• Published 14th Nov 2015
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Darkness Before Dawn - Lady Aubernon

The Atlanteans, the Equestrians, and their allies unite to make their last stand against Tirek upon his return from exile.

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Whew! If I ever have nightmares like that, I want you to be keeping track of the story; at least it will be told with the proper verve.

(And I forgot the new rule about not showing the thumb count, so I am not sure if I thumbed this one correctly, fumble-fingered oaf that I am. Trust me, I liked it. A lot.)

6634490 I've always wanted to try more editing. :raritywink:

Anyway, you thumbed it up, so it's 1-1; this third chapter isn't for everyone, I presume. :twilightsmile:

6634436 Fierce is what I go for! Glad you enjoyed this one. If only I finished it in time for Nightmare Night, huh? :twilightsmile:

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