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Rise of Sunbutt the Awesome - BobAlcove

Princess Celestia is the paragon of everything good and pure. And currently not available. Hi my name is Frank, the new guy in charge of this body and I'm here to fulfill all your princess needs. At least until I find something better to do.

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Table for two...

The Everfree Forest. An ancient place of mystery and wonder, which inhabits creatures and dangers most ponies only have to think about to get cold shudders. Ponies would go in there, but nopony would without a good portion of fear and caution.

“What are you looking at Garfield? Bam! Right in the face!”

Unless you are an immortal alicorn princess.

“I don’t know what everyone’s problem is with this place, once you get used to the fact that everything wants to kill you it gets quite cozy,” said Frank walking through the Everfree Forest, leaving another magically paralyzed manticore behind him.

At his first steps into the forrest this morning, practically every critter-eating inhabitant came out of the woodwork and tried to get a piece of that huge flank of his. That changed pretty fast though, once he started blasting every moving thing in eye sight to high heavens.

When he finally arrived his destination at Zecora’s hut you could have heard a pin drop, because everything alive was in hiding from the terrible white horse thingy of destruction.

Frank was about to knock on the door, but then he heard a heated argument from inside and the familiar voice of a certain mayor from Ponyville.

“Please reconsider, so much is at stake here most of all my political career!”

“And you can beg until backwards you bend, I’m not playing your best friend!”

“Oh for crying out loud, you’re not doing it for nothing! I can give you anything you want! How about money or a nice stallion, maybe a nice stallion with money? I have connections to make things happen, just say the word!”

“I heard enough, now get out before I have to get rough!”

Frank decided, this would be the best moment to make his presence known and knocked on the door. “Zecora it’s me Princess Celestia, I need to talk with you!”

He listened with an ear pressed at the door and could hear frantic tumbling around, followed by the sound of smashing glass, splintering wood and finally fast departing hoofsteps behind the hut.

“Get back her you crazy weirdo, you smashed my fricking window! Once I get you I will, instill… ah screw the rhyming, I will kick your flank you hear me!?”

Seconds later the door opened and the zebra, known as Zecora stared back at Frank. She tried real hard getting into the role again. “Oh princess, it’s nice to have business to impress you and,... I’m sorry your Highness but I’m not in the mood today and have to get a new window. What is it that you want?”

And failed miserably.

“Trouble in paradise my homie? I get you girl, for shizzle my nizzle!” said Frank flailing his hooves and doing a gangster pose.

Zecora deadpanned. “Beg your pardon?”

Frank harrumphed. “Nothing. I heard you have quite the expertise in potions and tinctures, so I want to request your services”

“Sure depends on what you want,” said Zecora, letting Frank enter, “I don’t sell dangerous stuff to anyone as a matter of principle”

Zecora got closer to Frank, looking him deep in the eyes. “And to make myself clear, I’m telling you the same thing as I did Pinke. That includes any form of mind-altering stuff, so don’t ask in the first place!”

“Very interesting,” thought Frank before answering.

“Oh nothing of the sort. I just want general things to increase the appeal of my appearance, like a potion for good breath or a good herbal shampoo. You know that kind of stuff”

Zecora’s face relaxed, turning into a thinking look. “Sure I have several potions, cremes and tinctures for that. If you wait here, I prepare a package of my best stuff right away”

Frank sat down on his haunches. “That would be great, because I have an appointment at the spa and a hairdresser this morning too. I will be finished just in time to make it to the grand opening of the carnival and the arrival of Luna.

Zecora stopped mid-walk and turned to Frank with a questioning look. “What carnival?”

“Did nopony invite you? I said that to Mayor Mare to screw with her, but that it’s actually true is kinda worrying. Then consider yourself officially invited to the festivities by me”

A confused looking Zecora went into her cabinet, rummaging through her stock. Meanwhile Frank sat there and let his gaze wander around the hut. It stopped on a certain object he recognized and his eyes went wide.

Several minutes later, Zecora appeared with a huge basket. “There you go your Highness, a selection of my best mixtures. Everything is labeled and comes with instructions, so there shouldn’t be any problems”

“Tell you what,” said Frank eyeballing the basket in his hooves, “whatever it was you wanted to charge me for that, I double it and pay the window, if you let Mayor Mare in the dark about my knowledge that she was here”

Zecora looked at her smashed window. “Sounds tempting, but what would that accomplish?”

“Making her batshit crazy?”

Zecora’s eyes narrowed. “I’m in”

“Wonderful, send the bill for everything to Pinkie and she will pass it under ‘others’ in the carnival budget”

And just like that Frank stormed out of the hut, leaving the door open. Zecora scratched her head and walked by a certain cupboard of hers. She stopped and took a few steps back to look at it. Something was off, the cupboard looked somewhat different.

She went through her mental checklist of things that should be there and her eyes got wide, while turning her head quickly to the open door.

“Did she just raid my crib?”

Ponyville Town Hall...

Pinkie was standing on a large box with a megaphone, wearing a camouflage helmet. Ever since she was appointed by Frank to help him organize the festivities, she was full of vigor again.

“Get your lazy flanks moving, I don’t pay you for dilly-dallying around!”

Others would might have called it madness.

“We will get this done by lunch so help me her Highness! That’s the reason Celestia created donkeywork!”

Pinkie turned to the donkey standing next to her. “No offense”

“None, taken,” said the donkey with a smile.

The smile vanished though, when Pinkie kicked him off stage. “Good, now get the back to work!”

All over Ponyville you could see ponies, donkeys, griffons, minotaurs and even diamond dogs, working like crazy to get the festival going. If you could do labour and wanted money, Ponyville was the most lucrative place in the world right now.

Pinkie pointed at a group of resting pegasi and griffons. “You there, if you have time to sit around, then you can take those flyers with the program for the week and spread it around town!”

She got a collective groan and angry glares.

“Stop your whining featherheads, double pay for everyone who is done earlier and triple for the first one! In fact I swear everyone here won’t have to work another day in his life, once this is over!”

Pinkie watched the group take off into the sky with a speed that would put Rainbow Dash to shame. She took a deep breath, taking in the scenery before her. This would be it. This would be Pinkie’s greatest achievement as a party pony. Her magnum opus which would make her a legend, as the greatest party planer of all time.

“Rejoice my fellow instruments of fun, today we write history!” said Pinkie through the megaphone.

They were all far too occupied with their work to notice, that Pinkie’s hair had lost their curliness and was now straight. Also nobody heard the next part she silently mumbled to herself.

“Even if it kills me…”

Sugarcube Corner…

Mr. Cake stood behind the counter, wiping it with a wet towel. Business had been slow today because of the preparations, so he tried to keep himself occupied with little tasks to fight the boredom. The only customers he had all day and who stayed the whole morining, were two fillies he knew as Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon.

They came in with pretty new dresses and a bag full of bits, dropping it unceremonically on the counter. He recoiled slightly when he got a closer look at them.

Silver Spoon’s coat looked like it was singed and had missing spots of fur all over. But Diamond Tiara was much worse to look at. Her face was all swollen and blue and she could barely look out of her left eye. “Holy moly, what happened to you two little fillies? Who did this to you?”

“None of your business!” said Diamond with a little lisp, “do you want our money or not?”

Mr. Cake slowly nodded and prepared a platter of sweets for those two, complimentary with two chocolate milkshakes. “Here you go, the shakes are on the house. You look like you need it”

Diamond Tiara ignored him, but Silver Spoon gave a small smile, before they went to a table and started eating. And they stayed like this pretty much the whole morning, eating silently and taking a slurp from their drinks from time to time.

Silver Spoon decided to break the silence after a while. “Come on Diamond cheer up, it doesn’t look so bad. A few days and you will barely notice it anymore”

The moment she said it, Silver Spoon regretted it. She knew what would come now. So she didn't flinch when Diamon Tiara yelled at her. “Who cares about some scratches and bruises, you know I had worse! I’m more miffed about what this indicates!”

“And that would be?”

“They don’t fear us anymore. We lost the one thing, who kept them under us,” said Diamond Tiara and put her drink down on the table.

“Be honest Diamond, torturing those three lost it’s novelty anyway. Why don’t we just quit?”

Diamond Tiara couldn't believe what she was hearing. Especially Silver Spoon should be able to understand and support her in this. “Have you forgotten why we do this? Because I’m sure as Tartarus don’t!”

“Calm down Diamond,” said Silver Spoon while looking to the counter to see, if Mr. Cake heard them. To her relief he didn’t.

Diamond Tiara didn’t care about that though. “No I won’t, not when it seems like I’m the only one left who gives a crap. You maybe have forgotten, but I remember the day you came to me in tears because…”

“No need to remind me. I was there,” said Silver Spoon with more venom in her voice than intended.

Diamond Tiara did it anyway. “And what came next, hmm? On the day the same thing happened to me? ”

“I know Diamond”

She knew where this conversation was headed, but Silver Spoon knew also that once Diamond Tiara started rambling, there was no stopping her. “I remember how broken we were and how hard it was to find something to make it all worthwhile again!”

Silver Spoon took of her glasses and rubbed her eyes. “It’s just so petty, Diamond”

“Who cares Silver? We found something and I’m not letting go of it! With or without you, I will continue this!” said Diamond Tiara huffing in defiance, but then the look in her eyes softened, "but I would rather do it with you than anyone else, so please don't quit on me now!"

Sighing heavily, Silver Spoon looked away. When she turned back to Diamond Tiara again, she had a little smirk on her face. “What do you have in mind?”

“Finally,” said Diamond Tiara smacking her hoof on the table, “here look, I got the program for this Summer Sun Carnival”

She took the flyer from Diamond Tiara and skimmed throught the planned events for the week. “I see the… oh I get it, clever really. But how are you gonna get them to do this?”

Diamond took the flyer back and stuffed it into her dress. “Trust me that’s the easy part and just for you I have something special planned for Sweetie Belle”

“You’re a real friend Diamond,” said Silver Spoon lifting her glass.

Diamond clinked her glass against Silver Spoon's. “You and me against the world and till the end Silver. To whatever end”

Outside Ponyville...

“Thank you so much Applejack, for coming with me to look at the new house. The hotel the princess paid for was nice, but I want to live close to my animals to tend to them”

Fluttershy had got a visit from Mayor Mare this morning, who told her that her house was finished. She met Applejack on the way and the farm pony decided to join her.

“How did they build it so fast? It’s been less than two days, since the princess said she would get you a new house and they are already finished?”

Fluttershy shrugged with her shoulders. “I asked the mayor about that, when she told me it’s ready. She only said that they spared neither trouble nor expenses to make it happen and since the old one was obliterated, they saved time on bulldozing it”

“Makes sense I guess, we should see it any second now”

They both turned into the road to her home and could see Fluttershy’s new house. It was more a mansion than a house though, three storeys high and thrice as wide as her old house, painted in cream color and a huge garden in front.

“Oh my,” said Fluttershy grasping the key she got from the mayor tighter.

Applejack tipped her hat over her eyes and mumbled to herself. “I really need to think of something I want from her”

Fluttershy turned the key in the lock of the large wooden door and opened it. They stepped into a large foyer, furnished with expensive looking furniture. The eyecatcher however, was the large painting of Fluttershy wearing a dress and holding a glass of wine.

Slowly they walked acroos the room to the other door. They heard something on the other side and opened it. Entering a large living room, Fluttershy and Applejack saw Discord sitting in a wing chair before a burning fireplace. He was wearing a fez and had a pipe in his mouth, which emitted chocolate bubbles.

“Oh dear Fluttershy it’s so good to see you. I really like what you've done with the place. Did you win in the lottery or something?”

Fluttershy smiled being greeted so friendly, but Applejack's face went sour for being ignored. “Hello Discord nice to see you too and no, I didn’t win the lottery. The princess bought me a new house, when I told her you live here”

Discord raised an eyebrow. That wasn’t something he expected, Celestia usually wouldn’t play favourites with her subjects.

Fed up with being ignored Applejack joined the conversation. “She’s on vacation here to relax from her stressful live in Canterlot and judging her recent behaviour she needs it badly”

Discord smirked. Everytime he heard Tia had some problems, he was a happy guy. “Do tell. What is wrong with her?”

Applejack took a deep breath.

“She came with a huge airship and battle armor, had Twilight poop herself, made Rainbow Dash a Wonderbolt, promised Rarity a princess title, called me dull and boring, got Pinkie Pie drunk and let her destroy Fluttershy’s home…”

“uhm…” said Discord, trying to get a word in but Applejack took a another deep breath and continued.

“... after she promised Fluttershy a new one and had it built in a day, announced a fake end of the world before the whole town and laughed, the Summer Sun Celebration is a week long now...”

Applejack stopped, thinking about if she forgot something and Discord was rendered speechless.

“Oh, and Fluttershy sent Pinkie to the hospital”

Fluttershy gasped. “Applejack it was in the spur of the moment! I deeply regret it and… Discord?”

Discord had taken off his fez and had put his pipe away, staring on the ground. What by Tartarus was going on here? He was barely a week gone, to have some fun on the other side of the planet with the zebra tribes. These shamans knew how to have a good time.

He would have to look into that later. Maybe visit her at a later date.

“Did you have an opportunity to inspect the house?” asked Fluttershy, taking a look around in the large living room.

Discord stood up from the wing chair and stretched his limbs.“No, I just teleported to where I usually would and appeared in the middle of this room. I found an interesting book and let it read for me”

Applejack raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you mean you read it?”

Discord snapped with his fingers. “I know what I said”

The book lying on the floor, levitated besides him and started flapping open and closed like a mouth. A shrieking and high pitched voice came from the book, reciting it’s content.


The narration was suddenly interrupted, by a squeaky battlecry and a bright red Fluttershy swinging down a pickaxe on the poor book. It smashed to the ground, where she continued beating on it until nothing more than confetti was left.

“Interesting reading material my dear, I didn’t picture you as the closet pervert. Not that I mind,” said Discord wiggling his eyebrows

Applejack came forth behind the couch. “Where the hay did you get that pickaxe?”

Airspace above Ponyville...

Luna’s carriage was approaching Ponyville right at midday. She looked over the town and couldn’t believe how much the appearance had changed. Every inch of it was plastered with decorations, booths and rides. They had to fly around a giant ferris wheel, to get to the town hall. This was the place, her sister wanted to meet her.

The wheels touched the ground and the two guards, who had pulled the carriage opened the door to let her out.

“Good work you two, you are excused for now to mingle with the crowd if you so desire”

The two guards saluted and happily sauntered away, right to the next booth with drinks.


Being called, her head turned around and she recognized her sister approaching.

Her coat was practically sparkling, radiating a pure white and her mane waved even more with brilliance. From the shine of her hooves, Luna could tell her sister had a very recent hooficure.

Frank had gone the extra mile to look extra good and Luna looked at herself, suddenly feeling a little bit underdressed. “Hello sister, it’s good to…”

“For you,” said Frank shoving a large bouqet of roses in her face, interrupting her mid-sentence.

Luna looked at the flowers in her hooves and then took a bite, chewing with satisfaction. “Thank you Tia, a little snack does wonders after a long trip”

Frank’s face was frozen in place, analyzing what just happened. Then he facehoofed.

“Ponies and flowers, yeah of course”

“Something wrong sister?” said Luna, who just finished her little flowery snack.

Frank stood straight, wearing a happy smile. “Nothing Luna, I’m just happy you could make it in time for the grand opening. Come on, it will start any moment!”

They both walked to the town center through the giant crowd of ponies, donkeys, griffons, diamond dogs, minotaurs and many other species. There was a huge stage and a smiling Pinkie standing on it. The smile was bit on the creepy side though.

“Did she do something with her hair?” asked Luna and Frank only shrugged, but internally decided to lock his doors from now on.

“Citizens of Ponyville, my name is Pinkamena Diana Pie and this is gonna be my legacy I leave for future generations. It did cost a lot of blood, sweat and tears, mostly sweat though. But now all of this lies in the past and we can all unite for the glory of fun! The festivities are officially openend!“

Pinkie raised her hooves in the air, while fireworks started all over town and the crowd went nuts.

“Definitely locking my door from now on”

One hour later...

“I can’t believe you cheated at the ring toss with your magic to get that teddy bear!” said Luna, balancing the huge plushie on her back.

Frank snorted in annoyance and took a swig from the levitating cup beside him, before throwing it in the trash. “You wanted the damn thing! And those games are rigged in the first place, I mean you saw how many times I tried. Statistically one of them should haven been a hit!”

Luna rolled her eyes. “Anyway I have to praise you sister, this carnival of yours is off to a great start. I mean look at all the happy faces!”

They both turned a corner and away from the town center. Frank glanced at Luna, who let the teddy bear fly around to the amusement of a group of little fillies.

“Today has barely started Luna, we still have to get your costume for the party tonight from Carousel Boutique. Thats where we are going right now”

“What costume?” said Luna in surprise, dropping the giant plushie on the fillies.

Frank lifted the plushie with his own magic and gave it back to Luna. “One of the costumes, I let Rarity made for the grand costume party tonight"

Luna deep in thought didn't notice, that one of the fillies was holding for dear life on the teddy bear. But Frank did and flicked the filly off the plushie with his magic when Luna wasn't looking.

“Did she do all those costumes by herself Tia?”

Frank shook his head. “She got clearence to the budget, to hire helpers. Of course I wouldn’t let her make costumes for hundreds of ponies all on her own, but I told her to do yours personally!”

“You already picked mine?” asked Luna and stopped besides Frank in front of Carousel Boutique.

Frank knocked on the door. “You’ll see”

The door was opened by a tired looking Rarity. “Princess Celestia, Princess Luna so good to see you come in! I presume you are here for your…”

Luna recognized that Rarity was searching for the right word and tried to help out. “Outfit?”

Rarity stopped walking and had a scrunchy face for moment. “Yeah I guess you could call it that Princess Luna. I made several on your sisters orders for you to choose from. Please right this way to the dressing room”

Slightly confused, Luna followed Rarity, who opened the door of the dressing room for her. Frank was meanwhile, sitting there on a cushion waiting for Luna, to come out.

He didn’t have to wait long.

Costume 1:

“I don’t get why dressing as a hospital employee is considered a fitting costume. And the shortness of this skirt robs it of all purpose”

“Hmm, hard to say,” said Frank looking at the pink nurse outfit stroking his chin, “turn around for me and show me from behind...”

Costume 2:

“Ok, I get the bunny ears for dressing up as an animal. But what does the black corset, the white collar and the red bowtie add to that?”

Frank waved it off. “It’s a fashion thing Luna, don’t worry about it”

Luna glanced at Rarity, who silently mouthed “I don’t know what she’s talking about!”.

Costume 3:

“This costume is highly inaccurate.The armor barely covers anything, all my vital parts are exposed!”

“Yes they are Luna, yes they are”

Costume 4:

The door of the dressing room opened with force.

“This is getting ridiculous sister! This costume is only a saddle, some kind of lace panty and four striped purple socks… Tia?”

Frank was sitting there, desperately gnawing on his hoof and repressing an excited squeak.

“Are you alright?”

“Me?” said Frank smacking himself on the cheek, “yeah I’m fine, just a little bit hungry”

Rarity was picking up the costumes Luna already tried on. “Then you should get something to eat right away. I have several more costumes for your sister, some of them more conservative in taste. If you want I can send them to where you're staying and you can choose in quiet before tonight.

Luna turned to Frank. “Sounds good to me, I don’t fell like choosing now anyway. I will stay on the ship with my sister for the time being. Just let me get out of this one and we can be on our way”

Luna slowly took off the socks and the saddle and wiggled out of the panty, letting it slip down to her ankles and kicked it off her hoof.

Directly on Frank’s horn and over his eyes, obfuscating his sight.

“Sorry sister, didn’t mean to hit you… why are you chewing on your cheeks?”

Frank took a deep shaky breath. “No reason Luna, let’s go I made reservations for us in a restaurant”

He left the room as fast as possible and someone who looked closely, would have seen a bright red color on his face. Too bad for Luna that she didn't.

“Wait for me, I have to get Mr. Teddy and take that thing of your face you look ridiculous!”

Rarity watched the two of them leave with a blank face. But once they left her store, she squealed and ran out of the back door.

“I can’t believe it what I’ve just seen, wait until the others hear of that!”

Some time later…

“When you said you made reservations at a restaurant, I didn’t have something like this in mind”

Frank and Luna were sitting on velvet cushions in a secluded corner of a high-class noble restaurant. A single burning candle stood on their table and a band was playing romantic music.

Frank looked around, inspecting the decor. “You don’t like it? I heard quite a lot of good things from the ponies at the spa about this place. We can leave if you want”

“No it’s fine really, just a bit weird sitting with you in this kind of place” said Luna resting her head on her left hoof.

“Oh, so I’m not good company? I’m sorry to hear that,” said Frank feigning to be hurt.

Luna’s head almost slipped off her hoof. “I didn’t say that why do you always… you are teasing me aren’t you?”

“Guilty as charged”

She bopped him on the nose. “Well, stop that it’s annoying!”

“Ok, ok,” said Frank and rubbed his nose, “change of subject. Tell me something about yourself, how are things in Canterlot right now?”

Frank rested his head on both of his hooves, leaning in and giving her his full attention. Luna thought about it for a second and answered.

“Well I’m getting along better with ponies and feel more comfortable around them”

Frank tilted his head, trying to look innocent. “Anyone you get along with particular good?”

Luna narrowed her eyes in confusion. That was an odd question for her, why would she get along with a single someone especially good? Unless…

“Are you asking me, if I’m seeing someone right now?”

“Well, do you?” said Frank leaning a bit forward, waiting for her answer.

Luna fidgeted nervously with her hooves. “No sister I don’t. You know I never cared much for male company and dating hasn’t been high on my priority list. Not that I wouldn't, if the the right pony would cross my path”

She was almost blinded by the huge toothy white grin, Frank gave her right then.

They got interrupted by the waitress, a white earth pony with a brown mane put in a ponytail. “Good day to you, my name is Swift Hoof and I’m happy to be your personal waitress for the day. Do the princesses want something to drink before ordering?”

“A glass of water will be fine for the moment. What do you want Tia?” said Luna, turning to Frank.

“A bottle of your best wine. And keep em coming, I feel thirsty today!”

That bold order surprised the waitress, but she recovered quickly. “Most certainly your Highness, I will return shortly with your drinks and the menu cards”

Luna deadpanned. “You are drinking a lot lately”

“I like the taste”

Meanwhile at the opposite corner of the restaurant, sat four mares observing the two princesses with interest.

Once Rarity had left Carousel Boutique, she gathered all of her friends she could find. Only Pinkie and Applejack were missing. They had entered through the backdoor and used Twilight's princess status to get a table from where they had a good look on them.

“See I told you they were on a date. Can you believe it, this is so scandalous!” said Rarity practically swooning all over the table.

Rainbow Dash peeked over her menu card. “I don’t really see it to be honest. I mean look at Princess Celestia, she just chugged down the whole bottle in one go and Luna doesn’t look amused. What do you think Twilight?”

“I think we shouldn’t be here spying on them, I have enough bad credit with Celestia as it is!” said Twilight nervously looking around.

Fluttershy nodded her head. “Twilight is right, we shouldn’t intrude into their privacy like that. I mean I wouldn’t like it, when someone spied on me while...eep”

“Shh!” said Rarity, silencing them with a glare, “they are about to order!”

Back at the VIP table, Frank and Luna had both the menu card in hooves. Frank didn’t like what he was seeing. Not one bit. Everything had hay in it and that was something he couldn’t enjoy even after he turned a pony.

Luna had already ordered a salad and the waitress was watching him intently, waiting for his order. Sighing heavily, he took a look at the waitress and noticed a red menu card peeking out of her saddlebag.

“What’s on this card?”

The waitress looked back at her saddlebag and closed it quickly. “Oh that’s the card with the meat dishes for our carnivore guests. Please don’t mind it we barely get any customers for that”

“Give me that card!” said Frank and used his magic to rip it out of her saddlebag and opened it, scanning it intensely with his eyes. They started to sparkle and a small smile appeared on his face.

“How’s the steak?”

The waitress turned pale. “I don’t know myself your Highness, I have to get the cook”

She hurried away into the kitchen and seconds later an angry griffon in a chef’s hat appeared, followed by the distraught waitress trying to stop him.

“So you are the joker who thinks it would be funny to toy with a poor cook’s emotion, in giving him the illusion he would finally make something else than fricking hay casserole?”

The surrounding customers gasped, hearing the way this griffon talked to the princess.

Frank kept calm though. “I just asked about the steak”

“What would a grass-eater want to know about steak?” said the griffon narrowing his eyes, challenging him.

“If there is any sauce or special seasoning on it for example, I like my steak without things messing with the taste”

The griffon tilted his head. “You are serious about that aren’t you?”

Frank shoved the menu card into his talons. “I have the appetizer platter with the five jumbo deep-fried shrimp, served on a disc of salted butter and as main course I take the three pound hunters-steak with deep fried potatoe slices and sour cream”

The griffon saluted with tears in his eyes. “Yes your Highness, thank you for the opportunity to show my craft!”

Frank took another swig of wine directly out of the bottle, but stopped mid-gulp when he noticed that Luna was staring at him.

“You really eat meat? I thought Trusty was just messing with me. How can you do that?”

Frank swallowed the wine in his mouth. “Don’t knock it until you try it Luna”

Luna turned to the side puffing out her cheeks and avoided speaking to him, until their food arrived. She got a salad, while Frank got his food including the shrimps.

He took one in his mouth, after dipping it in the butter sauce and made a satisfied groan while doing so. On the other side of the table, Luna was throwing glances at him poking her salad.

Her curiosity finally got the better of her and she silently took one shrimp and ate it.

“Oh my, this is so good! Give me another one!”

In the opposite corner of the restaurant sat four, now very pale mares.

“Are they eating sea bugs?” said Rainbow Dash holding her belly.

Twilight’s left eye twitched. “Well technically, shrimps are part of the crab family”

“Not the point darling,” said Rarity with a deadpan look, before turning her attention back to the princesses, “look now Celestia is lovingly feeding her sister a piece of... burned meat?”

Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Twilight, all looked left when they heard the sound of something blunt and heavy hitting the table.

“Fluttershy!” yelled the three of them in unison, when they noticed her head was resting on the table and foam came out of her mouth.

Author's Note:

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