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What dose Anthro mean I thought it meant human but I guess wrong.

Anthro means humanoid. So they have appendages like arms and legs, but they also have muzzles, wings, tails, and horns.

So it is basically equestrian girls with the havering a muzzle.

it was great until futa was brought in. in future fics post a warning about that.

If you want to look at it like that. I suggest looking at the cover image for reference :twilightsmile:

Is there something wrong with Futa that is needs a warning?:twilightoops:

like a lot of fetishes it may not be for everyone. like how you warned us that this was an anthro story, i love anthro so why post a warning about it? because anthro isnt for everyone, im just saying when it comes to fetishes of any kind whether a lot of people like it or not its a good thing to put a disclaimer

Okay I get that, I'll post a warning. Thank you for the logic reasoning :twilightsmile:

anytime, but all in all the writing and characters were fantastic.

pretty damn good

that was... quick. :duck:

It was quick but good

I think I like Chrysalis like this, not evil, assertive and extremely horny. Now I need to find more fics where she's like that.

Glad you approve mate :twilightsmile:

Anthro means the characters that are usually ponies now have human features (at the very least, they walk on 2 legs. They could have horns/wings or not, but that depends on the story)

Human means that there are humans among the ponies. For example, every single HiE has (or should have) the human tag.

Totally just stress relief :twilightsheepish:

3746715 well i personally don't like futa.
I'll read the story if it has the 'right' details, but i especially can't deal with spontaneous futanari, so i'm glad the label was there:twilightsheepish:

3746608 to put it even simpler, it is a human-ish animal :twistnerd:

... man, I want to see the look on Shining's face when he learns Cadence is pregnant and then when the baby pops out lacking any of his traits.

100th liek:raritywink:

That is all. Equestria is ours.


The human tag can also mean that the ponies are humanized, such as if it takes place in the EqG-verse.

obviously there needs to be more fan art of Cadence and Chryssy together. I actually thought it was my story for half a second. Plus, i can see mine in the top of the related stories pile. lol

might read later

Thank you for all these new likes, favorites, and comments! But I gotta ask, what's so great about this story? Like, where did you find this?

Exactly how can you forgive someone who kidnapped you, stole your identity, robbed you of the love of your life, and then attempted to plunge the world into chaos?

Not really plunge into chaos but more steal love to feed her species. So yes the method could have been better but she had to do what she had to do.

That worthless bug showed very clear signs that she was enjoying her invasion of Canterlot. Nature or not, it doesn't excuse that solid fact. What she did was entirely planned out, all made specifically to get exactly what she wanted and nothing short of it. I understand that isn't exactly the best way to prove a point, but regardless, it doesn't mean she should be forgiven by it. What should be done is her getting flattened beneath a 10-foot, rolled-up newspaper.


stay classy:moustache:

Nice idea, a tad rushed, overall pretty solid, 6.5/10


Late to the party, but Dark Star is entirely correct. Too many people buy into the fanon that was meant to be 'redemption of actually evil villain' stories, until they think it's true. "She's just a mother who made a mistake, she's not really bad." That sure was a lot of evil laughter going on. Also doesn't matter what the reason was, she did attack innocents. I love how all the people are so willing to say a villain isn't so bad but never stop to think "Could I so easily forgive someone who attacked my loved ones?"

Tch. Also, the... 'logic' of this story is terrible. "Shining felt bad for what he did while he was mind-controlled and tricked against his will, so he lets his wife have sex with the person who gave him such incredibly traumatizing guilt. But Cadence, apparently not caring about Shining's feelings or the reasoning behind it, will blow her top if she finds out said person has been riding Shining's cock again. Because it's not right for Chrysalis to turn this into a willing threesome, but it's okay for Cadence to get knocked up. NOW a threesome is alright, but it probably still will just be DP on Cadence." Holy greedy slut.

I read cuck stories fairly often and I can say this makes zero sense, even for 'just a clopfic'. Better to just throw out the 'reason' altogether if it's going to be that bad and just have them fuck.

Interesting how you chose to ignore the part about her kidnapping Cadance, stealing her identity, and then stealing her love life. Any of those three alone would be reason enough to at least never acknowledge them as living beings.

Would've been okay, but man the colored text killed it for me. What's up with that?

This story was written back when I was experimenting with colored dialogue to show which character is speaking. It didn't work as well as I hoped, so I stopped writing with colored dialogue in most of my stories.


Ah, okay. Well, long as you can learn from it, right?

I don't personally have an issue with the colors as it doesn't affect the dialogue in any manner aside from appearance, but I do know some people read the stories with different background colors and that can throw it off.

Aww... The clop east nice, but what really got me east their friendship. Cadance is the princess of love , afterall, so it makes sense for her to be forgiving.


That was a really good short story. Well written and the whole business.
Besides, Chryssie and Cadence seems like a great lesbian couple.

Thank you, it's quite nice to know there are some who still read my older works.

You`re welcome. And the color coding was a nice idea. Makes the story easier since you dont have to write who it is that currently is talking.

You're the first to ever say that. :twilightsmile:

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