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First! :trollestia:

EDIT: People who write first are gay... Not that there is anything wrong with homosexuality... There is nothing inherently wrong with being sexually attracted to the opposite sex... I regret everything. That is all. :trollestia:

3749666 I had that coming! :rainbowlaugh: ... Just made my day!

Found this in "New Stories" when I woke up this morning. Read it, enjoyed it, and clopped to the mental images. Although I would have preferred if Shining came in Twilight, it was still good.

3750592 Glad you enjoyed it! I usually tend to avoid cumming inside when it's an incest fic; alot of people think that means the mare will get pregnant.

it was alright
the characters seemed a little boring however.

3751089 I don't always think that but it is a nice and funny thing when shining does give twi a foal

And when she wakes up in the morning Twilight will have to peel herself off the bed.:twilightsmile:

Yay raunchy incest :pinkiehappy:

3751089 Which is a bit funny, because from a medical standpoint, there is actually a very low chance of impregnation the first time a male ejaculates inside a female. At least, that's how it is for humans. It's why so many couples have to keep trying for a baby. The first time has a very low chance of actually fertilizing an egg.

3757205 And that's always been a problem I've had with clopfics. Most of the time when the stallion cums inside, the mare ends up getting pregnant, which doesn't usually happen. Main reason I had Shining not cum inside is because I find it hotter.

3753420 Any suggestions on how to improve on that?

3755985 Glad you liked it!

3758143 I read it again, and I think my opinion on it has improved. I like the way you portrayed Shining Armor, but Twilight just seems a bit odd to me. Maybe it's her willingness to fuck, but she just seems less "Twilight" and more "random whore" to me.
Nevertheless, I did enjoy it more the second time.

3758572 I can see that. One of my proofreaders did comment that Twi was just a little out of character. I wanted to make her the dominate one in this scenario, so it was a bit difficult

Not the gayest thing I've seen someone in the army do... Just sucks when the're you're room mates...

3758708 Wouldn't suck if Shining was my roommate

3758885 Neither am I, but stallions is a different question!

3758990 Ummm... Well... Stallions are technically guys, if your definition of guy is 'has a penis'...

But I guess in more... broad sense, you are correct.

Well my incest sense is tingling. A lot!

Also, fuck the hell yes.

Shining Armor was horny; too horny. Unbearable “I’m about to dry hump my pillow” horniness.

That's the worst type of hornyness.

3759709 Definitely, though it worked out pretty well for Shining!

3761050 Very well indeed. Lucky SOB.

It was okay, I just wished it was longer and more intimate.

I won't give a long or short review but I'll just simply stamp a score on here to show my appreciation; overall score 8/10

3763379 Good enough for me!

There needs to be a prequel to this prequel.

3778768 I'll definitely write another Twicest story eventually.

In that case what's futa?

3759416 Humans don't have horsecocks.

3783789 Gross, but that's just an opinion.

3786032 I don't have an actual response to that...

Okay, then...
Male = Has a penis.
Female = Has a vagina.
Futa = An opinion.

3792056 I'm just really not a fan of Futa. So much so to the point where I don't even try and understand the rational in what some would call bigotry.

I however, don't judge people... so...

I was hoping for a bit more humiliation play with her walking in on him like that, but it was still pretty hot :derpytongue2:

I think I noticed an error in continuity, though: early in the story it mentioned that a friend of Twilight's bought her the lingerie, but later it says she doesn't have any. Was that meant to imply Cadence got her the gift?

3798366 Twilight doesn't mention anything about the lingerie, but she does ask about the toy. Perhaps that's what you're thinking of?


Actually, I meant this paragraph:

In the fourth and final drawer, Shining Armor found what he was looking for: a pair of purple panties and four pairs of socks that matched his sister’s mane. A few years ago, one of Twilight’s friends bought her the pieces of clothing as a gift, hoping it would encourage the shy unicorn to go out and attempt to meet a stallion but, alas, Twilight ended up stuffing them away in her drawers and flirted with books instead.

3798513 Where does she mention she doesn't own any lingerie?


Oh my god, I totally worded that wrong. :derpyderp1: I meant it later says she doesn't have any friends, not lingerie. Sorry!

3805194 She had a few friends, but not like the ones she would get in Ponyville. Remember those ponies that talked to her in the first few minutes of the series premiere? Basically friends like that.


Gotcha. Sorry for the confusion!

3813201 No need to apologize, glad I could clear everything up!

3830326 You're the first person to know me from Tumblr! Glad you enjoyed the story!

awww man lame , the crossdressing and s/m didn't go anywhere at all , to short to include that much stuff for clop....

felt like he was wearing nothing at all.


3749666 Stupid sexy Discord...

3783789 Still a mare. Just with a penis. I guess it depends on the personality of the mare in question.

Ah the return of the why boner... With a vengence

4103337 HEHE, You Cheeky Dick Waffle :raritywink::rainbowlaugh:

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