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Equestria is failing, once a place that was considered perfect even by her rivals; now a shattered federation governed by a corrupted bureaucracy and a struggling monarchy. Twilight now sits besides two empty thrones, their owners haven completely vanished without a trace. With an ever-looming threat from the east and a viscous plague adsorbing the land. Although there is one last spell in her majesty's library that remains untested... It's the Kingdom's last hope, for better or worse.

Edited by the devilishly handsome The Glorious Pig! <3 (He enjoys changing his name :/ He's the first comment)

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Comments ( 41 )

Insta leik! :heart:

Dude, I never thought I'd see this day. If you need a pre-reader, editor, or anything, just say the word.

3882243 Sure thing! I may hit you up when it's done! :rainbowkiss::heart:

3882243 Oh wait you're iron galley? LAWL just noticed the name change :0

This story has serious flaw. It's too short. Needs more! I am not reading it, until you fix this.

3883946 It's just a preview ;-;

I didn't even know you wrote real stories.

it's "Ihr Untergang", not "Ihre Untergang". "Ihre" is a plural possessive when you speak to a person politely

Jeez, nice work here, dood. Kewl. :heart:
Some errors, but I see you have a person up for that.
I'll also offer, if you ever need me.
Best of luck.

3897515 Honestly this was a little rushed :( Sorreh :heart:

3897522 Oh, if so, then errors are to be expected.:derpytongue2:
And not exactly to be thought too much upon.
No, it was a good start, man.
Just make sure you run it through your editor a few times so others might not have to go on a comment spree if they see something.

3897510 You can also use "Ihre" for "Their", but I don't know in which context you want to use it. However, the correct form would be "Ihre Untergänge" when you mean several people; "Ihr Untergang" also has two meanings, depending on context:
1. Talking about a woman "Her downfall"
2. Talking to a person while being polite "Your downfall"

3897556 My German ain't that great, Her Downfall sounds pretty good though.

3897588 Glad I could help:twilightsmile: I know my native language can be a bitch:twilightsheepish:

3897596 Danke! I've only really been learning it in my spare time, the words are so long ;-;

>legit story
>Sexy Walrus

3897679 I'm evolving :()

What happened to the stories I luv, bby!?:heart:

3897929 Dnt worry babe I've got one where I describe the events of Twilight giving birth to Spike :rainbowkiss::heart:

That's hawt:rainbowkiss:

3897997 They fuch at the end! :rainbowkiss:

oh the great big and sexy, you're making legit shit now, I'm so proud of you :fluttercry:

3897642 Wait until you learn the word for "speed limit"!:pinkiehappy:

It's Geschwendigkeitsbegrenzung.

3898011 i r goin b biggur dan pen stoke! :OOO

3898126 At least it's not as long as the English word Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia! That word itself is just ironic.:pinkiecrazy:


Interesting concept, but seriously needs an editor. There's an average of an error per sentence, and that's being forgiving.

3898272 It's going through editing right now lolz

Everything can be solved with rape.

3897588 It has Untergang in the title. My thoughts: NEEDS MOAR NAZIS AND ANGRY HITLER SHOUTING "FEGELIEN"

3898284 Hey Walrusboi, imma add this to read later. Any nazis and fegeelein? Cuz then it may get special service ;)

3905310 The question is, does the story deliver?

3897993 {BONER intensifies}

I'd be interested to see how this would play out, assuming you ever continue this story.

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