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I hate my job, I don't have anybody I would really say is my friend, my family has long since given up on me, and there have been many nights that I try to drink up the courage to jump off my roof head-first.


this is such a great story cant wait for next chapter:twilightsmile:

3765763 Great story huh? Well I'm glad you and a few others like it. I was hoping for a better reception, but I guess offending people and making fun of the show wasn't the best thing to do if I wanted that to happen. Well, that and my shoddy skills as an author combined turned this to stinky mush. Thanks for the kind words though, and I'll be sure to keep working on this regularly along with my other things.
Just a heads up though, I don't take this very seriously and neither should you or anybody else. Once again, I'm glad you like it, but don't be surprised if this gets really weird in future chapters.

Not gonna read this, but if you're not gonna write sex, use "Teen" instead of "Mature". The sex tag goes with both.

i think people hate it because well i dont know i think it funny.

i love it this is funny. yes crude humor, sex jokes, violence and gore, but that shits everywhere so i dont mind keep going.

I love this story and i cant wait for the next chapter


im an admin on it.

3799689 The killing, war, explosions, insulting, helicopters, pro-sniping, insanity, and basic idea of everything relating to death and destruction pretty much sums up the sandbox server Battle Royale.
I'm the co-owner of it, with Serpent as the owner and Viking as the head admin.
I'm also the guy that got banned from our clan because I made everybody mad and makes everybody in the server hate me just for the fun of it, but that's a different story entirely... Maybe I can make a sub-chapter...?
Oh wait, I didn't put helicopters in here yet. Aw crap, I forgot to put in a spoiler alert...

This was another amazing chapter and i cant wait for the next one!:rainbowlaugh:

3770091 People need to learn how to take a joke, this is a really good story.
Deserves more likes and less dislikes :twilightsmile:

3770091 it's gmod,of course its wierd


3802736 Cool! Do you play Darkrp?

3809774 DarkRP? No, I hate DarkRP; too many trolls, minges, and squeakers and not enough real RPers. I play on the Fearless servers and some of the Clockwork servers from time to time.
Mostly though? I just go in to single player and set up a scenario and RP by myself. Once it lasted most of the day, and I ended up marrying Colgate and having kids. It was... interesting, to say the least.
I don't have a very active social life, to be completely honest... Viking and Serpent are my only real friends, both in real life and in game.


3810756 Well I found a good Darkrp server. And would you like to be friends on Steam?


3814365 I have no life outside of my computer and a typing speed of over 100wpm. When I combine those two facts I get crappy stories that nobody likes, god-like skills in any video game, and a computer with so much cached porn I've had to wipe it three times last year. That's how.


:duck: Maybe burning ponyville and the planet was a bad idea after all. All I got to say is. :flutterrage: Think before you do!

3817909 Don't worry, he can just spam Ctrl+Z or something



Why was it taken down?

just get to discord whooves plz

3824270 He's an asshole, he kills people and he got sent to a tumblr blog. What don't you get?


3824997 but isn't the show to some extent?
like how winter came before fall?

im enjoying this but i can see why people dont like it. Your 2 buddys arent really doing much, forgot they were even part of the scene a few times. Your MCs personality apears to be nothing more than that of an angry child. And you moved away from being applejack really fast which probably was a draw to a large number of potential fans. Oh and some minor logic errors such as why the mc was bandaged when he can just respawn.

TL;DR your mc is trying way to hard and comes across as 2edgy4me and your supporting characters are almost invisible at times.

3825299 Wow, you are the first person to tell me what was wrong with one of my stories without insulting me. Most people either say my stories are crap or pick holes in them. I give all my props to you, and I honestly thank you for saying this to me.
I'm working on making my friends more involved, but they aren't fans of the show so they refuse to let me do much with them besides basic background stuff.
As for the player-pony content... Well, I'm going to see what I can do with that. I've been experimenting with the PPC (Personal Pony Creator) in Gmod and I think I have a suitable OC for him to take on at some point. Plus, I want to- at some point- do something to RD as payback for being an all-around jerk to him. So... Maybe AJ will come back into play...?

What the hell is 2edgy4me?

"2edgy4me" definition taken from urban dictionary
Short for "too edgy for me", a phrase
commonly used in response to something
obnoxious, irritable or cringe-worthy. It is
also an effective general-purpose criticism
that requires no effort on the maker's

Im saying that the your mc apears to be trying to hard to be dark, edgy, and "hardcore" with the violence, and swearing, and such. Claiming to be the epitome of all "evil" when he is just a dude playing video games with his friends is silly.

3836677 Silly you say? Well, I have to agree there. But, it is Gmod after all, and silly is one of the many terms constantly used to describe things within the game. Although claiming to be evil is a big step, seeing as how he's not much more than a violent, rude A-hole that swears a lot.
Spoiler Alert!
I was actually just about to include some kind of self-revelation, or epiphany for him. After that, I was planing to calm things down to the point of "I'll set your lawn on fire." instead of "I'll eat your babies from your womb."
I know it's kind of lazy, but I want to move on to other things in the story. Such as including some kind of OC for him, punishing RD, and maybe doing more with Fluttershy.
Again I thank you for telling me what I was mucking up without insulting me or my story.

This is really enjoyable so far! It takes nerve to make such controversial stories and I like it! Keep it up. :pinkiehappy:


Ffvynnnf ,siut4sk6au4rflihdgjfdi3dugdjyrxu,ysjyfvkdyjg kbvfmcjd idontfuckingknow fuckthespacebar

3841179 It's not nerve, so much as a strong state of mind of not giving a damn whether people hate me or not. In fact, I prefer it if I do get a good dose of hatred from time-to-time. It makes my day a little less bleak when I can read comments about how much my story sucks from somebody that spells like a four year old.
But not them, nor my own self-loathing, nor my short attention span, nor my compulsion to watch porn every twenty minutes, nor my paranoia, nor anything else can stop me from continuing this story!
Well, a mod could...
Or when I get screwed over in a competitive match of CS:GO and put my fist through my wall.
Fun fact: I actually had to have my wall repaired a while ago because I made such a big while consumed with blind rage that those nasty things with a million legs kept coming through and crawling on me while I was gaming.
Another fun fact: Did you know that they actually do bite? Their venom isn't strong enough to do anything to most Humans though, except for giving them a bad case of chills.

Absolutely Hilarious!

3856234 I don't know. I think the author has turrets syndrome or he's, like, a retard or something like that. Either way I think he's bad and should feel bad.
I say we ban him forever from live. It's not like he has much use for it anyways.

I have no feeling for spike he dun fucked up

I don't understand all the hate. This is absolutely hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

Our story begins with a Hitler-lover blowing up a city, along with the Twin Towers. What. The. Fuck? How are there so many upvotes to this?

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