• Published 15th Jan 2014
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Kinds of Love: The World - Rainedash

A series of short stories set in the 'Kinds of Love' universe.

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I'm Busy

Twilight sat at her desk and looked through the lesson plan for her brand new Basics of Magic: Theory and Control class. Celestia had suggested the idea. She believed that Twilight's experience with powerful magic at such a young age would make her the perfect candidate to help teach others how to control their magic. For Twilight's part, she was quite happy to jump at the chance to be a mentor to others like Celestia had taught her.

“It's just one thing after another,” said a less than eager Spike.

“Hm, what was that Spike?” she asked, not really paying attention to anything going on around her, or even lifting her eyes from the notes. First comes a test on their basic abilities, and then we'll spend time practicing visualization. Then perhaps channeling... gotta make sure to get to some basics on mediation as well.

“I'm just saying Twilight, ever since you got back from visiting your brother and Cadance, you've been busier than ever. If you aren't studying potions with Zecora, then its working on your ca-”

“It's not my castle,” interjected Twilight.

“Oh please, we all know Celestia is going to give it to you. Why else would she suddenly be worried about its restoration?”

Twilight's attention turned from the paper to Spike. “I can think of quite a few reasons,” she said with a huff, firmly believing that there was no chance an entire castle would be given to her.

“Because royalty is never given their own castle.”


“Ugh, fine, working on THE castle. And if it's not that then it's talking to Rarity about the history of fashion trends, helping Luna get caught up on what happened over the last thousand years, or trying new recipes with Pinkie Pie.” Spike patted his stomach. “That last one you can keep doing though, no complaints here on that one.”

“Well, yes, I have been busy over the last week-”


“Over the last month. Ponyville gets busy sometimes, Spike. Things come up.”

“Right, 'things just come up'.” He rolled his eyes, and crossed his arms. “I'm sure it has nothing to do with what you went to talk to Cadance and Shining Armor about.”

Her nose wrinkled and her tail swished, sure signs that Spike just touched upon something she wish he hadn't. “What are you saying?”

“It's awfully convenient that you're doing all this instead taking their advice and just talking to Big Mac. Instead, every time I remind you, you're always,” just to add emphasis, he included air quotes with the final bit, “busy.”

The two stared at one another for a few moments, until the library door opened, breaking up the stand off. “Oh, would you look at that, they're here.”

Being new to teaching, Celestia had to start small, and Twilight did just that. There were only two students and both were special cases. Rather than seeking help voluntarily, they were both forced into it due to magical mishaps. The identity of the two being her friend's little sister, Sweetie Belle, and a stallion that had just moved to town from Canterlot, Evening Storm.

“Welcome and come in. Please, pick anywhere to sit.”

They walked in and both sat by the table in the center of the room, seeing as how there wasn't many other places to sit.

“Sorry, I've been meaning to get some chairs and a couch to put in here.”

“But something keeps coming up,” added Spike.

“That is enough from you.”

“Um, it's alright,” said the sheepish stallion. He had an unruly blue mane, and black fur. Sweetie nodded in agreement. Both looked glum, as if they expected some long lecture any minute from her.

Wow. Hope I never gave Celestia that look. “Listen up, I don't want you to think of this as a punishment. You're simply students here to learn, and that's how I'll treat you. I'm not going to be strict nor will I expect you to learn everything overnight. I'll do my best to be patient and work with you two for as long as you need.” Both of them seemed to perk up. “Let's begin with introductions.” She pointed to Sweetie Belle first.

“I'm Sweetie Belle, nice to meet you,” she said to the stallion.

“And why is it that you're here?” asked Twilight.

“Do I have to say it?” she whined.


Sweetie Belle sighed and did as she was told. “I'm here because I caused my sister's coat to change colors.”

“What colors, if you don't mind me asking?” asked Evening.

“Well, normally her fur is all white like mine. But I might have kinda gave her yellow polka dots.”

“I swear, I could hear her scream from halfway across town,” added Twilight. “Evening, your turn.”

Evening bowed his head in a gentlemanly fashion to Sweetie Belle. “I'm Evening Storm, and I have a habit of turning things into other things. It's, um, annoyed a lot of ponies back in Canterlot.”

“And,” said Twilight, pushing him to say what it was that got him sent to her.

Evening's ears went down and he donned a guilty expression. “And, I turned a guard into a filly.”

“...wow,” was all Sweetie could say.

“The actual raw power needed for that is quite impressive, I must say. I'm glad my brother suggested this instead of a punishment. I'm eager to see it in action.”

“Dust Storm didn't seem that impressed.”

“You needn't worry, she was checked out and the spell should wear off in a couple weeks. Shining even said she was due vacation time anyways, so don't be too hard on yourself.” Evening still didn't look too pleased, but he gave a slight nod. Twilight ordered Spike to go fetch a ball she had purchased for the class. When he came back, she held it up for Evening and Sweetie Belle to see. “First, I'm going to test you two on basic telekinesis. It's inflated so the weight won't be a factor. Simply lift it and spin it. Evening, you go first.”

“Shouldn't be a problem.” Evening grabbed the ball, enveloping it with his magic, and turned it clockwise. “I can at least do thi-achoo!” In a flash, the ball slammed into the floor right in front of Sweetie. Her horn sparked in surprise causing the ball change direction and smack Spike in the face, knocking him down.

“Well, it's a start,” said Twilight as she helped her dazed assistant back to his feet.

Hours passed and the lesson ended with only light damage to the library and Spike. “Phew. This might be tougher than I thought.”

“Ahem, now I think there is something we were talking about before they came?” spoke Spike, again with his arms crossed again. “I'm not letting it go this time, Twilight. Do whatever it is that you have to do, but find a way to talk to him.”

“But I'm busy.”

“Name one thing, just one thing, that you absolutely have to do right this moment.”

“Well... I... uh...”

“Yeah, that's what I thought.”


Spike was right, I just need to go ahead and do this. From the bits of information she had gleamed on the subject, Twilight knew that it was customary for the stallion to ask out the mare; the mare's role in most cases was to let the stallion know she was single and interested. That left one question: how?

Ding, chimed the bell.

“One minute,” came Rarity's voice from upstairs.

“Take your time Rarity, it's only me,” called back Twilight, entering the Carousel Boutique's atrium. Hope I didn't catch her at a bad time.

“Nonsense darling, I'm coming down now.” The sound of her hoofsteps got closer, until Twilight could see her coming down the stairs. “I should have stopped for lunch an hour ago anyways.”

“You haven't even had lunch yet?” A rather unladylike rumble sounded off from Rarity's stomach. “Did you skip breakfast too?”

“'Tis the life of an artist to be a slave to one's inspiration.” She held her head high, and her foreleg to her forehead, adding a theatrical flair to the statement. Another stomach growl ended the act and brought a giggle from Twilight. “Right then, care to join me for tea and a snack?”

“Sounds to me like you could use more than just a snack.”

“Yes, well, a large snack.”

“I'd love to.” She followed Rarity into her kitchen, then sat at her table as Rarity poured each of them a glass of ice tea.

“So, what do I owe the pleasure of your visit to?” she asked as she started preparing the salad.

“I was hoping for some advice.”


“Advice on romance.”

First came a high pitch squee, followed by a tight hug. “Ooooh, our little Twilight has a crush!”

Twilight flailed her forelegs. “R-Rarity! I'm only a couple years younger than you!”

“Who's the lucky stallion?” She released Twilight from the sudden hug. “You were recently in the Crystal Empire, perhaps it's one of the guards there. Wouldn't that just be perfect? A knight taken from this world a thousand years ago returns and finds the love of a young princess, still growing into her position.” Rarity's eyes got that far away look, likely envisioning the scenario.

She's almost as bad as Pinkie sometimes. “No. He lives in Ponyville.”

“...oh.” It didn't sound like she even tried to hide her disappointment. “Maybe I got carried away there for a moment.”

Maybe? To avoid anymore of Rarity's guesses, Twilight bluntly stated, “It's Big Macintosh.”

“Hm, he does have a certain rustic charm to him, I suppose. Dependable, patient, and fairly easy on the eyes if I do say so myself.”

“Agreed. I need to do something to get his attention though.”

“Oh, well that should be simple enough. Ask him about himself, guys love talking about themselves. The key is to slowly get closer to him as he's talking, and perhaps sneak in a nuzzle. If that fails, then brush your tail against him. If you really want to get a rise out of him, brush your tail against the underside of his muzzle.”

Twilight drew back. “Rarity? Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you a want a stallion to... um-”


“Shouldn't I try to be subtle?”

“Subtlety is great dear, but it's a luxury you might not be able to afford. There's plenty of suitors for Big Mac's heart, and you haven't even developed a rapport with him yet. This calls for you to be-” another stomach growl stopped her speech. “And we'll get you ready to right after we eat.”


Twilight left the boutique in a form fitting silk gown, showing off her curves. Naturally, Rarity didn't stop there. She added a stockings to Twilight's back legs, as well as some mascara and a touch of eye show. Here goes everything.

Walking through town, she could feel the eyes of others watching her. She smiled back to them, holding in a nervous laugh. The more she walked, the more she wanted to just teleport back to the library. M-maybe I should fly to the farm.

“Whoa, Twilight, you going full princess on us?”

“Who, what?” Twilight looked back and forth for the speaker.

“Up here, egghead. “ Twilight looked up to see Rainbow looking down at her from over the edge of a cloud. “What happened? Did you lose a bet with Rarity?” she asked with a snicker.

“Dash, this is hard enough as it is without your comments.”

“What is?”

“I... Just stay there.” With a flap of her wings, Twilight lifted off the ground and flew up to the cloud. “I needed Rarity's help with a boy problem,” she said in a quiet voice, trying to keep from being overheard.

“Boy problems huh? Then you should have come to me.”

“You? Why?”

“Hey, I've had a boyfriend this year.”

“Didn't you and Thunderlane only last like, two months?”

“That's still more experience than Rarity has had lately.”

“That isn't fair, she's had a lot of work.”

“The point still stands.”

I suppose that is actually a good point, though I'd rather not feed her ego. Against her wishes, Twilight went ahead and asked, “Ok Rainbow, what should I do to get Big Macintosh interested in me?”

“Oh, that part is simple.” Dash sat up straight, with her chest puffed out. “All you have to do is be awesome.”

“Be awesome? How? I need more to go off of than just that.”

“I don't know, just do something cool that most other ponies can't, and do it in front of Big Mac. Something that'll make him say, 'That there is the best darn princess this side of Canterlot, ah tell ya what. She's even got a nice rump too.'” Dash ended her poor impression of Big Macintosh by tipping her nonexistent hat.

Twilight gasped and blushed, the image of Big Mac staring at her rear end now prominent in her mind. “D-Dash! I don't want him to ask me out for my 'rump'.”

“Then why are you wearing that?” she pointed out Twilight's dress. “You probably have half the stallions in town thinking about it right now.”

“It... it wasn't my idea.”

“Hey, it's up to you who you listen to.”

Twilight rubbed her forehead as she thought it over. “Thanks Dash. I'll think about it.” She fluttered down from the cloud and continued walked through Ponyville. Something awesome that I can do... there's teleportation but I don't think he'd like me just appearing in front of him, or making him appear somewhere. Maybe reform a crystal to look like an apple. Perhaps even...

She cycled through possible spells to show him until an inviting scent caught her nose, causing her to lick her lips. Finally paying attention to where she was, Twilight noticed that Sugar Cube Corner was right up the road. The scent of all the sugary treats compelled her to come closer. I suppose having another snack wouldn't hurt.


Pinkie waved. “Hiya Twilight!” The bakery seemed unusually deserted. Aside from Pinkie, there was only Fluttershy – who sat near the counter, talking to Pinkie – and a couple ponies eating their food off to the side.

“Twilight, you look really pretty today. O-oh, not that you don't look pretty on other days, it's just, you seem dressed up for something,” said Fluttershy.

“Well,” Twilight looked around to see if any others were paying attention, “there is a reason for it. But firs-” Before she could finish Pinkie put a blueberry muffin and a cheese danish on the counter. “How did you know?”

“Because it's Friday.”

“Am I really that predictable?”


“Remind me next time to try other stuff.” She slid a few bits across the table and bit into the muffin, giving a happy, “Mmmm.”

“So Twilight, what's the occasion?” asked Pinkie. “Did you just feel extra princessy today? Celestia is visiting? Declaring your love to a handsome prince?”

“That last one isn't far from truth.”

“How romantic,” said Fluttershy. “Is it somepony we know?”

Twilight nodded. “Big Macintosh.”

“Hm, Twitosh? No, that isn't good. Big Light? Better but still doesn't sound good.”

“Pinkie, what are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing important.”

“Twilight, how are you going to do it?” asked Fluttershy.

“I'm still not sure. I need to get his attention somehow. You know, make him want to go out with me.”

“Make him laugh,” stated Pinkie, as though it were the most obvious answer.


“Think about it, if a pony makes you laugh, then you're going to like them.”

“That's a surprisingly insightful idea. Wait a minute, Pinkie, have you had a boyfriend before?”

“Hm, an actual boyfriend?” She tapped her chin as she thought on it. “Nope. I just have some ponies that I have fun with.”

Twilight, no. Don't do it. For the love of Celestia, don't ask her to define what kind of fun she's talking about. You do not need to think of Pinkie getting around like that. Quickly trying to move on, Twilight said, “So, um... how should I get him to laugh?

“Maybe you can try telling a joke,” said Fluttershy.

“Yeah. Go ahead, Twilight. Let's see what you've got.”

“Um, alright. Give me a moment... Oh, I got it. One atom says to another, 'I think I lost an electron.' The other responds, 'Are you sure?' The first atom says, 'I'm positive!'” Twilight smiled brightly and looked back and forth between her two friends.

Pinkie fell on her back, laughing hard at the joke. Fluttershy on the other hand, stayed quiet. “Um, excuse me, I really, really don't want to sound rude, but I don't get it.”

Pinkie springs back to her hooves, stopping her laughter in that instant. “Me neither.”

“T-that was just a warm up. Ahem, how do you know that the moon is almost broke?” After a short pause, letting them say they don't know, Twilight finished the joke, “Because it's down to its last quarter.” Nothing but a blank stare was the response. “So... Spike recently had to have his left side removed. Don't worry, he's al-RIGHT now.”

Fluttershy gasped. “Oh, the poor dear.” She stepped closer to Twilight, her eyes full of concern. “What happened to him?”

Twilight waved her forelegs. “No Fluttershy, it was just a joke. Spike is fine.”

“That's a horrible thing to joke about.”

“Twilight, maybe I should tell you some jokes,” said Pinkie.

“Gee, thanks,” said Twilight, giving a huff after it.

After writing down Pinkie's suggested jokes, she stepped out of the bakery and sighed. Now, how do I do this without looking like a complete idiot, or is that too much to ask for?


Twilight walked along the road to Sweet Apple Acres, and entered the farm as she meticulously planned her approach. Ok, so when I find where he is, I shoot through the air, doing another magic-boom, and try to make it red this time. Then, I land and tell one of Pinkie's jokes, gotta make sure the delivery is sharp and has no hesitation or stuttering. Finally, brush my tail against his chin and make sure- Oof! Twilight fell to the ground, kicking up a small dirt cloud in the process. “...ow.”

“Twi, you have the bad habit of mutterin' your thoughts when they got off on a tangent,” said Applejack, picking her hoof off of Twilight's tail. “Sorry about that, sugarcube, but somepony had to stop you before you made a fool of yourself.”

“A-applejack? Oh Celestia, I was saying that out loud?!” She covered her face in embarrassment. “J-just how much that did you hear?”

“Enough to put two 'n two together. You're comin' up here to talk to Big Mac, ain't ya?”

Twilight nodded.

“Alright, let's get you back to your hooves. Rarity would never forgive me for messing up a princess' dress.” Applejack took Twilight's hoof and pulled her back up. “Listen up, sugarcube, you ain't the first mare that has come up here to try to get Big Mac's attention. However, you are one mare that I would gladly welcome into the family.”

Twilight shot her a curious glance. “So... you'll help me?” she asked with a tone of cautious optimism.

“Yep. 'Sides, ah'm tired of the mares in town always asking me about him.”

“I never really thought about it, but it must be tough having a good looking brother.”

“Well, ah'm sure you know how it is, but at least your brother is already married.”

“Wait, are you talking about Shining Armor?” She broke out into a giggle. “That big dork? Ha!”

“That big dork is a handsome prince, and all of us girls would gladly take him if he was single. You shoulda seen how ticked Rarity got that you never introduced us to him before he got engaged.”

“What? Ugh, no. But, this is Shining Armor we're talking about. You all wanted to... with him of all ponies?” Twilight made a face like she was going to be sick. “Ewww.”

“Welcome to the club. Ah admit, ah don't see why all the other girls make a fuss over Big Mac either. Guess we little sisters are blind to it.”

“Can we please go back to the main topic?” Twilight pleaded.

“Fine. Here's what you gotta know, Big Mac ain't got much experience with socializing. 'Cause of that, he don't pick up on subtleties all too well. If you want to go out with him, you're gonna have to be the one to ask him out.”

“B-bu-but,” Twilight stammered. The prospect of being the one to ask him out had never occurred to her and seemed to fly in the face of courting rituals. “Everything I read said-”

Applejack raised her hoof to stop Twilight and cut in. “Would you rather go with the normal rules, or the one that gives you a chance in this specific case?”

Twilight tried searching for a counter argument, but all she found in her mind were arguments supporting what Applejack had said. “The latter.”

“Good. Pony up, march yourself to the north field, and ask him out on a date.”


Searching for Big Macintosh proved to be easier said than done. However the quiet walk mixed with the apple and wood scents of the orchard did help to calm her nerves. After a few more minutes of walking, she heard the sounds of another pony walking through the area, a large pony. Following the noise, she saw Big Mac using one of the trees to scratch his side. She stared in awe at the movements of his thick muscles and the beauty of those green eyes. The corners of her lips twitched up into a smile, and her wings rose. Had she not been there with a specific goal, she would have gladly continued to watch the wonderful sight. This is it. Walk up, ask him out, and get it over with.

“Excuse me, Big Macintosh, may I please have a second of your time?” asked Twilight, stepping closer to him.

Big Mac turned to her and nodded his head. “Eyep.”

“I know we haven't talked much, but I just wanted to say that... that I think you are a great guy.” She closed her eyes, finding it easier if she doesn't have to look at him while asking, “Would you care to accompany me on a date?” Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Big Mac staring at her. She hazarded to guess that he must be thinking it over.



He nodded.

“Yes!” Her wings flapped in excitement, and she started laughing. “You have no idea how much of a relief it is to hear that.”

“Knew you had it in you,” said a voice from behind her. She didn't need to turn to know that it was Applejack. “Hey big brother, ah can take care of the rest of the chores for today. You and Twilight can head out now if ya want.”

Big Mac nodded in agreement.

“That sounds great. Let's stop by my library first. I want to change into something less formal and grab some bits.”


They walked back to the library while Twilight told him about her day and the advice that she was given. He laughed at the thought of her actually trying to do all of the different approaches at once. “It's funny now but at the time it was nerve-wracking.”

“Are there really that many mares that wanna date me?” he asked.

Through their talking, Twilight had quickly learned that Big Mac was oblivious to his popularity. “Only about half the town's worth, give or take. Here we are.” They stood at Twilight's front door. “This shouldn't take long. Feel free to look at a book while waiting.”

She opened the door, and stood aghast. Her library looked as though Discord just went through it. Books flew like birds, circling around Spike, Sweetie, and Evening Storm; her table was somehow stuck on the ceiling; a couple brooms were carrying buckets of water into the kitchen; and if all that wasn't enough, Spike was now bright pink. “Oh thank Celestia that you're back!” cried out Spike.

Evening and Sweetie both bore guilty faces. Sweetie was the first to speak. “It was all his fault.” She pointed to Evening.

“Hey!” he retorted

Twilight slowly started to close the door.

“Twilight, you can't leave me alone with them. Twilight, no!” The door clicked when it shut, and stopped Spike's cries for help.

“Big Mac, let's just go back to Sweet Apple Acres.”


Author's Note:

Evening Storm is the OC of Videomaster21XX I hope you liked the first impression of him, since he will be returning in the sequel. Picture of him here: http://i.imgur.com/CrYHHjW.png

The al-RIGHT joke comes courtesy of the cartoon Eek the Cat, a highly underrated 90s cartoon. You should be able to find most of the episodes on youtube.

Hope you enjoyed and please, add to any group that you think it fits into. Thanks.