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Iron Justice travels Equestria keeping the justice strong but is justice what Equestria needs?? Especially when emotions get in the way can Iron Justice maintain his cool or will he snap under the pressure??What is justice without mercy?? Mercy Iron Justice's companion joins him in keeping the Equestria in balance with both justice were needed and mercy were required.

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I BUCKING LOVE IT!!!:pinkiehappy:


this is a good fic, a little rough around the edges, but still a good fic.:eeyup:
if you need help just ask me or Jediinc (me because I'm a Grammar Nazi, Jedi because he's a good writer:twilightsmile:):twilightsmile:

I like it. I will also track it and see where this leads me.:rainbowdetermined2:

Reminds me of Dante Sparda's Guns... "Ebony and Ivory"... well 3 words to express my self..

"I Like It"


Just figured I'd stop on by to check this story out.

Despite the spelling and grammar issues, the concept is solid. I'm not sure if this story is going to eventually derive from the ambiguity that is 'Justice' and 'Mercy.' That would be fantastic if it does. Actually, I think it already does considering how Iron Justice consistently spoke on delivering Justice on any who deserved it whether they were strong or weak. It makes me want to see where the story leads.

This is probably overdone, but you know who else delivers Justice, right?


2566898 lmao yea i haven't been as active as i should with my stories need to make a conscious effort to write new chapters

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