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oh god. its finally happened! EVERYPONY FOR THEMSELVES!!!:pinkiegasp:

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I KNEW this would happen! poor fluttershy :fluttercry:


I'm sitting here, thinking why no one has done it yet. Then out of nowhere "Parchments".


I'm sitting here, thinking why no one has done it yet. Then out of nowhere "Parchments".>>14412

Also this is my first comment on Fimfiction, and I made the account to ask for a sequel.

As a piece of writing, it might not stand out. But it's ample nightmare fuel.

I told them it would happened. They did not heed my warnings.


Far scarier than the one thing with Pinkie that shall not be named.

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Wheres the part where angel and twilight have some epic battle? :rainbowhuh:

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But... why? :fluttercry: Now my good day has been warped.

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Really? Really? :ajbemused:

I hope that this is deliberately trying to be a tongue-in-cheek mockery or something of the whole Cupcakes-Insanity-Pony Fanfiction... thing. Otherwise I may just have to slit my own wrist.

Please tell me that this is the case? That you're making fun of cupcakes knock-offs here? Or something? Please tell me that you're not playing this straight.


The fact I have to tell you is...kinda sad.

The alternate ending is good, I think.  Certainly hints at a potential sequel, if you want to go into the "epic battle between Twilight and Angel" territory.  

Though I don't think it's as bad as The Story That Shall Not Be Named (But Shall Be Referenced In This Story), honestly.

Bwa ha ha.

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Hmm needs more inner turmoil from Sweetiebelle


Sorry, it's just that there are so many fanfics these days marching in line behind Cupcakes trying to get lightning to strike twice and get as much attention as that story did that, well... It gets very hard to tell who's trying to poke fun and who's actually waving their arms pathetically crying for recognition.


You've seen my other works. I don't need to cry for recognition! LOL!

>>14429 >>14461

Aww... my half-arsed, two minute, hundred word alt got some love.

"Kill Twilight: A Quentin Marentino Production Starring Angel the Bunny"

::cue the camera zeroing in on Angel's permanent glare while O Fortuna plays in the background:: :fluttershbad:

Oh goody, a story about an insane Twilight, and on my birthday no less!

That said, it's not as good as your other works, but I don't think it's supposed to be. As a quick little thing for All Hallow's Eve, it's good. It does flow better and is more to the point than Cupcakes though. I would like to see where Lam's ending leads to.

*reads comments*

... Successful troll is successful. :rainbowdetermined2:

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oh hell yes :moustache:

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I wonder if it's wrong for me to enjoy reading these.

I shouldn't worry. I'm sure it's perfectly normal... :pinkiecrazy:

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I don't like Grimderp/Horror, so I won't be reading the actual story, but it's a very clever use of the oft-forgotten fact that parchment is a very different thing from paper. ("Parchment paper" always confused me as a child. Is it paper, or is it animal skin? What is it?! I'M SO CONFUSED :raritydespair: )

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Twilight could have just asked Pinkie Pie for some "parchment", I'm sure she has plenty to spare.

REVENGE :flutterrage:

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Hey, could I maybe do a fanfiction reading of this?

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I don't understand why Twilight didn't just kill Fluttershy's animals. :fluttershysad: Which still would have been pretty horrifying,but yeah.


Sure you can do a reading!

Not bad... a 2.1 rating is kinda harsh for this.

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I couldn't walk right for 3 months after this

Twilight is dead :fluttershysad:

SCREW THE ANGEL AND TWILIGHT BATTLE! I'll get in there with a huge armada and take Twilight's life myself!

(New hate acquired: Parchments) (your hate has grown to another story)


1. Cupcakes

2. Parchments

Hm... Shotgun? No... CHAINGUN! Sword? No... CLAYMORE!

Hmm, for a Nightmare night horror/gore fic this is alright. Plenty blood but not too traumatic to enjoy.

Some criticism though:

1: Twilight never utilizes her magic.

2: I was pretty sure when she read that parchment used to be made from animal hide, she was going to Fluttershy's to kill and skin all her animal friends. I really did not expect her to use Fluttershy's skin instead, it almost makes no sense since they wouldn't view each other as "animals". If Shy interrupted her, there could have been an awesome "Ravenous" -esque throwdown between Twilight Schitso and Flutterrage, with alternate endings: 1: Twi wins and then skins Shy for more parchment (waste not want not); 2: Shy wins and skins Twi, not for revenge, to replace her animal friends' hides using her freaky knowledge of sewing; 3: they fight Mr. and Ms. Smith style and then they all fuck.

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:pinkiecrazy:Why do i find this hard to masturbate to?:twilightsheepish:

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This is funnier than it should be because I can't stop thinking about the episode of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" where the trees were ripping Carl's skin off to use for paper.

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I hated reading this, but you wrote it so well... Bravo, good sir.

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-stares at pc screen in an awkward fashion-

-looks to hands then computer again-

I'm so done.

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