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Celestia knew this day would come. He would return and have revenge. And all she could do was think back to the old times. She loved him, but when she broke his heart, she never knew he would become a monster. This is the story of a love that could never be, a hateful villain tucked in the shadows, setting her plans in motion, and a kingdom that watched in horror as everything plunged into chaos. [New Alt. U Tag] [COMPLETE!!!]

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Ooh! I cannot wait for more! You're a very good writer :twilightsmile:

With all the love in the world...this has decent writing, but it seems a tab bit like the current trend of bad fanfics and overly adjectified descriptions. I know this is a fanfic, but Princess Luna and Celestia don't have parents, or anything like that. And there are no kings or queens of Equestria. Sorry if I'm being overly harsh, I just don't like it when people break my headcanon :twilightsheepish:

thanks! this story is also posted on fanfiction (I linked my page in my profile.) It has more chapters than on here. I just set up this account, but I'll try to update chapters soon. :pinkiehappy:

I respectfully disagree, but I hope you would read more when it's updated and give it a chance :twilightsmile:

I suppose I could give it another chance. I honestly want to like this one, the concept of Celestia Discord shipping is one that greatly appeals to me. But, just to note, the reason Equestria doesn't have a king or queen is because it's a principality.


Yay! :yay: Well, in this story, my theory, the king and queen do not remain rulers forever due to...well...*can't give away spoilers*. Then yes after they must leave due to *spoiler reason*, Celestia and Luna rule like in the show. These are just ideas in my mind. :twilightblush:

Like I said before, I don't much like it when people break my headcanon :twilightblush: but that doens't mean it can't change


I hear ya. lol. :twilightsheepish: I will do my best! haha. :trixieshiftright:

339409 Shhhhhh! I'll wait on this site :twilightsmile:

Spelling mistake: Clever, not cleaver. :twilightsmile:

Great chapter btw! :pinkiehappy:

Noponi head cannon is canon remember that, I for one enjoyed the story. :

You might want to space out your paragraphs. No-one lies reading a wall of text.

But anyway, why was this chapter called "The Promise"? I need to know!

Good chapter.


Sorry. I did when I wrote it as a Word document, but it gets all messed up when I copy-paste it on here. :applecry:

I named it that because Discord promised Celestia to not use his powers again. :twilightsmile:

655622 I suggest you go through it after you copy-paste it in. :twilightsmile:

Oh yeah, :facehoof:


Yeah I'll do that from now on. Fun-fun. :yay: Lol.

discord killed him 100%

Despite it came after a very sad chapter, this one took me by surprise the conflicting emotios and the warm feeling that they felt amazingly done. :twilightsmile:

Luna you are so busted this time :rainbowlaugh:

I c still can't believe how beautifull this chapter was. 100/10 for you this is the best Dislestia fic ever very good job. :twilightsmile:


Woah! :pinkiegasp: Thanks a bunch! I really appreciate that. :pinkiehappy:

Oh no is the beginning of the end. But at the end of the story can you make a chapter where he breaks from his prison a second time, but this time he knows everything that Celestia has told him and he could hear her in the statue. And then they lived happily 'forevermore'

956446 That would be the ideal ending. But the Author can write whatever they want... So it's probably going to be a really sad ending :fluttercry:

Great chapter! :twilightsmile:

Blood starts to boil and it wil soon come to the final battle between Discord and Celestia. No dissapointment as always, but this story could need a few more Likes, it doesn't have enough attention. All in all a good chapter once again.

Oh and I am sure this is what happened fc08.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2012/043/e/8/naughty_cupid_by_mitse_the_otocyon-d4pjh0w.png


yeah. I would reeeeaaaallllyyyy appreciate more likeys. :ajbemused: I hope more pplz like my story here. Hmmm...maybe a cute little Fluttershy pwease will work. :fluttershysad: Anyways....awwww! I wuv dat pic! :heart: :rainbowkiss:

Shame this isn't getting as much reviews as it deserves. Really, it's a good piece of work. Though I love Celescord (I don't call it Dislestia because it sounds way too much like dyslexia, which makes me laugh and feel bad because I laughed about a condition like that), I don't read much of those fanfictions because they almost always make the story go horribly wrong; the ones I've attempted to read, anyway. For example,a huge problem for me in most cases, Discord suddenly wants to rule the world because a girl doesn't like him back? For no reason, at that? And while your story does do that, what she did to bring him back to life brought sense into that big problem, what made his heart so weak, he would go dark and evil because she denied any love back to him he wanted to give her. Really, that's deep and so sad! She created this monster unintentionally and not because she hated him or thought he was a monster or the likes, but because she could never love him back since she was immortal and he wasn't (wait, isn't he? Maybe at the time, no. Anyway!), and he misunderstood and darkness fell upon him; only because she tried to save him. Such a twisted love this story holds, and it's, again, a shame such a story doesn't get credit for it's amazing ways to telling such a sad tale.

I still have to read the newest chapter, but I decided to write this now because I also watch this on Fanfiction.net and haven't written much for it there. Here, I somehow can explain my liking to this story much easier. Don't know why, just can.

EDIT: A few grammatical errors I noticed.
-Those three words rang in his mind over and over again.
(Since those words were "I can't love you," it'd be four.)

-“No?!” said Eris raising and eyebrow.
(Take out the 'd.')

Nothing too bad. Anyway, I imagined eventually, Discord would go to either of his parents. I suppose it makes more sense to go to Eris since he hasn't seen her in quite a while. And what might Discord have in store for Celestia? He probably doesn't even know what her Forevermore transformation did to her, making her immortal. Either way, I doubt even in his rage, he'd want to kill her. What he'd do, is what I'd like to know. The bloody red sky raises an eyebrow, though; does that signal danger of sorts, or is that Discord's doing? If so, why? Just because? Enough questions from me, though. All in all a great chapter, with good suspense.


Hey, thanks! I have noticed that with DiscordxCelestia fics. Or Celestia's just a shallow, judgemental b or somthin'. :trollestia: (or a troll). And yeah, exactly! You said it perfectly! :pinkiehappy:
LOL! Actually...I never thought of that. Dislestia...dislexia. Bahaha :rainbowlaugh:
NO! Grammar mistakes! I hate them! Whh?! :rainbowhuh: Wait..... :rainbowderp: no..I.... :twilightoops: Ohhh... :pinkiegasp: "I...can't...love...you." One, two, three, four. :pinkiegasp: ....... :facehoof: THAT'S IT! No more 2 am writing for this girl! :twilightangry2: Grrrr! Forgive my ever so simple mind for stupid mistakes like putting d's where they shouldn't be or the wrong number. :twilightblush: OH! GOSH I'm SO dumb! DERP! :derpytongue2: Most likely when I wrote that I was distracted by something shiny across the room. :derpyderp1: However, I try my very best...even if I do get distrac.....oh! look...a parasprite! :pinkiecrazy:

Anywho! Thank you for your kind words my faithful follower! I appreciate it. :twilightsmile: Have a heart: :heart:

Back I see and kicking ass once again and I support you on this one I want to see this finish as well. No mistakes that I've seen so your good :twilightsmile:

*cough cough* You dont even update that often anyways *cough cough*


henghhenghhengh :twilightblush: Hey, now. i try . i do have a life. :unsuresweetie: u should see a doctor for your cough. :trollestia: :raritywink:

Oh, da tension, it's everywhere.

I love the writing for this; it's so extravagant and really describes not only the feel of the new city, but also inside Celestia and the conflict about her. It's eating her up inside to see her old friend like this. It's so amazing, I can really feel what she's thinking.

Thanks a bunch! I appreciate the compliment. I always want to take the time to write everything in a discriptive way and bring out the characters' emotions. :pinkiehappy: Oh! Also, thanks a million for spotlighting "Breaking Free" on your "fanfictions that deserve a glance" tab on your profile page. :pinkiehappy :rainbowkiss: :twilightsmile: :yay: Yayyayyay! Have three hearts :heart::heart::heart: and a moustache. :moustache:

Is realy for real that he's coming back. Oh my Celestia send them your story and if not in this season in season 4 we need a Discord and Celestia 2 episodes premiere, go on send it. And for this chapter despite it was small it gave me enough fuel to last till the next chapter. Good job.

More Discord in season 3? Time for a party! :heart::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::scootangel:

hey there it's me from youtube :D i wanted to let you know i really :heart: love :heart: the story and i do hope the new chapter comes out soon :pinkiecrazy:

For the FIRST time I will say awesome

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh cant wait tull next chapter such a great series :twilightsheepish:

Celestia damn it, what did she say? Cliffhangers like these are going to be the death of me! :raritydespair: That was so beautiful and dark; seeing such a dark side of Celestia was unbelievable. And yet adding in a sort of explanation for it was also brilliant and well done. Too amazing for words.

Yes, yes, yes, yes. No dissapointment not at all, only good stuff. Please I bow before you and ask as a humble servant please make an end where they can meet once again in the present time in the show, please :pinkiehappy:

What a sad ending! Man, I feel so bad for both of them. I feel like Discord never really got to decide his fate for himself--he had it forced onto him in the end. Fate's a fickle thing; it can screw with us all.

I love the kiss. Oh, its detail was gorgeous, I wanted to cry! And so unexpected, too. I can't wait to see what comes in the end. What will happen between those two? I'd like to think something will. Oh, and I can't wait for the new episode, too. Only a few days away now. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, would you two just get together already? My patience is thinning! :raritydespair:

Excellent as always. The tension between their relationship is so lovely yet agonizing, especially for someone, such as myself, that wants them to see that they are blind and they both love each other! I really want to see how this goes; if it goes for a happy ending or bad. I'm hoping for the former. And this was a suitable chapter to read today. So Happy Hearts and Hooves Day, and I can't wait for more. :scootangel:

why must you torcher me with your suclent storys I fell like discord and Tia now

And she is back in business ladies and gentleman (mares and gentlecolts) Another great chapter from you and I can resist the torture :eeyup:

After reading all of A Dragon's Detour and the past 25 chapters of this, the ending's FINALLY coming! I knew it was about time until this was updated. Also, Twilight being Star Swirl's descendant is my headcanon. We share similar minds. :duck:

To this day, I am astounded that you and this story do not have much of a following. Not just astounded, but disappointed. People truly don't know great work when it is right there. Such a shame. I feel like I have given this story plenty of praise before, and I feel silly for replying here again when it's once again all I have to say. Either way, this was a marvelous way to tie in the story with Keep Calm and Flutter On. It is among my favorite episodes, yes, but it always missed something. And I'll admit, I was completely curious as to what Celestia's expression meant at the end of the episode. Just a little Dislestia sneaking out of me.

Anyway, great work as always! This really hasn't disappointed me since I began reading this. 7k words flew by here, which is really rare for me. It's such a shame we're already at the end here. The journey was saddening yet worthwhile, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. Really, it can go anywhere. Confronting Chaos? This should be good.

Oh boy! Shit gonna hit the fan more ways than one with this story. Damn I didn't think this story could get any better but it has and this story in my opinion was already one of the best stories I have read on this site so wow new heights have been reached!

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