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I am unsure what to put here.... TO BE CONTINUED!

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After receiving a letter about Democracy from Twilight, Princess Celestia decides that she needs to destroy this idea before a revolt starts up.
This one was also just a ton of fun to write!

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So in this fic, Celestia's the one who got trolled. :trollestia:

Heh, wonder how often Celestia finds use for that mind erasing powder, probably quite often...


I didn't vote for this, dood. Still liked it though. :pinkiehappy:

Very nice, I may have to read this one several more times.

I really enjoyed this. I touched on the subject briefly in my own stories, but never got the chance to expand on it.

What's funny is that Celestia is right about democracy. The idea is great but it causes political idealism and corruption. Says the Monarch...ah who cares. She still has a point.

333945 What equestria has is a benevolent dictatorship, which is actually the ideal form of government. The problem is finding said benevolent dictator on earth. :P

I think hitler was on the right track...

:trollestia: Equestria is better off ruled by Celkestia and Luna anyway.

You and me both.
Good day.:moustache:


Hitler wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't have a hard-on for killing people for no good reason.

Plus, he has a cooler stache than stalin.

LOL I like how a story I spend a few days pouring my heart in to doesn't even get 100 views, yet something I write at 3 in the morning for an hour gets in the top 5... :derpytongue2:

That was made me really laugh for a bit. Viva la revolucion, Twilight!

many would start to bribe or force others to think their way. Also, Democracy could start up some friction or even violence between opposing sides of a law
THIS HAS HAPPENED IN HISTORY :pinkiegasp: shes right!

Celestia: "I wouldn't be quite so upset over the books were it not for how I thought I'd destroyed them all after Luna tried to lead a revolution last millennium! The sheer amount of rewriting history that one took was... exhausting."

335213 OOOOO how i wish I would have included that now! :pinkiehappy:+:twilightangry2:

"Rest assured that I will be wise in my decisions of how everypony should live their lives"
OMG that one line is brilliant:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:. She's a downright dictator, she is.

335254 Thank you for your comment! :pinkiehappy: You'd be surprised what a teenagers mind can come up with at 3 in the morning!

"The ultimate argument against democracy is a five minute discussion with the average voter."

Winston Churchill said it, and I continue to agree with him.

It's odd, he genuinely cared about the German people, but he didn't quite grasp a good way to make things better for them.

Gahd, I literally had the exact same idea of Twilight learning of democracy from a book and leading a revolution. :ajsleepy:

Irrelevent. Job well done. :ajsmug:

335360 Sorry bout that, but thanks for the compliment! :rainbowkiss:

He had plenty of reason. After all, the jews took all of Germany┬┤s money, by buying up the stock market after the inflation struck.:applecry:

Or so they say.

Agree with you on the stache-part though:pinkiehappy:

I loved this. It was very well written,and you did'nt sink to using that over used "to the moon" Crap so many authors are using. :heart::yay:

335342 To say that Hitler cared or didn't care about the German people is one of the most monstrous oversimplifications I could ever concieve, right up there with saying that nuclear fission involves things breaking. It is fully accurate to say that Hitler identified himself with the German people and vice-versa... in other words: when he succeeded, that meant the German people succeeded and when he failed that meant the German people had failed. The logical conclusion to this view came about in the final months of the war in the form of the so called "Nero Decree". When Albert Speer, who was responsible for carrying out the decree, pointed out that it would mean the utter death of all the Germans, Hitler replied that because Germany had lost the war it had lost the right to live. Fortunately for Germany, Speer didn't accept that line of reasoning and simply didn't carry out the order without ever telling Hitler until it was already to late for Hitler to do anything about it.

In the end, the best two things I could say about Adolph Hitler is that he was okay at landscape art* and that he killed Hitler.

*But not when it came to drawing people. I'm willing to bet it there was some kind of mental block responsible for that...

"how everypony expresses their opinion is through a ballet system where"
"through a ballet system where"
"ballet system"
I think you mean "ballot"

"I just read hear that sometimes representatives are chosen to represent a group's opinion."
"I just read hear"
>>"I just read here"

Anyway, very humorous. +1 :moustache: for you.

335515 Thanks for the revisions! They will be made post-haste!

And then the assassins raise to stop Celestia from using mind erasing powder for her selfish ways!

"We are free to follow our path, there are those who will take that freedom from us. Too many of you gladly give it. But it is our ability to choose, whatever you think is true, that makes us hu-ponies. There is no no book or teacher to give you the answers, show you the path. Choose your own way. Do not follow me...or anyone else."
- Ezio Auditore

(Yea...I had to bring that up, it just lingered in my mind as I read the ending).

Maybe if Twilight brung up of the idea of a constitutional monarchy, which is the British form of government, Celestia wouldn't be getting ready to erase her memories. Anyways, this was a great read. :pinkiehappy:

Absolutely brilliant! :rainbowlaugh: I have no idea what else to say.

Very funny.

You know, it's odd. Simple, good fics are often the most difficult to comment on because there's so little to say: it's a good fic, and it was pleasant to read. I mean, with most, there are at least flagrant grammar errors or poor characterizations, but this was very simple (in a good way) and funny.

Good work, man. :scootangel:

This was a fun story. It vaguely reminds me of a number of short comics I've read where Celestia does this sort of thing. Anyway a very enjoyable short story, I enjoyed the format and how Celestia tried to take Twilight's mind off democracy. Then she's at the fire "Burn, burn the evidence. Burn it all in cleansing flame."

A funny thing would be if Twilight went home and goes to write in her diary. In said diary is a message to herself about what Celestia did. Twilight is then directed to a cache of books. Exact Copies Twilight had Hoof printed over the days/weeks of these letters correspondence. Just a fun Idea if anyone wanted to write a Revolution story involving Twilight.:twilightsmile:

Good story. Wait.. is that a mcdonalds advert? Damnit fimfiction you keep making me hungry.

This was short but brilliantly written! What really won me over was the changing of how they addressed each other as the conversation went on. From faithful student, to student, to just Twilight Sparkle, and the same sort with Celestia happening was absolutely perfect. Thanks for sharing this hilarious story with us!

Todays episode makes this all the more relevant, twilight only had books written by ponies with no information about dragons. It's completely believable that equestria is censored to hell

335652 Yeah... See how it's working for the UK, then come right back to me.

336381 Thank you for noticing that! It was those small details that really made this story fun to write. :twilightsmile:

The God Particle had a debate with Twilight and the main character about the very subject. I liked this story even though its pretty silly. Celestia is a benevolent ruler. Nothing is done to be cruel or deprives citizens of their freedom. I believe in the comments up there somepony mentioned that its really just our world's elected who are prone to such corruption.

Hm... I can readily accept the notion that Celestia's rule is better for Equestria than democracy because ponies are not human and especially because Celestia is not human. Benevolent dictatorship works when you've got a dictator who is both genuinely benevolent and who is either immortal or has a method of ensuring benevolent successors, both of which apply to Celestia but not so much to leaders on Earth.

But I don't think it'd be appropriate, in that situation, for Celestia to maintain her rule by outright suppressing knowledge of the alternatives. If her rule truly is better than the alternatives it would be in everypony's best interests (including hers) for the details of those alternatives to be well known. The basic concept of democracy is easy to come up with but its flaws are less obvious, so ponies will be more likely to attempt a clumsy implementation of it if they're kept in ignorance.

At the very least I don't see Celestia using brute force mind-wiping and book-burning on her own most faithful student like this. She should have faith that good and wise ponies like Twilight would understand when given complete information. If she instead fears them getting complete information it suggests that Celestia herself may not believe that she's really best for Equestria.

Or perhaps I'm overanalyzing a story with the comedy tag. :)

You know, the best tyrants, are the ones you don't notice.
think about that.

Exactly what I was thinking. No matter how faithful a student Twilight is I can still imagine alarm bells going off in her mind the moment Celestia requested that she bring all documentary evidence along with her - especially given that she knows Celestia has manipulated the historical record before regarding Nightmare Moon and the Elements of Harmony.

However, I don't think Twilight is the revolutionary sort. I think more likely she'd do to Celestia what she does best - lecture her. :twilightsmile:

As my dad has always said -

The greatest form of government is a Benevolent Dictatorship. The one in charge works to keep everything fair, and quickly and efficiently eliminates corruption. There's no red tape to get in the way of improving the country to it's fullest, and is able to immediately tackle issues that come up. Less time is spent jockeying for political position, and more on doing their jobs.

The only problem, is we've never found the right dictator. Or we have, and the next in line screws everything up.

To quote Theodore Rosevelt: "Democracy is the worst kind of government, except for all the others."

And Twilight, if you'd like to see whats so bad about Democracy... you wouldn't happen to have a book about a country named the "United States" would you? If so, skip to around it's 200 years of exsisting mark.

Haha XD @ the ending. Good story! I'd go into it's greatness more, but sleep calls to me at this late hour.

336515 Nice little quote. But if she were one, and I in fact did not notice, I wouldn't mind. She isn't bothering anypony too much at that moment.

336544 Ha, given the current state of things here in the us (and we all know how badly obama has done >.>) i'm all for celestia's method, could be a actual "good" change :pinkiehappy:

also, list of bad things, imo, that our government has brought forth in recent years... obama, acta, pipa, sopa... need i continue? (last 3 of those are the worst imo as they are literally trying to run us into the dirt >.<)

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