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Well this took longer then I thought. Honestly thought I'd see hundreds of these fics by now.

Curious about the full picture...:heart:

Oh that Fluttershy! Whenever she acts promiscuous we love it!!!
And even though I'm not complaining that I get some Sexy Fluttermac. I have to say that Flutterbat is quite greedy, thinking she can have all of the Apples to herself XD
Also, she better have a game plan if she thinks she can honestly take Macintosh by force. Or take his "Big Macintosh" by force, not that anypony could see him resisting such a sexy mare! XD
I am sooooooooo looking forward to the next chapter!!!!!

Well, this certainly looks like it's going to be fun.

...at least until we get to Apple Bloom's chapter. Not a fan of foalcon.

As for Big Macintosh, it's easy. She just knocks on his window naked. "Big Macintosh, I'm so cold, and it's so far to my home. Won't you help me warm up?"

Even if Big Mac isn't going to give into temptation, he's gentlestallionly enough to let her in. Once she's in, she just has to snuggle up to him and meet his gaze long enough for him to fall under her spell. Once she's bewitched him, she might just let him be forceful.

I really hope that Flutterbat becomes part of the show, just because of this story!!!!!
Seeing her flip schitzo style between shy and timid to sexy and pursuing her desires relentlessly is too good to pass up!!!!!
Also, I have to agree with you. Macintosh has no power against a poor, cold, defenseless, naked Fluttershy, that desperately needs the warmth and comfort of the most handsome, strongest and kindest stallion in Equestria XD

Good lord, that's right! It's just too easy.

Indeed it is! XD
As for Applebloom, good luck my friend. You're walking through a minefield on that one. I have no problem with Foalcon as long as its gentle and tasteful, but I can't speak for the other blood lusting masses on this site XD

I'm not really fond of it at all, to be honest. If they're that young, my reaction is protection, not lust.

Interesting. . . Now I'm interested in how Applebloom is included in this story. I wonder if Fluttershy can resist those animalistic impulses when she gets involved and find it herself to protect Applebloom from the animal inside. . .

Of course, it could turn out that Apple Bloom ends up jumping her, trying to get her Cutie Mark in vampire slaying, only to realize it's Fluttershy after getting her completely hogtied, and then winds up trying to get her Cutie Mark in exorcism to purge the vampirism from Shy, but uses the wrong tools.

A skillet to the back of the head and some duct tape later. Applejack and Macintosh fear the worst for their sister after they awake only to find that not only did she best Flutterbat but believes she exercised the vampire bat out when they find a very confused and possibly naked Fluttershy, tied up on the kitchen floor. Ashamed that a kid did what they couldn't. They let Fluttershy go, never knowing that when the sun rose, Flutterbat receded only to emerge again on the next full moon to fill herself with the sweet decedant juice of apples XD

Of course, we still get a chapter of Apple Bloom trying to 'exorcise' Fluttershy using tools she looted from Applejack's 'toy box'.

I just got the strangest image of Applebloom shoving a bottle of KY right up Flutterbat's nose and using the "TOOLS" very wrong!!!! XD
Your idea for the third chapter sounds awesome though. I can't wait to read it^^

Well, at least Fluttershy will tell Apple Bloom what she's supposed to do with them, if only so it doesn't hurt.

God, I can't stop laughing at that mental image.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Or better yet. While Applebloom is interrogating Flutterbat, she hits her right upside her head with a small cyan blue "bat" from the box!!!

Oh gods!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
The Apple Bloom chapter has such a huge comedy potential if she gets the drop on Flutterbat.


That's actually really close to what I was planning actually haha

Then I made a good guess.
What about the guesses regarding the Apple Bloom chapter?

Hmm I'm liking this. Definitely wasn't originally planning on it but that's a really great idea. I might have to do something like that.

Granny Smith chapter pls

Glad to be of help I guess! XD


can i get a link to the full picture?

Comment posted by Enduring Man-Child deleted Jan 12th, 2014

can i has full pic please

I was describing the tongue as snake like in itself, as in the tongue being similar to a snake. Not her having a snake's tongue or her being like a snake.

Comment posted by Enduring Man-Child deleted Jan 12th, 2014

I'm just curious, why exactly are you reading Flutterbat stories then? Also I never described her tongue as forked either and she is a vampire, not a bat. Vampires are mythological creatures while bats are real. I'm not trying to argue and I don't think you're acting curious. Just trying to figure out why I guess

Comment posted by Enduring Man-Child deleted Jan 12th, 2014

No its fine. They can stay, I don't mind. Also, one more thing, they were 'vampire' fruit bats and yes I know real vampire bats are not evil at all, although they do suck blood from cows and whatever else. But in this case, they were in fact portrayed pretty much as mythical creatures and considering the show is fiction most all of the creatures are mythical.

Hm. Interesting.

Not too bad, really.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3753562 I honestly think if Flutterbat becames part of the show, it wouldn't be because of a Smut fic, cause after all, MLP:FIM is a kids show, for little girls no less, so if Flutterbat does come back, it will be the usual Hissing like a creature thing and none of the sentience... As far as we know, maybe Flutterbat will gain sentience, but, it's not gonna be like something out of a smut fic, I mean, this is the same show that got in trouble for using a perfectly harmless character named Derpy :derpytongue2: who was mistaken to be insensitive to the mentally impaired, a smut worthy Flutterbat would worsen things. If fanfics would cause Flutterbat to come back, it would mostly be the less mature fanfics, or how popular Flutterbat became from the corlulation of the other fan tributes. Since Hasbro's a kid friendly company with a family oriendted image, they want to consider the less "Mature" stuff over those that are blunt in these kind of things.

Sad, but true. Although Hub and Hasbro has gotten away with far worse. (I.E) implied adultery. Case and point, Mrs. Cake and why she has a Unicorn and a Pegasus baby. Especially when Mr. Cake tries to defend that claim XD

3765695 Maybe "Implied" sex, but I don't think they can escape from sex directly shown!

So if Flutterbat does come back, it won't become a sudden pervert sex fiend like Quagmire.

Obviously XD
I'm talking more along the lines of Fluttershy's more confident and driven counterpart

3766606 Oh.....

I could see that happen in thorey if Hasbro ever DOES deside to bring Flutterbat back in even in the most contrived way possable.

Also apparently, Meghan McCarthy left a short lived Twitter about how Big Macintosh falling in love with "a certain shy pegasus"

3766649 Say, if there were to be an episode on that, it would correct the mistaken identity of "Cheerimac" being canon for good.

To be honest. I support all of the Macintosh ships. Even Caramac. I think Macintosh works well with anypony. Although Fluttermac is my favorite. Even Lauren Faust acknowledged him enough to want him to have his own episode in season one. But Hasbro/Hub turned it down

3766910 Tough break. But I guess that's what happens when 6 certain mares became star-billing faverites.

Uh. Link to original picture please?:raritywink:

If anyone else wants the link to the full pic please just pm me and I'll send it to you

So...the paln is to keep the apple family on lock down....and get a feast out of it...applebloom will be a slave the rest for sex and meals...i just want a changling to come along and join in the fun

And in the next chapter Applebloom gets her cutiemark in exorcism!

Or possibly vampony taming.

Macintosh was no match for her soft, innocent, nakedness!!!!! XD
Flutterbat is such a greedy girl XD
Although, something tells me, Applebloom is going to be a tad too much to handle XD

3772645 cuitie mark crusaders twilight fans YAY!

No, taming like a pet.

...mental image of Flutterbat in a collar with Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo holding the leash.

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