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Rainbow has worked hard to become an astronaut, and is shocked to learn that her friends have turned her first trip to space into a mere publicity stunt. When things go wrong, she must put her objections aside if any of them hope to make it home alive.

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Perfect start. What are your plans after this?


I meant after this story is finished.


I smell Apollo 13... WITH PONIES!!!

Nice patch! Did not realize poor Applejack's name was Applejack Apple. Poor girl! As you know, I'm excited to see where you take this story.

Looks like I picked a good time to finish Wings of Gold... :pinkiehappy:

ponies started invading our earth. soon, ponies will start invading our galaxy :pinkiecrazy:.

man, i thought rainbow was gonna fly the spacecraft. it would've been hilarious reading russian commands. there's a manual. it's in russian too lol. would be interesting if the cosmonauts shared space vodka to the ponies. twilight drunk and speaking russian.

ponies throwing up during space training, that's hilarious.

so it's been twenty years. wow, that pretty much puts them in our present time. i dun think you can fast forward time any further though.

anyway, perhaps my only suggestion would be to include more dialogue. that's all i guess.

Thanks for reminding me. I added a note that this is indeed present day.

This has literaly EVERYTHING to go wrong.
We got 5 personal with no experience, a mission based on propaganda and a serious possibility tha Rainbow may have a mental breakdown. I mean, you work 20 years for something and them 5 ponies with no traning or sacrifice just win it for free? I would be pissed.

Oh yeah, we're going to have a rumble, just give it time.

And it all started with an inter-demensional battleship travel...

340341 Apollo 13 is better than Apollo 1, STS-51L, or STS-107.

Yes, we prefer a happy ending.

Ah crap. Something's about to get FUBAR'd

"Are you from the UK, Russia, France, Australia, or Equestria?"
Ah, don't we all wish we were from that last one.

...Uh oh.

I wasn't expecting the Nightmare to make an appearance here. I was anticipating a more mundane Apollo 13-esque disaster might have an effect on the mission. This should be interesting.

Nightmare, eh. How did it travel all the way to Earth? I find it odd that it's more attracted to the pony quarrels over all the problems that constantly happen in our planet. It should've come here a long time ago. Anyway, that's not important. When Nightmare does make an appearance, authorize to shoot it down with our nukes . It will be the party with the biggest fireworks, one that pinkie pie can only dream :pinkiecrazy:.

It was a controversial figure. The Americans used a different definition. The data readout in the capsule showed both metric and U.S. units.

That is NOT going to end well.
Also, I said before and I will sat again: Having non-astronauts on serious missions is asking for trouble.

Just when I thought this was going to take a normal turn of events... it gets turned into some strange sci-fi space mission... I love it.

I've been there. We all go though a phase where fighting space-evil with magical ponies was #1 on our list of priorities.

Don't we?


Agreed. And I'd say it's baD luck too. Very first time it was attempted was the Challenger, Christa McAulife. The worst part about that was, the shuttles disintegration didn't kill the crew. The impact with the ocean did, after miles of doomed free fall.

Space is a dangerous, cruel place. Nightmare is only pointing out how many wonderful ways the black void can kill you.

Very nice.... I can't say anything else.

The Soyuz can seat a maximum of 7. When STS-135 went up, it carried only as many crew members as the Soyuz docked with the space station at the time could fit on board, since the other shuttles couldn't be sent up as rescue ships, as their engines were being removed for static display at the time. There were 3 people on board already, so that meant it had to be ready to take 7 people back to Earth.

I'm sorry, I wasn't able to verify that. Do you have a link?

362287 I'm going from what I was told by someone who works at Kennedy Space Center when I was there a few days after the mission launched.

Well I'm glad you explained properly why Nightmare decided to travel to Earth. This involvement with Nightmare looks to be a promising story.

I feel this was your goal from the start.... to end up with ponies in space....


It's kind of like the fanfic equivalent of brodyquest...

Sweet, I love where this is going, and I'm wondering how long it will be before someone notices that the Nightmare is involved. Maybe Celestia or Luna will be showing up to help from groundside?

I am awaiting for Rainbow to break down.

All I can say is...Apollo 13 was a great movie.

Dash is clearly going to make a heroic sacrifice and die for her friends. Basic story structure.

Plot hole alert - Why don't they just get a bunch of unicorns together and have them magically fix the ISS? As I recall, unicorns did the whole 'raising the sun and moon' thing before Celestia and Luna. In fact, why don't they get off their fat plots and save the Elements Of Feckin' Harmony? Don't get me wrong, I love your work, just... Try to fix some of the plot holes before this becomes a Stephen King story.

Don't assume nothin', bro. I've got a plan that'll blow your mind.

I hope.

I am not a wizard :trixieshiftleft:

Ah yes. Glorious, glorious stress for all. Muahahahaaaa! :rainbowlaugh:

even after the long wait, the suspense is sorta killing me tbh lol. i'm really wondering what the Nightmare is up to.

simple solution to the space program...
btw whatever happened to my little black hawk down?

It's not what I wanted to write about. That's really all I can say.

Houston piped in a rousing brass band number for the morning wakeup call
I think you should have just used "fly me to the moon" by the late and great Frank Sinatra. oh well at least i thought it would be funny.

Well that sucks

Black hawk down is like the only realistic modern war movie i like. Oh well finish up this story instead!

I need you to finish this post haste

A lot of ponies worked for Celestia, and some of them had very special talents indeed. :pinkiegasp::trollestia:

Cutie Mark Crusaders Covert Affairs

503240 I knew I should have included the :scootangel: emoticon!

Awesome! And the alternate chapter would have made a very interesting read.

Comment posted by BronyReynard1986 deleted Mar 17th, 2015

SO I take it scoots grew up to be a spec ops...

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