• Published 15th Jan 2014
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Kinds of Love: The World - Rainedash

A series of short stories set in the 'Kinds of Love' universe.

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The Princess of Shipping vs Rainbow Dash

With a soft fwomp sound Cadance landed on Rainbow Dash's front porch, if you could actually call it one. “You didn't tell me she lived in a mansion. It looks to be three, maybe four stories tall.” Her eyes wandered from the rainbow pool to the large pillars that had been carved into the sides of the pristine, white walls. It was likely made of clouds or some enchanted material, but it mimicked the appearance of marble. “I have never seen a floating mansion of this splendor outside of Cloudsdale. To have one built out here must have cost a small fortune! How could she afford such a home?”

She heard another fwomp as Twilight landed behind her. “It depends on who you ask. Rarity believes that Dash is secretly the rebellious daughter of a wealthy family. I'll admit, I've considered that too, since she rarely talks about her family. Applejack thinks she joins some less than legal races. Which does seem like something she would do.”

“And I'm sure you have a theory as well, Twilight.”

“I think that any pegasus willing to take a weather job this close to the Everfree Forest gets paid well.” Twilight shrugged. “A boring answer, I know. But it's the most logical one.”

Cadance nodded. “Agreed and it's just like you to think of it.”

Twilight knocked on the door. “Just remember, she might not be easy to convince when it comes to the 'joys of love'.”

“Understood, but I think I'll get her to come around.”

Twilight knocked again, bringing about a voice from the other side, “Yeah, yeah, I'm coming! Pinkie, if that's you trying to wake me up early when you know it's my day off, I swear I'll-” the door opened, “Oh, Twilight? Er, Cadance?” Rainbow Dash stepped to the side and motioned for them to come in. “Um, I have some drinks in the fridge if you guys are thirsty.”

“That would be lovely, thank you Rainbow Dash.” Cadance stepped into the spacious foyer of Dash's home, giving it a quick inspection. There were statues of Wonderbolts in mid flight on either side of the door, and in the center stood a wide staircase leading upwards before splitting to go to two different rooms on the next floor; though if the description of Dash that Twilight gave her was any indication she doubted that they saw much use. Aside from those and some other decorations, the foyer was largely empty space.

“Kitchen is upstairs to the left.” Confirming Cadance's thoughts, Rainbow Dash flew up to the second story, her hooves not touching a single step.

Cadance and her fellow princess followed on hoof and upon reaching the top, they found a kitchen and living room taking up most of the floor. The kitchen was in the back, near the next set of steps. The living room had a few couches and a table with some books on it. Dash was already over by the refrigerator.

“I really need to go shopping today,” she said after opening it. “Let's see, cider, apple juice, or water.”

“I shall have a glass of the juice, thank you,” said Cadance as she sat down on the middle couch.

“I guess I'll take some cider.” Twilight sat next to her.

“Consider it done.” In a flash they each now had their own drink sitting on the table in front of them. “Now that that's over with, why are you two here? I mean, Twilight dropping by to talk about a book or something I can understand, but it's a bit weird to have you both here. Though if you two are just here to hang, that's cool.”

“I am here to offer you the chance at finding true love,” said Cadance.

Dash's eyes turned from Cadance to Twilight. “Well, I guess she is kinda pretty, even if she needs a new mane style and is starting to get pudgy. But doesn't she have a boyfriend?”

“I am not pudgy!” Twilight huffed and scrunched up her muzzle. “And you know she is not talking about me!”

“Heh, yeah, but I had you going for a second.”

“Ugh...” Twilight sunk down and took a drink of her cider.

“But seriously, what's up?”

“It is exactly as I said,” replied Cadance. “I would like to set you up on a da-”


“W-what? Why?” questioned Cadance.

“I don't care about that sappy romantic stuff.”

“But didn't you just have a boyfriend recently?” asked Cadance.

Dash shrugged. “We mostly just hung out at his place, talking about stuff. Not like it lasted long before he went back to Cloudchaser.”

“Oh my, I'm sorry to hear that,” said Cadance.

“Don't be. We're still friends, and it's not a big deal. Just didn't work out is all.” Dash hopped up onto a couch next to theirs and laid back.

“Hmm...” Cadance thought on what she could offer Dash to sweeten the deal, though the fact that she'd want more than a loving partner boggled Cadance's mind. What could possibly be better than waking up next to a pony that you share a special connection with? “I've got it. Rainbow Dash, I can arrange for you to do a one pegasus show for the empire. The spotlight will be directly on you as you perform for everypony. It'll be a professional show just like the Wonderbolts do.”

Rainbow Dash closed her eyes and went quiet, giving no response.


Her left eye cracked open and stared at them. “Two. I want it to be a two pegasi show.”

“Twilight, you didn't mention her having a partner for stunts.”

“She doesn't.” Twilight raised an eyebrow. “Her training at the academy aside, I can't think of her ever performing with a partner.”

Dash shook her head. “I don't have one, but I do have a little sister. If I get my own show, then she gets to be the opening act. That's the deal.”

“My my, that's quite admirable. It's no wonder you once had the Element of Loyalty. Consider it done. You and your sister will be given space, advertisement, and props if need be for your own stunt show,” replied Cadance.

“But first the date, right?”

Cadance nodded.

“Ugh, fine.”

“Are you really that adverse towards it?”

“I just don't do well in anything that's formal.”

“And who says a date must be formal? I'll make sure it is a laid back affair, to suit you.”

“That makes it sound a little better.” She added in a quieter voice, “I guess.”

“Good. I just need to ask a couple questions first to find a good match. For starters, do you prefer mares or stallions?”

“Er, Cadance, she just talked about having a boyfriend,” said Twilight.

“True, but it's polite to ask first before setting up a date. Besides, he could have been an exception.”

“Honestly, I don't really care.” With that, both princesses full attention were on Rainbow Dash. “If I'm going to be dating somepony, I just want them to be cool and fun to be around.”

“And I will do my best to make sure they're the type that you can have fun with. Any preferences at all?”

“I want it to be a pegasus. I would give an earth pony or unicorn a shot if we were talking and hit it off, but if you've actually going to look for a pony for me to date, then I want one that can fly.”

“Well, that does make sense,” said Twilight, “Considering how you live in the sky.”

“Done and done. Do not worry about a thing, Rainbow Dash. I am sure you'll like the pony I pick.” Cadance downed her glass of juice in one shot. “Come along Twilight, we have work to do.”

After the door closed behind them, Twilight looked to her stomach. “Cadance? Am I pudgy?”

“You're cute just the way you are, and I'm sure Big Mac likes it. It makes you more cuddly.” Cadance jumped from the cloud's edge and took flight to the Crystal Empire. She knew she needed a pony that would be able to match Rainbow Dash's training regiment and was a strong flier. So, who better than one of the royal guards?


Princess Cadance sat on the Crystal Empire's throne and looked out upon six pegasi guards lined up in front of her, four stallions and two mares. She had made it a point to keep a minimal number of guards from Equestria on duty in the empire. Though it may be a vassal of Equestria, she didn't want them to feel like Equestria was trying to dominate their society. Politics and public relations aside, this left a smaller pool of candidates than she had hoped for. “Alright, any of you that are currently in a relationship are dismissed. Same goes for any of you that have plans for the next two days that you can't cancel.” Five of the guards turned and left the room, leaving behind a single stallion. He was a touch smaller than the other stallions, but he would have to suffice. Now that she was alone with him, Cadance noticed that she had seen him around before, but couldn't quite remember his name.

The guard looked around at the empty spots left behind by the others and then rubbed the back of his neck.


He snapped to attention and saluted her. “Yes, Princess?”

“What is your name?”

“Um, Flash Sentry, ma'am.”

“Ah, yes, I remember you now.” Cadance rose from her throne and walked up to Flash Sentry, keeping her eyes fixed on him. “Flash Sentry, what I'm about to ask you to do will be tough. I'll be honest, the odds of succeeding in this are slim.” I'll probably have to accept that Shining will win this round. “And, this mission is volunteer only. Do you think you're up for the challenge?”

“Yes, ma'am! I'm ready,” he said, giving another salute.

“We shall see about that.” Cadance walked around him, eying him carefully, making sure there's nothing that could turn Dash away. After reaching his front once more, Cadance suddenly pressed her hoof against his chest, “Quick, your date is standing next to a mud puddle and a wagon is speeding down the street, what do you do?”

“I-I-” he stammered.

“Too late. She's now covered in mud and the day is ruined. You must react faster than that.”

Flash stumbled back a step or two, with his wings and ears drooping down. “I-I'm confused.”

“Oh.” Cadance let out a small, nervous laugh. “Perhaps I should explain. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take one of the greatest fliers in Equestria, Rainbow Dash, out on a date. You will need to show her a good time, woo her, and successfully get a second date.”

“Date?!” His wings sprang up.

“Indeed. Will you accept?”

“Uh, s-sure. I mean, I haven't been on one for awhile and all, but I'm just a bit surprised.”

“That is understandable but you need to get over your shock quickly. I will make the needed arrangements, including financing the date. You need only to be charming.”

“Yes, ma'am. I won't let you down.”

“You are dismissed. Spend the rest of today planning on what you're going to say and how you're going to act. Come back here in the morning, and I'll tell you where it will take place.”

I hope he can handle being with a mare as blunt as Rainbow Dash, and be able to keep her from getting bored too quickly. Good luck Flash Sentry, you are going to need it.


Shining Armor stood in the hallway just outside of the throne room, wondering why he just saw five guards leaving. Before he thought of a reason, out stepped Flash Sentry. “Halt,”

Flash stopped in his tracts. “Yes, captain?”

“Why were so many guards in the throne room? Did something happen?”

“Um, not exactly. Cadance was asking us to help her in a personal matter.”

Shining Armor groaned and rolled his eyes. “Let me guess, it was about going on a date with one of my sister's friends, right?”

Flash nodded. “Yes, sir.”

“Which one?”

“Rainbow Dash.”

“And you're the one that's doing it?”

Flash nodded.

“Got a plan?”

“No, sir. I thought we could just talk while having dinner.”

“Got something specific in mind to talk about?”

“No, sir.”

I shouldn't help. It'll only encourage her. But if I don't, he will get shot down in ten minutes flat. “No. If you go out there and be bland, nopony will like you, especially one like Rainbow Dash.”


“Yeah. Trust me, you want a mare like her, you need to leave a lasting impression. It's your only shot.”

“Did you do something special to leave an impression on Princess Cadance?”

Shining Armor grinned, rather proud of how he pulled it off. “I put on a concert for the whole academy.” Of course there was the part where he was still too scared to actually ask her to the dance afterward, but that was just a minor detail.

“Wow! Can you show me how to impress Rainbow Dash?”

“I can try but I have to ask first, do you really want her?”

Flash eagerly nodded. “I'd love a girlfriend as cool as her.”

“Fine, I'll help you. Follow me.”


A day had passed since Shining Armor helped him prepare, now was the moment of truth. Flash Sentry flew past the palace towards the train station carrying a picnic basket that Cadance had prepared for the date. He only slowed down once along the way when passing the Crystal Heart, taking note that it was spinning faster than normal, before stopping at the station and waiting for Rainbow Dash. The one thing that Shining Armor had drilled into him was to make sure he showed confidence when he approached her. No stuttering, no blushing, just be straight forward and say what you think. He was going to do just that and make his captain proud. I bet Shining Armor had no problem at all sweeping Princess Cadance off her hooves. Just act like he would, and I'll succeed.

The train pulled up and slowed down to a stop with a screech. Attempting to calm his nerves, Flash closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled. The door opened and out stepped Rainbow Dash. Good first impression, I have to make a good first impression. Flash stepped up to her, “H-hi,” he stammered. “Nice to meet you Rainbow Dash. I'm Flash Sentry, your date.”

Dash raised and eyebrow. “You're not quite what I was expecting.”

Ouch. “Um, the princess set up a picnic spot for us on the edge of the empire.”

Rainbow Dash smiled and perked up. “Phew. Dude, you have no idea how much of a relief that is. She told me she wouldn't set up some stuffy date but I still thought it would be some high class restaurant.”

Yes, she's smiling! “Hey, who would want to sit in a place like that? Definitely not my style.”

“Good to hear that, Flash.” She pointed to the basket. “I'll carry it and you lead the way.”

After giving her a second to pick up the basket, he took to the sky and led her to the northern edge of the empire where a picnic blanket had already been set up for them. “That's the spot down there.” They dove down and landed by it. Flash motioned to the frozen tundra that lay beyond, “Nice view huh?” He looked back at Dash who was staring into the sky.

“Must be awesome to have this much open sky. Nothing around for miles. Just you doing whatever you want.” Her eyes sparkled as she spoke. “I could do as many sonic rainbooms as I want out there and no one would complain about rocking their house or breaking their windows.”

“It does feel pretty nice to just glide around out there, if you can handle the cold.”

“Did it take you awhile to get used to it?”

“Not really. I grew up in the northern part of Equestria, near the border. That's why I volunteered to move here when they needed guards.”

Dash nodded. “I'll be visiting more often, that's for sure.”

Flash opened the basket, taking a look inside of it for the first time. Don't worry, I took care of everything, were the words from Cadance. Let's see: rose sandwiches, a couple bags trail mix, and a bottle of pomegranate wine. Not sure if wine was needed but she's the princess of love, I'm sure she knows what she's doing. “Um, Rainbow Dash? Are you getting hungry?” Flash held up a sandwich and one of the bags.

Rainbow looked over at him and nodded. “Toss that bag over here.”

As she was ripping it open, Flash thought to one of the things Captain Armor had told him, ask her about the things she likes. “So, um, have you read any good books lately?” he asked, taking a shot in the dark.

“Yesh,” she said through a mouth full of pretzel bits and nuts. Thankfully she swallowed before continuing, “Newest Daring Do came out last week, Daring Do and The Ghost Ship.”

“Oh, I read that just yesterday. What did you think?”

“Eh, it was ok. The mystery part was cool, I mean nopony could have seen that twist coming, but...”

“But what? There was a part you didn't like?”

“Captain Ocean Mist. Fine, if Daring Do falls for some stallion, it happens. Whatever. But half the book was about how awesome he was, even when he wasn't really doing anything at all.”

Flash nodded. “Not half but those parts did drag on too long.”

“And she became such a klutz about him too! It was so un-Daring Do, you know.”

“And it was really weird for this brand new guy to show up and immediately have Daring blushing like a school filly. If Yearling wanted to add romance to the series, you think she would have built it up, not just having it happen out of the blue.” Flash chewed on some trail mix as he thought on the matter more. “Actually, I'm surprised Yearling didn't have that Daring Do fangirl return. What was her name... Oh yeah, Prism. That was it. It was obvious that Prism had a crush on her.”

Dash stepped back and her wings shot up. “I-I did not-” Dash cleared her throat, “I mean, Prism did not have a crush on Daring Do!”

Flash shrugged. “Well, maybe not. It would have been a better set up though.”

Dash turned away from him. “Yes well... so you're a guard huh?” the last part shot out of her mouth a mile a minute. “What made you decide to become one?”

“Um...” Flash's mind took a moment to recollect itself after the sudden change in topic. “I just like to protect ponies. It was either this or trying to be a musician but I went the safe route.”

Dash finally turned back to him, regaining her earlier composure. “You play music? Huh, that's actually kinda cool. What instruments do you play? Or are you a singer?”

“Mostly guitar, but I did learn the bass too.”

“Do you still have a guitar?”

Flash nodded. “I would never get rid of it.”

“Good. You should get it. I want to hear you play.”

This is it, my chance to impress her, but it has to go perfectly. Um, where should I play for her. Flash looked back towards the imperial city and to the palace that towered over everything. He remembered that the crystal heart was brimming with energy earlier and would likely be releasing it soon. Like the captain said, if you're going to a wow a mare go all out. Don't half ass it. Flash gulped. Please let this work. “S-sure, um, I'll go get it. Wait for me at the palace entrance.”

“The palace? Why there?”

“Trust me.”


With his guitar on his back, he flew to the bottom of the palace, finding Rainbow Dash waiting by the heart. “Is this thing doing ok?” she asked, pointing to it. “It's spinning faster than I remember.”

“Yeah, it does that sometimes. Ahem, anyways, I have the perfect place to play.” Flash looked up to the top of the palace. “Up there. Best view in the entire empire.”



Dash flapped her wings and shot up into the sky, “Race you to the top!”

“No fair, I'm carrying something.” He followed as fast as he could, keeping up with her fairly well. “Ha. I didn't lose too badly,” he said, as he landed.

“Hey, I can see Canterlot from here.”

“So, um, what type of music do you normally listen to?”

“I like fast paced, up beat stuff.”

“Right, I can play that.” It should happen in fifteen minutes. Twenty tops. Come on Flash, just keep her entertained for that long and the heart will do the rest. He strummed the guitar, playing through the songs he knew, as Dash continued spotting landmarks in the distance. Flash went a half beat faster on the songs, making sure all of them went at a quick rhythm, trying his best to make sure she liked them.

“You're not half bad,” she said. “But, I think it's time for me to-what's that?”

Flash looked down to the base of the palace which now glowed brightly. “You might want to shield your eyes.” Just as the glow started climbing the sides of palace, he covered his eyes until he felt the energy flow through him. He opened his eyes to see Rainbow Dash become the epicenter of the magically induced aurora. Lights of all different colors and shades enveloped her, mixing with her own rainbow colors. Her eyes kept changing hue, reflecting the myriad of colors that swirled around her.

Dash gasped, speechless from what was happening around her.

Say something cool. Flash, for once in your life, go for it and say something cool. Now! “The aurora is amazing but the rainbow inside of it is prettier.” Close enough.

A new color was added to the mix, Rainbow's bright red blush. “D-don't be so cheesy!” A smile was forming, though Flash could see that she was trying to fight it. It was actually pretty cute.

“I can't promise you that it'll always end with an explosion of color, but I would really like to spend time with you again, Rainbow.” Flash hoped that she would say yes, but prepared himself to for a no.

“...sure. We can hang out again.”


“Eh, why not? Stop by Ponyville sometime. My place is the floating cloud house. Can't miss it.”

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! “Sure, how's sometime next week?”

“Works for me.”


Later on that night, Shining Armor and Princess Cadance lay in their bed together, snuggling against one another. “Sweetie?”

“Yes, Cadance?”

Cadance nuzzled against his neck, then gave his muzzle an affectionate little lick. “I'm really proud of you.”

“For what?”

“I heard that you helped Flash Sentry get ready for his date.”

“I always look out for the other guards.”

“Still, to do that even though it could cost you the bet was impressive.” Cadance batted her eyes at him, staring into his seductively. “And I think you deserve a reward. Close your eyes.”

Shining did as told, and felt her kiss the underside of his muzzle, then his neck, then his chest. As she got ever closer to the Promised Land, he thought to himself, I've got the best wife ever.

Author's Note:

I did this purely because I love the ship name, FlashDash. Come on, how can you not love a ship with the name, FlashDash? It sounds like some type of move in an action game or anime.