• Published 15th Jan 2014
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Kinds of Love: The World - Rainedash

A series of short stories set in the 'Kinds of Love' universe.

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The Princess of Shipping Epilogue

On her back with her wings spread wide laid Princess Twilight Sparkle, watching the rain hit her balcony door. She closed her eyes as she listened to the rhythm of the storm, occasionally broken up by the sound of her two guests.

“Ah ain't in a rush for no second date,” said Applejack, the annoyance coming through clearly in the gruff manner she spoke. “Look Rarity, ah ain't angry with you or Caramel, and ah ain't upset about how it went. It ain't like Caramel and ah were going to be staying together for that long anyhow.”

“Are you sure you don't wish for help in meeting a nice stallion?” asked Rarity.

“Yes. If ah do meet somepony and we get along well enough, ah'll consider asking him out, and ah'll even ask you to help me get ready. Until then, ah'm fine being single.”

“Very well, I shall back off for now. Just know that you can come to me if you need any help and I promise not to end up with your date again. That was terribly rude of me.”

Twilight opened her eyes just in time to see a bolt of lightning arc its way from cloud to cloud in the murky sky above.

“Twilight, are you still with us?” asked Rarity.

Twilight continued looking at the sky for a second before sitting up to face Rarity and Applejack. The odd couple of her friends were sitting on her guest bed, just across the room from hers. Rarity was brushing Applejack's mane, struggling against a knot, and Applejack seemed content to let her. “Sorry girls, I guess I spaced out there for a moment.”

“It's fine. A princess needs her relaxation, after all.” Rarity tugged hard on the brush and Applejack winced. It didn't go peacefully, but the knot had been taken care of. Rarity beamed, proud to protect a good mane from a bad knot. “Phew, I don't know you managed to get knots like that but its gone now.”

Applejack slid her hoof through her mane, encountering no resistance. “Thanks Rarity. Thought for a moment ah was gonna have to cut that thing out.”

“Oh Twilight, since the topic of dating has been brought up already... how many have you and Big Macintosh gone on yet?” asked Rarity, as she leaned towards Twilight with her ears perked up.

“W-well... we haven't actually gone on one yet. Heh heh.” Twilight nervously laughed while looking away.

Rarity's jaw hung open for a good couple of a seconds before she could react. “Good heavens, you can't be serious!”

“Big Mac and I like keeping things casual. Instead of formal dates, we just spend time together.”

Rarity went to say something only to be stopped when Applejack put a hoof to her chest. “Rarity, if it works for them, then let them be. Personally, ah'm just happy to see Big Mac get out a bit more often.”

Rarity sighed but didn't argue. “Very well, you won't hear any complaints from me.” She went back to smiling as she added, “Despite my objections to not even having a single date yet, I do hope things are going well for you two.”

Twilight nodded. “I never realized how nice it was to have somepony around that really listens the way he does. I'm sure when I start talking about arcane magic or other fields of studies, he doesn't understand half of what I'm saying. Yet, he always seems interested when I talk and mentions that he's proud of me whenever I mention doing something.” Twilight's cheeks turned pink as she continued, “And even when we aren't talking, it's nice to feel him against me when I read.”

“For what it's worth, he is always in high spirits when he comes home after spending time with you.”

Rarity squeed loudly in delight, taking both Twilight and Applejack by surprise. “Eeeeh! You two sound absolutely adorable when you’re together! I am positive you're relationship will last.”

“There is one thing bothering me,” said Applejack, rubbing her chin. “Whatever happened with that bet between your brother and Princess Cadance?”

“Oh, It was a tie.”

“A tie?” the other two said in unison.

“Well, technically Rarity and Caramel were on a date set up by Cadance. She could have claimed a victory. However, so could Shining Armor, since Cadance failed to be the one who actually got them together, as she picked a different date for Rarity. So, in a best out of five competition, they tied at two and a half. At least with the technicalities.”


“From now on, I’ll be paying a lot more attention to what I sign,” whined Aegis. The large, pregnant mare waddled down a hallway of the crystal palace, returning to her bedroom after yet another trip to the bathroom. Her swollen ankles ached with each step, and her heavy, milk laden teats rubbed against her thighs, sending little spikes of pleasure from the sensitive mounds. However, she did her best to hide that bit. “Can't believe my own little sister wrote in that trap.” She was flanked by the handmaid Span on one side and the guard Fencer on another.

“To be fair, your highness, it wasn't much of a trap. It simply said, the pony who doesn't win instead of loser,” said Span.

From Aegis' other came a steady snicker, as Fencer tried to hold back his laughter. “If you laugh, you're doing a hundred wing-ah!” Aegis shuddered and rubbed her belly.

“Is something wrong, Princess?” asked Span.

“T-they kicked...” She couldn't say for sure, but she swore the spell was making her feel two different foals inside of her, and neither one liked to sit still. “Let's just hurry.” They walked the rest of the way silence, Aegis staring down at the floor the whole way, trying to ignore how alien all of this felt.

A whole new challenge reared its head once she was safely back inside her bedroom: actually getting up on the bed. As she got close, she reached out with her hooves and raised her front half on it. That was the easy part. She jumped up but her stomach was pushed out too far and was too heavy to clear the edge of the bed. Her breaths were heavy, labored, but she would not be deterred from getting on up her own bed. She tensed up and readied her legs to push in unison. With a fiery yell, she forced herself to go forward. Though it took every ounce of strength her body was willing to give her, and her muscles were straining, she was winning. In that one moment she was proud, showing that she wasn't helpless, only for gravity to crush her spirit and pull her lower half back down to the floor. She ended the same way she began, only one half on the bed and no way to finish the job.

“Uh, hey, captain? If you want I can go look for a box or crate or something in one of the storage rooms. You could have a little step to help,” said Fencer.

Aegis groaned. The comment only served to make her feel even more useless while stuck in this form. “Fine, you can do that in a moment, but first...” She stopped and considered making another attempt on her own, her pride practically demanded it. However, she knew when she was beaten. On this day, the bed was simply the superior of the two. “Could you two give me a little push?” Despite clearly asking for both of them, only one approached her. “Fencer?” She turned her head and looked back at him.

“Uh...” He turned towards the door. “You know, I could get one of the female guards to come and help you.”

Aegis growled. She furrowed her brow as she spoke, “Fencer, as a princess of the Crystal Empire and captain of the royal guard, I am ordering you to grab my ass and push me onto my bed. Is that understood?!”

Fencer snapped to attention with a salute. “Yes, ma'am.”

Aegis turned forward and readied herself. Soon enough, each of her cheeks had a hoof pressing against them. “On the count of three. One... two... three!” She pulled herself forward, sliding onto the bed as Span and Fencer pushed her forward. The combined forces of gravity and the bed were no match for a princess with loyal subjects. Her victory would come at a cost, however. As she was sliding along on her stomach, her teats got smooshed between her and the bed. As one might imagine, such pressure on them forced the milk to go the only place it could. Now halfway across the bed, there were several wet spots from the edge to her.

“Don't worry, Spic and I can have that cleaned up for you in a bit,” said Span. “But, you should let Cadance or somepony -- trying to put this nicely -- milk you. It might prevent accidents like this.”

Aegis wanted to just disappear. She levitated a pillow over her and covered her head, hiding from the world. “I'll take it under consideration,” she said, the pillow muffling her voice. “Could one of you just get me some of my books?”

“I'll grab them,” said Fencer, before trotting out of the room.

Her stomach growled. “And get me something to eat too. Something salty!”


Spic walked into the dining hall, spotting the pink earth pony at the end of the long table. She carried a tray with a large glass of tea on it, with a straw sticking up out of the top. “Mistress?” she called out as she approached. Getting closer, she noticed that Cadance's chin was resting on the table with her eyes shut. She had dark lines under her them, from the stress and lack of sleep that comes with taking care of a pregnant spouse. “Mistress?” A small snort was the only response. Spic sat the tray down and gently shook Cadance.

Cadance shot up. “What is it? Does Aegis want me to rub her stomach again? Get her something to eat?”

“No, I sent Span and Fencer to take care of her.”

“Oh.” She returned to resting her chin on the table. “Sorry, it's just... she woke me up three times during the night. Every time, I forget that my horn was gone and kept trying to use magic to grab stuff...” Cadance yawned. “I-is that for me?”

“I thought you could use a pick me up.” Spic slid the large glass over to Cadance.

“I don't need a straw. I do know how to hold things with my hooves, you know.” Cadance tried to reach for it, only for her hoof to be stopped by Spic's. She raised her eyebrow, likely wanting an explanation.

“Mistress, you know I'm completely devoted to you, right?” She got a nod for an answer. “I would clean up any mess you make without hesitation. However, I would also like to prevent them when I can. You have already destroyed three cups. Mistress, you are quite frankly horrible at using your hooves when you're tired or stressed. As somepony who has served you for half your life, I am asking you to please just use the straw.” Though she knew Cadance allowed her and her sister to speak their minds freely around them, she would normally never imagine being quite this forward with her. However, the last cup was destroyed by flying against Spic’s side, spilling the tea on her. She did not want a repeat performance of that freak accident.

“Fine. But only as a favor to you.” Without picking it up off the table, Cadance slid it a little closer and sipped from the straw for a moment. “Remind me to never make a bet again.”

“Understood, Mistress.” And I promise to never tempt you two into into a wager like this again.

Author's Note:

I accidentally put this chapter in the original Kinds of Love. Sorry for the mistake folks. It's fixed now.

Anyway, sorry for the delay as well. I wrote a couple of oneshots in the mean time. Hope you enjoy the chapter and any comments are appreciated.