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The SweetieMash Chronicles - Justice3442

The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide they need to expand their numbers, but things quickly go awry when their first target begins sobbing on the spot. Sweetie Belle soon finds herself roped into hanging out with the young colt.

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Chapter 8: Mrs. Wolf

The SweetieMash Chronicles

Chapter 8: Mrs. Wolf

“‘Tain’t fair… it jus’ ‘tain’t…” Apple Bloom declared as she walked down the school steps.

“Well… At least Ms. Cheerilee is giving those two a lecture about bullying…” Scootaloo said in disappointed tone with a look to match. “Maybe it’ll cause those two to miraculously change their ways…” she added sarcastically.

Apple Bloom sighed, “Like that’ll happen…”

Button Mash wordlessly followed the two fillies as they trudged off towards nowhere in particular. He kept his eyes fixed on the ground as he let his mind soak in the recent events of Sweetie Belle coming to his rescue, only to end up in trouble for her intervention.

No, really,” Scootaloo continued in a sardonic tone, “maybe Ms. Cheerilee’s lectures have ‘magical’”—Scootaloo rolled her eyes—“ behavior changing properties that will cause Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon to change their ways and they’ll never bully another pony again.”

“We get it, Scootaloo…” Apple Bloom said.

Scootaloo stopped and raised her forehoofs up over her head, shaking them about slightly as she tossed a glance at the sky, “And then they’ll just devote all their time to helping the needy and taking care of baby animals that can’t take care of themselves, all the while spreading magical fairy dust that makes everypony around them happy…”

Alright Scootaloo, enou… Wait…” Apple Bloom stopped in place and turned to her friend, “…what was that last thing ya said? It actually sounded like a good idea for crusadin'…”

“Uh…spreading magical fairy dust that makes everypony around them happy?” Scootaloo suggested.

“Ah meant before that!” Apple Bloom stated.

“Oh! Uh… helping the needy and taking care of baby…”

“THIS INJUSTICE WILL NOT STAND!” Button suddenly declared.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo paused and turned towards the brown colt. Button stared back at them with a look of determination on his face.

“We’re upset, too,” Apple Bloom said, “but what can we do?”

Scootaloo nodded, “Yeah, I mean… deserved it or not, I don’t think Ms. Cheerilee will overlook that Sweetie Belle looked ready to vaporize those two…” She sighed, “Ms. Cheerilee just had to stop Sweetie Belle before it got good…”

“We can’t just leave Sweetie Belle to suffer because she stood up for what’s right!” Button said dramatically.

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo looked at each other briefly, then turned back to Button Mash.

“Well, what did you have in mind?” Scootaloo asked.

Button Mash narrowed his eyes lightly and glanced to the side, “We need a plan to get her out.”

“Uh…” Apple Bloom began, “Isn’t that kinda… against tha rules?”

Button scowled off into space and tilted his head down slightly. His beanie hat cast a dark shadow over his features, “If the rules are going to side with criminals and see good ponies imprisoned, then we need to take justice into our own hooves.”

“…Welp, Button’s officially gone off the deep end,” Scootaloo declared.

“Button,” Apple Bloom began, “we’re all upset, but maybe ya should calm down and…”

“We should totally bust Sweetie Belle out,” Scootaloo interrupted.

Button Mash looked up at the orange pegasus and grinned.

“WHAT?!” Apple Bloom cried. She motioned to Button Mash with a forehoof, “But you said he was talkin’ crazy!”

Scootaloo nodded, “He is, but it’s my kind of crazy!”

Apple Bloom looked at her friend and then at the brown colt, “I don’t know… we can get an awful lot of trouble…”

“Yeah, but we might also get our cutie marks in daring rescue or jail break, I mean… we know Sweetie Belle is actually being held this time around…”

Apple Bloom paused briefly and thought about this. “Alright… I’m in,” she said with a smile.

Button Mash grinned wide, “Alright…” his smile suddenly dropped. “Uh… do we have a plan?”

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo went quiet as they both put on contemplative expressions.

Scootaloo was the first to speak up, “…Blow open a hole in the side of the school with fireworks.”

“Love it,” Button Mash replied.

“Scootaloo,” Apple Bloom said in a chastising tone, “that sounds criminally irresponsible! Even for us…”

“Well, you suggest something then!” Scootaloo replied.

“Uh… we could… we could tunnel under the school and make a hole for Sweetie Belle!” Apple Bloom suggested.

“That could work,” Button chimed in.

Scootaloo shook her head, “Remember the when we tried being Cutie Mark Crusader gem miners?”


The three fillies retracted their forehooves and switched on the lights attached to their yellow hardhats. They stood in front of a deep, dark mineshaft as long neglected rusted rails and splintered tracks led into it.

Apple Bloom peered into the shaft, allowing her light to reveal the rough stone walls covered by graffiti and splintering wooden support beams that lined the side. “I don’t know girls… it doesn’t exactly look safe down there…”

“You worry too much, Apple Bloom,” Scootaloo replied.

“Yeah, Rarity just said the mine was closed because it was offended,” Sweetie Belle said.

Apple Bloom cocked an eye at Sweetie Belle, “That don’t make a lick of sense, are ya sure she didn’t say ‘offensive’?”

“Ooooh, yeah… that makes a lot more sense,” Sweetie Belle replied.

Scootaloo inspected some of the nearby graffiti, “That seems to fit,” she squinted at words, “some of this looks pretty bad…”

Apple Bloom approached and examined collection of limericks and foul language, “Wow, the ponies who wrote all this stuff really like buckin’, maybe we should see if we can find some who’d like to buck with Big McIntosh and Applejack.”

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle exchanged a quick glance and attempted to stifle their giggles before the two fillies erupted into hysterical fits of laughter that sent both to the ground.


“What?” Apple Bloom protested. “It sounds like a good idea to me…”

“Apple…hehehe…Apple Bloom…” Scootaloo stammered out as she attempted to reign in her laughter, “let’s just…let’s just go into the mine…”

Apple Bloom gave her friends a confused glance, “Oh… alright then…”

Sweetie Belle giggled as she raised herself back to her hooves and nodded. “Maybe we’ll find some diamonds!” she said excitedly.

Scootaloo raised an eyebrow at the white unicorn, “What is it with you and diamonds?”

Sweetie Belle grinned, “Rarity found a few and showed them to me! They’re super rare and super sparkly!”

Scootaloo rolled her eyes, “Whatever… let’s go…”

The trio picked up a number of digging tools off the ground. Sweetie Belle lifted up a pickaxe with her mouth, Scootaloo did the same with a shovel, and Apple Bloom raised a sledgehammer. The three trotted into the mine without a second thought as the flashlights attached to their helmets lit the way.

The fillies trotted deeper and deeper into the mine, the graffiti became less frequent as the light from the tunnel became a small dot and their flashlights provided the only source of illumination. The fillies turned a corner and soon found themselves facing a wall of jagged, loose stones.

The three dropped their tools as they examined the wall.

Sweetie Belle smiled, “This looks like the perfect place to start mining for some diamonds!”

Apple Bloom examined the wall carefully, “Huh… looks like some pony left before they were finished here… I wonder what made them leave…”

“Someone probably wrote something rude about their mom near the front,” Scootaloo suggested.

Sweetie Belle nodded, “There were an awful lot of accusations directed at ponies’ moms out front.” She smiled as a green glow enveloped her pickaxe and it floated up, “Well, let’s get started…” She used her magic to swing the pickaxe forward at one of rocks that jutted out from the wall in front of the fillies. It fell out of the wall and tumbled to the ground, soon followed by another, and another.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders took several steps back as a large volume of rocks all began to cascade from the wall in front of them and a low, rumbling sound emanated from the mine as everything around them began to shake.

“Sweetie Belle! What did you doooo?!” Apple Bloom cried.

“I barely touched it!” Sweetie Belle squeaked out.

“RUN!” Scootaloo cried.

The three fillies bolted back for the main shaft as the section they just fled from collapsed behind them. They bee-lined for the exit as the already strained wooden supports began to crack and splinter further, bending in towards the tunnel as the pressure from the rocks around them increased.

The three all shrieked out terrified screams as beams began to break and solid ground filled the open air of the mineshaft. They sprinted for the exit as swiftly as their little legs would take them. The walls and ceilings began to collapse around the girls, throwing rocks and dust out as the trio raced a wave of solid stone that was quickly gaining on them.

The three felt warm rays of sunshine beam down on them as they narrowly made it outside the mine. The front of the shaft collapsed inward and a pile of loose rocks and rubble jutted out from the former entrance as if the mine was making one last attempt to entomb the fillies.

Shaking and breathing heavily, the three foals all looked at each other and nodded their dust covered heads as if confirming that they had all, in fact, survived the dangerous collapse of the mine.

Sweetie Belle sighed and shook her head, “I need a safer method to mine for diamonds.”

Apple Bloom shuddered, “Oh, right… at least we figured out that Rarity had said ‘condemned’.”

“Hmmm…” Button hummed loudly as he rubbed a forehoof against his chin, “I know! We should ask my mom.”

“Uh… ya really think she’d help us?” Apple Bloom asked, a bit skeptical that an adult would lend a hoof to breaking a foal out of detention.

Button Mash nodded, “Mom always knows what to do in these situations!”

“She does really like Sweetie Belle,” Scootaloo pointed out, “also… she’s terrifying when she’s angry. She might actually lend us a hoof.”

“Well, I guess she could at least add some adult responsibility to everything…” Apple Bloom mused, “maybe keep us from getting inta too much trouble…”

Button Mash smiled, “Then it’s settled! AWAY!” the colt shouted as a he broke into a gallop for his house.

Scootaloo looked at Apple Bloom, “You follow him, I’m going to go get my scooter and catch up.”

Apple Bloom nodded and sprinted after Button Mash, “Hey Button! Wait up!”

Love Tap hummed happily to herself as she held a feather duster in her mouth and waggled her head up and down as the feathers lightly brushed against a painting frame hung on the kitchen wall. The frame surrounded a painting of horse shoes drawn in a number of soft colors.

Afternoons had become something of an in exercise in keeping herself busy with the house being completely empty. Keeping the house clean only occupied so much of her time. Playing her sons’ video games also made for a welcome distraction as well as daily shopping trips for dinner ingredients that had become something of a norm. The trips often provided an excellent opportunity to kill time by making small talk with ponies.

A new welcome development was her occasionally trips to pop in on Rarity and see if the young mare wasn’t too busy at the shop or working on her latest fashion line to chat or have some lunch. The act had also netted her a few more acquaintances as the two would occasionally bump into and invite one of Rarity’s friends along.

Today had been pretty quiet, however. Love Tap continued humming as she trotted over to another framed painting. This one of a pristine looking valley bathed orange in the warm glow of a raising sun. There were many such paintings around the house. They helped keep the mare calm and relaxed. Though, it didn’t seem likely she’d need an extra helping of either. Button often spent a fair amount of time after school playing outside, whether it was his portable video games or playing with Sweetie Belle and her friends.

Love Tap smiled at the thought of the young filly that had befriended her son. Although, it was now a new development that her son would be dragged into some activity that left him in dire need of a bath when he came home, a little dirt (well… a lot…) was a small price to pay for the joy the unicorn brought to her young colt’s life.

Love Tap paused her cleaning and thought for a second. ‘Hmmm… I guess I could always tell Button to invite her over for dinner again…’ She chuckled to herself. ‘Assuming he simply doesn’t show up with her in tow and ask himself…”


Love Tap was startled out of her thoughts at the sound of the front door swinging open forcefully. It was unusually early in the day for Button to be home.

MaMOOOOM!” Button cried out.

Love Tap trotted into the hallway. “Button! What have I said about opening the door?” she asked in a chastising tone.

Button’s chest puffed in and out as he desperately attempted to catch his breath.

“Button?” Love Tap said with a touch of concern, “What’s wrong? Did you run all the way home?”

“MOM!” Button Mash cried before he broke into a string of frantic babbling, “SWEETIE BELLE… BULLIES… YELL… SAVE ME… SCHOOL… TROUBLE…!”

Love Tap shot her son a confused look as her ears flopped around her head, “Wha… Button! Slow down! What’s this about Sweetie Belle?”


“Button! I can’t understand what you’re saying!”

Apple Bloom ran into the house and placed a forehoof against her chest as she desperately attempted to catch her breath.

“Apple Bloom?” Love Tap said as she turned to the yellow filly, “What’s going on? What happened?”

Huff…puff… Sweetie Belle…” Apple Bloom began, “huff… she… puff … she…”

Love Tap’s confused and worried expression began to shift towards panic at the second mention of the young fillies name, “What happened?! What’s wrong with Sweetie Belle?!”


“Imprisoned?!” Love Tap cried. “What in the wide world of Equestria did you girls do this time!?”

“We… huff… we didn’t…puff…”

The group paused as the sound of a quiet buzzing increased until Scootaloo appeared riding her blue scooter and wearing her purple helmet.

“Geez, you two…” Scootaloo uttered as she stepped off her scooter and glanced at her friends, “… you two can’t take a little run?”


Scootaloo took off her helmet and sighed as she shook her head, “Apple Bloom, why don’t you take Button into the kitchen, see if there’s a juice box in the fridge or somethin’…”

Apple Bloom nodded and hooked an arm around the young colt’s forearm, “C’mon, Button… let’s getcha calmed down…”

“BUT… BUT… JUSTICE!” Button wailed as Apple Bloom dragged him down the hall.

Love Tap followed the two foals with her eyes briefly then turned to Scootaloo, “So what happened to Sweetie Belle?”

“She got in trouble,” Scootaloo explained.

“I gathered that, what do you mean got in trouble? Is she okay?” Love Tap asked in a worried tone.

Scootaloo nodded, “She’s fine, she’s just serving a little detention is all.”

Love Tap let out a sigh of relief and looked back up at Scootaloo, “What’s she serving time for? Were you three out crusading again?” Love Tap asked in a slightly accusatory tone.

Scootaloo shook her head, “We hadn’t got that far yet, you see, we heard a couple of fillies bullying Button Mash…”

“…What?” Love Tap growled through clenched teeth as her previously pensive expression shattered into an angry scowl.

“Uh… There’s these two fillies at school, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon,” Scootaloo explain, “they pretty much spend most their free time picking on other foals.”

“I ssseeee…” Love Tap hissed out.

“So, anyways, we hear them picking on Button and then Sweetie Belle just loses it and flies into some sort of berserk rage as she charges the two…”

Love Tap nodded, “As you do.”

“Right…” Scootaloo looked up at the tan mare quizzically, “…wait, what? Uh… never mind… anyhow… before Sweetie Belle could blast the two of them into little piles of ash, Ms. Cheerilee catches her and stops her.”

Love Tap sighed and shook her head, “Teachers, am I right?”

Scootaloo grinned wide and nodded, “Tell me about it… anyhow. Ms. Cheerilee stops the fight, puts Sweetie Belle in detention and gives Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon a lecture on not picking on ponies that are different from them.”

Love Tap rolled her eyes. “Right, I’m sure they’ll change their ways and start spreading magical cheer wherever they go now that Ms. Soft-hoofed Cheerilee has spoken to them,” she said sarcastically.

Scootaloo giggled, “That’s what I said!”

Apple Bloom and Button Mash trotted out of the kitchen with a slight limp as the two held up juice boxes in one of their free hooves.
“Can we rescue Sweetie Belle, mom?” Button asked, his voice began to become more and more hopeful, “Can we? Can we?!

Love Tap smiled sweetly at her son, “Of course, dear.”

“Yay!” Button cried as he raised his forehooves and waved them about excitedly.

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom looked surprised as they stared at the tan mare.

“Whoa, seriously?” Scootaloo said.

“Huh… Ah was not expecting that response…” Apple Bloom admitted.

Love Tap smirked, “If Ms. Cheerilee thinks I going to let a couple bullies who picked on my Button Mash run free while the pony who came to his rescue sits alone in a classroom, she’s got another thing coming…”

Apple Bloom and Scootaloo exchanged smiles and turned to Button Mash.

“Wow Button,” Scootaloo exclaimed, “you have, like, the coolest mom ever!”

Button Mash chuckled.

Love Tap’s smile shifted into to a thoughtful expression, “First we need a plan…”

“I suggested we blow open a hole in the side of the school with fireworks,” Scootaloo informed.

“Love it,” Love Tap replied.

“…What, seriously?” Scootaloo asked. “I mean… it sounds sorta… uh… help me out, Apple Bloom… what was that thing you said earlier?”

“…Criminally irresponsible?” Apple Bloom reminded.

Scootaloo nodded and pointed to Apple Bloom, “Yeah! That!”

Love Tap stared off into the distance with a determined look on her face and clopped her two forehooves together, “If the rules are going to side with criminals and see good ponies imprisoned, then we need to take justice into our own hooves.”

“Ah think Ah see where Button got his sense of right and wrong from,” Apple Bloom commented.

“Well, we better go out and get some fireworks,” Scootaloo said.

Apple Bloom looked at her, “You actually want to go through with this?”

Scootaloo raised an eyebrow, “You don’t?”

“Ah jus’ think it’s mighty unsafe and that we’ll probably get in trouble,” Apple Bloom said.

“How many times do you think we’ll have an adult encourage us to blow open a hole in the side of the school!?” Scootaloo asked.

Apple Bloom’s eyes widened, “…Alright, we best get going, then. Those fireworks aren’t going to get themselves…”

“Scootaloo,” Love Tap said, “do you think you could pull all of us with your scooter if we tied a cart or carriage to it and the rest of us plus Sweetie Belle were in it?”

Scootaloo nodded, “Piece of cake!”

Love Tap turned to her son, “Alright Button, I’ll need to get something big enough for all of us to ride in, but not too big that Scootaloo can’t pull it behind her.”

Button nodded, “Alright, mom… what are you going to do?”

Love Tap smiled mischievously. “Oh… just take care of a couple of loose ends…”she answered cryptically.

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