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Wow, this is actually very good. You should do fluttershy next.


Any specific fetish? Or M/F again?

I need specifics :)

Shining armour and pinkie pie next


Again, anything specific you want to see? Gender change? BDSM?

Let's see here ... Lightning Dust and Thunderlane, consensual, mare-on-top, at the Academy.

Bondage between Twilight and Spitfire.

Currently I am about half way through a Princest chapter.

Pacing is ungodly too quick, but I guess that's clops for ya


I know, i've never been good with pacing...

Comment posted by dragon_claws deleted Jan 4th, 2014

Mrs Cake, Plot Worship.
Basically groping, massaging, and kissing Mrs Cake's huge butt. And hotdogging!


So, a) a slightly older Snips hypnotising and brainwashing a slightly older Apple Bloom, or b) Lyra finally coming acoss a human, who drugs her, ties her up and mates her to one of his feral, non-sapient ponies.

Evil, evil stuff that.

3727742 well hey i just finished my first clop and i know its difficult as hell to get it right :trixieshiftleft:

R63 Pinkie Pie with normal Pinkie Pie

:yay: yay for selfcest


I try my best, though I'm still not happy about how it turned out. But I guess that i' always think that...


Twilight with the wolves, umm...

Slavery. Basically, Twilight's family has been in debt for awhile, and now, they're being sold as slaves, except for Shining, because he's an adult. Twilight's above the age of consent, except where authority's concerned, and Celestia's been wanting her a little while. BDSM, and hopefully some watersports, if you're okay with that.


I'm ok with anything, I just need to read up on certain fetishes. ;)

i want to see the follow up with the wolf ambassadors^^
you know what?let her go through every species possible


For this what male do you want? Hell, what gender do you want either of them?

Very nicely done.

How about some shota? A male human and dragon Spike.


With who, on her own? Male, female, both? Specifics people! ;)

3728921 how about her spike and the mane six have a pooping contest


Big Mac and Vinyl Scratch bondage, maybe? Nothing too specific. :twilightsmile:


Uh, sure. It'll take a fair chunk of my creativity to do it, but sure...

It might take a while, I have like... 12 other ones lined up, so maybe about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks, if i'm fast... sorry about that.

3728944 thats fine take your time im just happy you'll write it :D

Cum inflation between Aged up spike with 2 dicks and cadence behind shining armors back

You know that scene from "Green isn't your Colour" where Twilight magically make Fluttershy act unappealing? I want Twilight to force either Rarity or Rainbow Dash to have sex with her or each other by using that kind of magic, basically hijacking their bodies. They are conscious of what they are doing but can't do a thing to stop it and they don't know what is causing them to act that way.

All participants should be female. They can be human, pony or anthro, whatever you want. Toys would be nice but not essential.


I like it :) it will be done... after a while xD

not sure if mentioned but Luna x Celestia and I guess whatever you would like to do with them.


I might do them again later on , but with a different settings. Maybe a threesome or some shit like that...

Perhaps some vore action? Haven't found much pony vore. Something along the lines of fluttershy feeding ponies to some of her larger animals or pokey peirce cock voring pinkie. Soft vore with sigestion would be preferable.


I can, but it'll take a while,like most now...


No! You write my free clop now, dammit!!!:flutterrage:

At your face, brah. :ajsmug:

She screamed out in frustration and through a small vase at the wall with her magic.

That's probably the worst mistake I saw in the story, the only one that caused me to lose my attention. Other than some punctuation, there isn't much more. Pacing...

Feeling better that her heat was sorted for now, she teleported his cum from her body and threw it out the window.

That would be incredibly hard. Magic. Oh, and I feel sorry for whomever it lands on.


I'll go ahead and change that, thanks :)

Yeah, pacing is my weak spot. I havn't written clop in forever.

Can we get some Rainbow Dash and Shining Armor up in here! :rainbowwild:


M/F? Or M/M? Or f/f? And doing what, vanilla?

Excited that you plan on making this a hub for all types of stories. Of course, I don't expect many of them to be to my mostly tame liking (people seem to have more and more fucked up tastes these days, I tell ya...), but at least the first one is a standard M on F :P


Idea: :twilightsmile: raped by Shining / gangraped by the guard and Shining. Vaginal Oral. Maybe inflation.

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