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Brian Jacko


Storms of trouble, strife, and heartache have beaten down our heroes. Enduring through the craziness and hardships of life is tricky, but just how bad can things get until you're ready to give up, and what good can possibly come from suffering and disasters? More importantly, how does one endure when all hope is lost and struggling to keep your sanity is an everyday battle? Will the ships sailing through the storm reach their destination, or will the overwhelming struggles and problems in life destroy and devour all the peace that they once had together as sisters united as one?

This story is a follow up to my other story called, "They Will Know By Our Love." It would be helpful to read that story first in order to have a better understanding of this one.


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Just a thought, but it might make your description look a little more nice if you linked the words that you're referring to instead of putting the link itself on its own. Plus, you don't need to tell your readers that it's a follow up, you can just post it as a sequel and take out the link and notice. Plus the part number in the title tells them too.

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