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In the sequel to "Rarity Tries Out Magic", Magic: The Gathering has become popular at the Ponyville Schoolhouse with everypony going out and buying starter decks. Everypony's having a great time with their cards and battling each other. However, one pony seems to be unstoppable in her quest to defeat each and every single pony in class with her deck combinations. With the rise of this student, can anypony there defeat this player and restore balance to the school?

Chapters (14)
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Now if only I could see the CMC vs the Bullies in EDH...

Oh, Twilight, with your methodical nature... Blue and White, or Esper, for you.


EDH, where expensive cards are the key. I made a Bant one, with Treva, the Renewer as Commander... not that good. I made the mistake of giving a friend a vintage Enchantment that forces opponents to play creatures, artifacts, and lands all TAPPED!

I was hoping to make Twilight create an artifact deck. Seems like she'd do something like that.

3765324 Esper is pretty artifact heavy... So is Mirrodin/New Phyrexia. XD. Oh my. Twilight Sparkle, wielder of the Praetors and Karn, Liberated.

"I mean, it's not like we're all made of money that we can suddenly afford to buy these super awesome cards."

Welcome to the world of most Free-To-Play games :P

I just looked those cards up. Geez those guys are OP.

3765473 now. A green defender that taps for as many defenders you control in mana amount. Any color combo of mana. That's OP. Axebane Guardian. It's a COMMON!!

Pallaside giant and Avacyn. Hail Avacyn:flutterrage:

I nominate silver hive

I have two ideas of how the final fight can go down. One would be a highly detailed account, taking a long time to fully calculate. The second option being presented hilariously.

Comment posted by digital_light deleted Jan 17th, 2014

one word
i am sorry but using the yugioh backstory with mtg is not cool. though it is funny.
i have never heard of silence. is it from 2014?

... Okay, do not mix it with Yu-Gi-Oh, please? The whole "Darkness Game" thing killed the fun.:facehoof:

Also, here's a thought for a deck... Simic-Golgari-Dimir combo. The number-crunching... how it hurts. Evolve, Scavenge, and Cipher all in one.

3783792 Silence is an older card. The entire "Silence+Elite Archanist" combo is a classic made to induce pure rage. Also, the Yugioh thing was just something fun I wanted to have in the middle of it.


Yu-Gi-Oh thing was not funny to me... Sorry to whine.

Actually, it is in 2014 as well. Along with those damn Slivers.

Two of my favorite cards are Reclamation and Intrepid Hero. Somehow enchant Interpid Hero with Hexproof, and there goes much of your opponents' big creatures. Reclamation is more situational, however... It's an anti-Black two-color Enchantment forcing opponents to sacrifice lands if they want to attack with a black creature.

"Oh. That's simple." Twilight rested on the doorway before telling him, "It was Rarity."

Deck idea: cipher, Talrand and extort

Please tell me Spike has a Nicol Bolas (doesn't matter which set) it would be in his dick deck that he only uses to put some in there place. Also I love this story, it has gotten me back into MtG (for better or worse) plus if you have to have the other mane 6 have decks I bet fluttershy would be a turbofog player or mono-green elf.

for my artifact deck i use tezzeret, agent of bolas which for a -1 ability turns any artifact into a 5/5 artifact creature and it works deceantly.
though rarity probably wouldn't like the art.

Check it out, looks like a good place to hangout alright.

Wow, this is a pretty nice crossover. The CMC don't seem flat, Diamond Tiara is a master at a new card game?

Huh, to think that Trixie/Twilight picture made me skim past this the first time. Magic The Gathering with the Filly 5? AND IT HAS BEST RIVALRY DT VS SCOOTS?!

Amazing job so far. Hoping the rest of this flows as magically as it has so far. I'll be looking forward to reading more!

"Very well. I play Godless Shrine and activate my Rift Bolt, destroying your Phantom Warrior."

Scootaloo should have called a judge over. By moving to her main phase, as proven by playing a land, Diamond Tiara missed her chance to cast Rift Bolt off of suspend.

Somepony needs to pull out a Turn 1 combo deck to play against Diamond Tiara. Or, better yet, a Turn 0 deck.

Diamond Tiara: (Moves to play a land.)

Opponent: Wait! Since you're going first, I start the game with Gemstone Caverns on the battlefield. I exile Brainstorm to do that. And during your upkeep, I exile Elvish Spirit Guide, tap Gemstone Caverns for blue, and cast Flash. I put Protean Hulk on the battlefield. I can't pay the 3GG, so it's sacrificed. When it dies, I search my library for creature cards with total converted mana cost 6 or less. Let's see... four Disciples of the Vault, three Phyrexian Marauders, and three Shifting Walls. Oops, all those Marauders and Walls have zero toughness, so they die. That's 24 lose one life triggers coming your way, DT.

Thanks. To be honest, I was a bit worried as well with the pic giving the impressions that those two would be dueling. Sadly I could find literally no other MTG/MLP pictures that existed. Glad you like it so far. Gonna have Pinkie Pie be the next target. Writing that one as we speak, and let's just say it gets insane.

my those card are so well pinkie.:pinkiehappy: Do those cards actually exist?
if so where can I get them? I just want to see the look on peoples faces when I play them.

The un- sets, seriously. Least you went with dimir. Add some older dimir cards like Szadek, make it unblockable then just sit and deck out.


3831656 that link returned zero results...just to let u know...

Huh. I"m copy-pasting the link. Works for me. Anyway, look up "Unhinged" and "Unglued" and you'll find those kinds of cards.

*cracks knuckles*
Look at these godless whelps, flailing about like babies as they play at summoning creatures of power. None of them could stand against my weakest deck.

Let me have a crack at such putrid imbeciles. My Stromtide Leviathan. Pennon Blade and Liliana Vess combo, with a Levitation enchantment out, would wreck these puny players.

From the title I expected a reach deck. So fluttershy's a rage player, who knew. And just gives spike BOLAS! Got a feeling he's gonna be in the spike/tiara duel

3908354 Yeah. I actually ended up coming up with the title of this before really getting into it. Also, I'm starting to get frustrated with something while writing this story. It should be a little obvious.

Which Bolas is it planswalker or creature? and if so which one?

Since she said she has had it for a while I take its not M13 Bolas then?

Damn sir, you made me all sentimental and looking for my old cards xD

Care to tell us what kind of deck you prefer or what your favourite card is?

I used to play red/blue and black/white
My favourite card was Desolation Angel...

The White/Blue Spirit Deck that DT uses in the second duel is actually of my own creation. I've actually won a fair amount of games with it, and it uses only Common/Uncommon cards. As for my personal favorite, I do actually have a copy of Khalonian Hydra, but also I'm thinking that Evangel of Heliod could soon take it since I have a major combo for that particular deck that can produce at least 30 token 2/2 Soldiers.

Shining shoulda had some counter spells in there; I mean you have a tricolor with blue!

He was testing a new deck. Cut the guy some slack!

Not to nitpick, but isn't Supreme Verdict a sorcery? How is Twilight casting it on Spike's turn? Unless of course she used Quicken beforehand.

I guess? I have to admit, making these stories as accurate to the real game as possible takes a WHOLE lot of effort. The most recent chapter took me about a good 8 HOURS to check that it was all legit and played out well. My thing is the Anti-Yugioh in that it actually makes sense according to the real game.

3908114 I know, right?

Scootaloo silenced herself and finally bothered to read her opponent's cards

...All my facepalms...
Seriously? Even my first deck (was a 100+ Gruul) could have beaten these newbs.

Wow. 3v1 and Tiara wins. The CMC must be shit.
Also, pretty sure Waxmane doesn't actually put counters on other creatures.

"I'll show you who's really crazy! I'll conquer the world! With a children's playing card game!"

Yu-gi-oh abridged. This belongs there.

Skoonie has a point.
Also, Rarity winning? Yu-gi-oh? A not-banned Jace the Mind sculptor?

I'm Rubber and You're Unglued

Once I saw that Unglued...
All the nopes in the world.
They need to make a third un set.

super awesome chocolaty coated super deck

Face. Palm.

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