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When Rainbow Dash does some work for Applejack she finds a unexpected surprise. What is Rainbow Dash to do with her new found "Friends" when they need help and she has no pony to turn to other than Fluttershy.

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I hate fairies! Stupid, winged pests...

:facehoof: why is Twi acting like Gargamel from Smurfs?


“First, never call me Dashie-poo ever again, and secondly, right now isn’t the best of times.”
“Shhh, just let it happen Dashie.” She whispered into her ear.
“Pinkie, this is only a little creepy.”
“And growing creepier.” Rarity complained, squirming.

:rainbowlaugh: that was just funny

she doesn't want to eat them(maybe):twilightsmile:

Uh oh... (Twilight don't be a creeper and take them! She be crazy like when she was studying Pinkie's sense)

Don't forget the obligatory dissection following their 'natural deaths'

3740028 that I don't want to happen, and of it does, rainbow or the other 5 might stop before it's too late.

She's an immortal princess with immeasurable power, the other 5 are power less against her, that and she also has awesome skills sneaking into places and she has an even better track record with all of her spells working 100%, Don't worry, chapter 3 is on the way

That pile of garbage is your face?! Haha I died

Twilight. Wat are you doin? Twilight. STAHP.

Okay, I really love this story so far :twilightsmile: I can't wait for the next update!

Oh Twilight .... :pinkiecrazy:

Fairy, where're you going? I'm holding all the light to guide your way, the light that will illuminate your tomorrow!

Fairy Tail fans, anyone?

though netflix sucks and I only have seen season one so don;'t ruin anything

Well at least Twi realised how batshit crazy she was being

It's angle bunny I know it

Great story so far :derpytongue2:

oh god, I laughed a bit too hard at that

Nurse Joy?
I see what you did there. :rainbowkiss::trollestia:

I am a fan of the older episode, watched a but too much of it as a kid too (as in alot)

Truthfully I forgot what the nurses actual name was and went with the first one that popped into my head, and as I wrote the character out and did more with her it seemed less and less like the canon character so I stuck with the name and the OC (kinda also the reason she looks exactly the same, kinda like the Joy's in the show.....)

3832086 :pinkiehappy:

As a huge Pokemon fan, I appreciate how you did that (whether intentional or not!). :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

Tee hee. Cute fairy ponies. :scootangel:

'rhymed', not 'rhythmed', though both would be nice to have in a verse, wink wink, and twice parent's instead of parents and pony's instead of ponies.

Otherwise: Aw, the poor dears! They have such a hard life. :fluttercry:

3832806 tee hee the cute fairy ponies are tapped in a giant storm

3833622 Nooo! Not the cute fairy ponies! :scootangel:

makin me feel bad for writing the next chapter already.....

3834559 *Gasp* D-Does that mean it's going to be as sad as I think it will be? :scootangel:

maybe....I really don't know what your thinkin so.....

3831960 OMG i love Gen1 Pokemon, when I was at my sister and not playing Dayz I was watching the first season. It was as awesome as I remember.

“Anypony else suddenly more afraid of that nurse than anything else on this world?”

If you think that's bad, never meet the Medic.

I am the medic for my section....:facehoof:

and yes, I do know your talking about TF2

Oddly enough she is my favorite CMC to write


hmm, remind me to give them fire proof homes in the future

Comment posted by Warampharos deleted Jan 29th, 2014

3863683 they can't resist to poison gas and steel bullets(in Pokemon, poison and steel are super effective against fairies)


Who said anything about poisons and bullets?

Why does everyone want to kill my fairies, do ya'll hate my characters that much:rainbowhuh:

Comment posted by Warampharos deleted Jan 29th, 2014

Heh, enjoyed Scoots' little bit about her heat insulation cutie mark

thanks, seems like they've run out of exciting things to do just in the show itself

You know, this story is really interesting to read despite some of the characters' severe attitude problems.:unsuresweetie: I couldn't help but be reminded of Fern Gully in the beginning chapter.:rainbowlaugh: Overall, I have enjoyed the story thus far. I look forward to further uptades.:twilightsmile:

thank you, and yeah, currently working with another editor who is helping me with fixing all of those issues

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