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wassap everypony? my names Avalon. i love writing and i hope to entertain you with my fics *winks*


Dash and Pinkie were playing Portal 2 when suddenly purple hazed their vision. Now they are trapped in the game and their only escape is to beat the game. They will make new friends along the way and meet robots who want to help them, robots who want to kill them, and robots who just wanna go to space.

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FIRST! Awesome story, bro. I'll await more.

I was actually thinking of writing a fic like this. But instead, Discord is stuck (without his powers) in the role of Chell, Celestia is stuck in the role of Glados, and Luna is stuck as Wheatley. Only Discord remembers who he really is, and tries desperately to remind them who they really are.

3758128 you do that. I will be sure to read it

I am. I can not size down.

MOAR :flutterrage: Seriously, though, great story. Can't wait to see their reactions to when Wheatley [REDACTED] and POTATOS IS A THING :pinkiehappy::yay::pinkiesmile::raritystarry: (Too many emoticons? :rainbowlaugh: Maybe.)

3767226 I'm looking forward to the space core.
SPAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCEEE! Hey, hey lady, where you goin? Space? Space orbit, in my space suit. Space space gotta go to space gotta go to space see the planets, count the stars, space. Dad, are you in space? *yes son, now we are a family again* am I in space? *yes son, I'm proud of you*

*cough* sorry about that

Hmm, a little short, don't you think?
Anywho, good second chapter, though I wish it was longer...

3769814 the chapters will be pretty short. I can either post long ones three times a month, or short ones every other day. I'm currently working on two stories so the chapters will be on the short side. Sorry if this bothers you


Did I just die laughing?

3774025 assuming you're still commenting, I'll have to say no. ;)

He, funny, bought Portal2 just today, and now I see this story! Awesome story ^.^

3777389 yay glad you like it. Thanks for faving it by the way

3777389 also I warn you and everypony else reading this. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!!

Nigeeeeeeeeelllll.... Lol Jeff and Ben play portal 2 best video ever!

3805156 they're not all named Nigel...that...that's horrible XD (also I thought it was Matt and Pat...oh well I haven't seen a lot of their videos yet I discovered them when I saw two best sisters play)

3805156 but it was freaking hilarious when he was like "I swear when you ask where and I point over there and you move the camera and you say where it makes me want to choke you...like a puppy"

3829161 well I'm glad you like it fellow audience member! :)

yes more pony portal 2!

3829266 NIGEL
his name isn't nigel:trollestia:
(they need more celly and luna emotes)

3829272 Hey it's Nigel.
Celly: are u shooting the portal under fucking

3829391 it's time for smooth jazz
oh it's so smooth i'm sliding around
*slowly fades out*

3829400 I'm just sliding out of this chair!
It's so smooth I can't take it!!!!

3829434 :rainbowlaugh: i wonder if anyone will get these references?

3829436 no probably not they are probably calling to get us sent to an insane asylum :)

3829727 ha i'd like to see them try as i'm simply one HELL of an escapee

*jazz stops*
Well that's depressing

Didn't think any one else watched two best friends play

3829874 i've actually only seen the pony version of it or two best sisters play which is basically their voices synced to a animation

3829730 heehee Black Butler ermahgerd ermahgerd Sebastian is so hot *nosebleeds* *cough* sorry about that

3829886 my friend says if i got the costume and cosplay items i could look exactly like ciel since i'm so small

3829894 oh yeah. If I had to do the cosplay everyone woulda let me do Grell since I have the natural red hair. Not that I mind. He's my favorite character and also Ciel is the best when he dresses as the girl oh my god adorable

3829915 is it creepy how well being dressed as a girl fits him?

3829917 not at all. Cross dressing is pretty popular in anime ;)

3829943 by ze way was the paranoia story did based off he crooked man?

3830047 oh my god you figured it out! U can has ALL the cookies!!!

3830247 i only know cause i'm watching a playthrough of it like literally right now

3830262 meh horror playthroughs don't faze me all to much i mean the only one to get a good actual reaction out of me was amnesia a machine for pigs playthrough done by markip.lier

3830268 I know, but the crooked man wasn't actually a scary game, it was actually more about the story which is why I love those RPG makers. The Witches House...when I played it I cried and when I saw a play through I cried again

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