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I'm a Canadian gal who loves to write. :D


For the past four months, Fluttershy had been keeping two secrets from her friends. One of which being that she now has a night job at a small, strange, gothic bar known as the Poison Apple. The other being that she is still part vampire fruit bat, hence why she has the job in the first place. Now with her friends showing up, an entire evening will change everything. Especially with her feelings for Rainbow Dash.

Co-written by Poison Cure.
Edited by Lathier.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 54 )

the summary seems interesting except for the same sex pairing. i didn't even read it. i'm not downvoting it or critisizing it.
everyone has their favs and preferances. this is just not mine

3795359 ...
Then why did you even comment in the first place? If you weren't going to read it, why even feel the need to tell me? I'm sorry, but if I see something I don't want to read, I don't go out of my way to tell the author that I'm not going to. Justified reason or not, that's just pointless and above all, kind of rude.

If you're not going to read it, fine. I'm not offended nor am I about to pressure you. But do me a favour and don't tell me so. Because in all perfect honesty, I don't care. I want feedback from someone having read the story, not their opinion on why they don't want to read it.

I'm sorry it's not your cup of tea, but that's not my problem.

uh huh...you're not gonna get very many friends with an attitude like that if you can't take blunt honsety.

3795379 I can take blunt honesty. If you had read the story, then told me why you didn't care for it and offered constructive criticism, I would have been more than glad to take what you said into account.

But just because you're being honest doesn't mean you're making something useful with it. You don't like what this story contains, again, that's fine. I don't mind. But I don't need to know about it if you're not going to read it. It's pointless, that's my problem.

I don't mind your honesty. My problem with your comment was that you didn't even read my story and didn't even have anything to say about it aside from what you already don't like about it.


I have to admit I'm puzzled that you bothered to comment. I mean good for not downvoting simply because it's against your preferences but why'd you bother with commenting? :applejackconfused:


Pearl, may I call you Pearl? I think you're missing the point. What you did can be interrupted as being rude yourself. There's a rather large difference between be bluntly honest and being rude to certain part of the fandom. I could say, "You're a homophobic" and say this me being "bluntly honest" about my take on your attitude. Now, if I did that, am I being rude to you?

If say anything other than "yes," you're wrong. If I said that, it not only rude, it's showing bias in myself and I, myself, am not like that. I happen to dislike stories about the pairing AppleDash and FlutterMac, but I neither looks for nor comment on them. Why would I though? When you have a story, you're asking if people like the content of you sexual preferences in it. You ask for thoughts on plot, word choice, and your writing style.

Now, I'll be honest once more and say if you dislike this story, please direct it at me as this was mostly my story idea. NG (NintendoGal55) is actually a sweet person and was a lot of fun to work with, so see you speak ill of her attitude, especially when you said you she can't blunt honesty, was bad. If anything, she was being "bluntly honest" about her opinion of your choice to comment about not the plot, the writing, or even bothering to read it at all, you choose to talk about how you will not be reading it all over your preference.

It falls onto whether you should or should not say something and how to say this.

This... has been very long winded, hasn't it? XD I guess what I mean is, if you don't like this type of story, don't bother commenting on it and giving the writer a false sense of joy. Remember, we write to make others happy, not to hear people tells us "I won't be reading it." I won't lie, when I saw there was comment, I was excited thinking you would give us feedback on something or spotted something we missed. And instead, it's a falsehood.

Um... in closing, I mean you no hate and I respect you for your opinion, but please remember that by leaving a comment like "the summary seems interesting except for the same sex pairing. i didn't even read it," is criticizing it.I hope this was informative and I do apologize for harshness, but it was something that I felt needed to be said.

“Then how about this?” Rainbow felt a grin coming on as she pulled her closer, “If I do turn into a wolf, I’ll let you put a collar on me with a name tag that says on the back, 'If found, please return to Fluttershy,’ every day until I marry you. Sound like a deal?”

Just for that you get a thumbs up and five :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:.

This was a fun read.

“It was obviously Flutters and Dashie in the middle of hot, kinky pegasi- no, wait,” Pinkie held her hand up, correcting herself, “In the middle of hot, kinky, vampire on werewolf sexy time! Yeah, that’s what that was!”

Breaking the fourth wall as usual, eh, Pinkie Pie?

:rainbowlaugh::yay::rainbowlaugh::yay::rainbowlaugh: What a story. 5 stars NintendoGal55, its nice to see more of your work and its great to see something very original. I recognised where the poison apple was from right away though... that part couldn't have been easier to guess. :scootangel:

“Hay, there they are!” Came a loud, rowdy, drunken voice that could only belong to Applejack, “There ya are… all six o’ ya!”

:ajsleepy::raritywink: wow AJ is pasted.... guess Rarity will be having some fun with her then.

This chapter is right up there with your well written kinky works. I just turned 'ponify' on in Chrome and read this story as if it were pony and not human because I like them better when Fluttershy and Dash are pegasi :rainbowwild::heart::yay: I havent watched the Flutterbat episode, so I'm not sure if there are any references I'm missing, but I think you have done a great job of Flutterbat x Rainbow Dash (part wolf was when things started to get a bit odd but it was certainly still an amusing and well put together read and I could tell that you were one of the writers, your style certainly comes though loud and proud.)

That Dislestia... :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
I really like the end line. Discord... oh dear.
I think you also made the best troll friendship report ever :pinkiehappy:
Good job.

Well this song is awesome and needs to be here XP

Anyways...(clap clap clap clap clap) very well done you two. Flutterdash, oh sorry I mean Batterdash is so enjoyable, especially since our vamp Flutters is getting some kinky fun with a... Werewolf Dashie?, that's just so sexy :ajsmug:...*coughs* uh moving on

Alucard, wow what fun guy, really I don't know if he's based on a specific alucard or just a classic vampire being more fun, but either way, whichever one of you two made this character, he's my number one favourite Alucard. For some reason I read all his dialogues in Vincent Price's voice, I just felt like it. :twilightblush:

The Poison Apple?, my kind of place, and I imagine anyone would wish that such place would exist in real life. I've never really been to any gothic pubs but I hope to someday. The Poison Apple shall be to me, the defining pub of gothic atmosphere, I speak for the one in Shrek 2 as well.

Hmm?, maybe this story deserves some fan art. I could do it like I did with Two Hearts Fall Apart, but we'll see what happens, if that's okay with you of course.

I guess I should congratulate Cure more than NG, but that'd be really unfair to my favourite writer and woman on the internet. You did help after all, so to both of you, thank you so much for making this, I had lots of fun reading :pinkiehappy:

Man, I feel like praised this story a bit too much, sorry if it seems that way to you, but I really can't find anything wrong with this one. It's really good to me!

3796224 Oh look at that, NG's a meme...wait what?!

Man I am absolutely loving this. The atmosphere for the bar is fantastic, all the characters are wonderful, and I can't wait to see what Alucard has up his sleeves. On to the next chapter :pinkiehappy:

OK great story, I simply loved it some, there were some ooc, but that was kind of the point of the story, putting them in situation where they are strongly influenced. The funny thing is that I didn't noticed the Human tag when clicked on the first chapter so I was a bit confuse at the start. And i thing you should put an hyperlink in your notes at the start of the second chapter to the story your referring to, it would help us who didn't read that story do so.

3797045 It totally matches the beginning of the first chapter.:rainbowkiss: I was wondering if someone was goanna up that song here.:duck:

3808900 :pinkiehappy: It was the first song that I listened to when I read this, so I guess someone had to post it. Like I said, it's an awesome song and the title demands that it be here. :rainbowkiss:

I'm still waiting for a clopfic from this chapter :rainbowwild:

LOLZ I love this :rainbowlaugh:

cant wait for more :D

I really like this so far, but why is it that I am waiting for someone to say Fire Walk With Me and possibly reveal who killed Laura Palmer

Wow. Just wow. This is by far the most sexually suggestive Flutterdash story I have read.

3795379 She can take blunt honestly and you did not offer any constructive criticism on her work. And it seems that you did not read it. Poison Cure wrote a longer article about this, as it seems. I need to now get a drink of water after the sexually suggestive nature of this fanfic.


I couldn't tell you why, really... but we were considering on telling everyone who killed Laura Palmer if we did a sequel to this (Hint: it was BOB :rainbowwild:). Ah, I love Twin Peaks...:twilightsmile: Oh, and thank you for noting my longer comment. And yes, the story did drift off into that after a while did it not? We were having just a bit too much fun with it... :twilightblush:

So this story was absolutely fan-freaking-tastic. If you were to turn this into a series (starting with Luna, Celestia, and Discord's trip of course) I would love you 2 forever.

Am I the only one who thinks that having sex just after waking up and having done it last night is weird. (I mean, haven't had sex before, but I don't think most people would just wake up and then have sex.) This isn't really a problem, though, more of an observation. This was written very well. It was really odd for me to return to reading this and forgetting that it was about the human versions of them, then to think about ponies with fingers. I think I have to say so far it's a :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: Flutteryays out of five. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

Still a better romance than twilight.

Jk, this is like ten million times better than twilight. I do sort of wish we could have kept the "I love Lucy" bit going a little longer. (When flutters' friends didn't know she was there)

The best flutterbat story I've seen in a long time. Most Flutterbat ficd on here are pretty bad, thanks to that stupid ass contest on equestria daily,so it's a real treat to see something of actual quality.

My heart was pounding THE whole time and just ...WOW instant fav

I Just realized that this is like (twilight) budum tuss.

Lol. the acwared moment when you know your not alone and see a mess up room.

Twas good. Very good. A like and a fave good. Yeah, that good. I've been a fan forever, but I just now have an account, so ya! Love how you played this, everything seemed so smooth and we'll paced, I just loved it!

And now I like Alucard. He is awesome.

Oh! And does anyone have good advice for a new writer?
Wish I was there with ya,

Wow Vino is a character i can actually relate to. Thats a first. Great story keep up the good work.

re-re-reading, fabulous as always.
love it.

You should write a sequel to this story

2:00 in the morning god knows why u make good fics!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::yay::yay::yay::twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish::twilightsheepish:

oh Alucard you trickster but i wonder what kind of magic did he do to calm Pinkie down.

also i sorta want to see pictures aswell lol

My favorite line, This isn’t some poorly written romance novel about vampires and teenagers, you know? :rainbowlaugh:

You know what would be awesome? Alucard acting like the Alucard from Team four star's Hellsing abridged

Well, flutterbat and wolf rainbow (Weredash? Rainbow wolf? im not good at names like that.) have become my favourite pair all over again. Flutterdash was already was favourite, but the supernatural version is even better.

I very much enjoyed this story. I really like Flutterbat and I'm kinda sad that there aren't very many good Flutterbat stories. I especially liked Alucard who, in my opinion, was like the God of Shipping in this story. I've also never thought about it before, but to me it makes perfect sense that Rainbow Dash would be a Werewolf, with her being the Element of Loyalty and dogs/wolves generally being loyal.

All that aside, I did spot some typos in this story and I would be happy to point them out if you would like.

3833215 totally not out of the ordinary when it comes to a new sexual relationship:raritywink: especially when there is that much passion built up to it... This is spoken from experience and trust me morning after sex can be better

Yay! Everyone gets a happy ending!

3825300 So, are you doing a sequel???

7157517 That has no semblance of 'werewolf' anywhere in it. If anyones Rapidash it's twi.

Can I hope for a sequel?? I also was expecting a morning after scene for all the couples.... Applejack clearly made it obvious that she wouldn't have told Rarity she was in love with her had she been sober, so I really wanted to know how the response in the morning between those two went.... like, really really really badly!!!

Also... I know Rainbow is cool with it, but if the werewolf thing is permanent, isn't that a tad fucked up of Alucard to just change someone like that without asking first??? I'd be pretty pissed if someone changed me into some supernatural being without at first telling/asking me if I was interested... also, wasn't aware until the end there that I guess Flutterhy is always batlike now? I thought it was only at night....

I liked the story, I just want more on the others lol ;) so I'm hoping for a sequel...

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