cutie mark would look like... :rainbowlaugh:

ummm the one Button Mash's mom has?

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