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Applejack has had worked hard at Sweet Apple Acres for almost nine years now to meet a decent productivity. That along with the grief of her parents death (which she blames herself for), she finds herself in the same position every night. When her secret obsession is exposed, her filly friend feels the need to help get down to the roots of her problem.

Cover Art By: http://gfgr.deviantart.com/

(Warning: Diapers and Ponies)

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I earnestly don't know what to make of this so far... so I'll just stick to a single fact that stuck out to me - AJ's 'obsession' would not be pedophilia - it is known as autonepiophilia, or Paraphilic infantilism. The big distinction is that autonepiophilia involves strictly other adults while the subject is role-playing the child.

However, this of course assumes AJ does this as a form of sexual deviance and/or fetishism... which I'm going to guess isn't going to be the case here; rather, for her I would surmise it is due to her losing her parents, and thus her foalhood, so early on?

I'm aware, it was mean't to be interpreted like that by Rainbow Dash as that's how she see's Applejack's Obsession; as some kind of tall-tail of pedophila. I'm aware it's not the correct disorder, but Rainbow Dash isn't. :twilightsmile:

Intresting, I've seen another fanfic that's done something similar to this. But you could probably do without the Appledash shiping. It really doesn't serve much of a point and could work the same way with best friends. :eeyup:

3727211 Fair 'nuff :) I'll have to see more to really wrap my mind around this one I guess :)

I liked it, but there were a LOT of spelling and gramar errors. If you want a free editor, I am willing to help! Email me at aros3007@gmail.com

I already have an editor, thank you for your consideration though! Actually I'm sure he'd like if you edited this for him, I'm sure he'd appreciate it a lot; I mean I would too. Just PM a G-doc's file if you do, Thankyou! :twilightsmile:

Why is it when I think of something in my head for a song, poem, story, or anything of an idea, and just about to start doing it, someone else comes along and has just finished making my idea into reality without me knowing it. I must share some sort of mind link with the world. However this shall be a great tale to see done through the eyes of another.

Awh, I'm sorry! :fluttershysad:

I'd love to see your version of this story too, I'm sure it'd be really good! :heart:

3738868 I can't wait for more

I really enjoyed this story. It's cool to see someone else's take on my story.

k well at least i found you on here now , but what was the other story i was told you did that i asked about which you never replied to?.....

So Rainbow Dash and Apple Bloom know about Applejack's "fetish" hm? Well, at least Applejack isn't alone anymore. Whatever happened to her parents has obviously gotten to her.

Super awesome, I was so looking forward to read more of your story. You are one of the best artist that I read. And my girlfriend whom I read your story in the hospital the enorment appreciated. :twilightblush:

Poor Applejack, hopefully things will get better for her.

I kinda wish the chapters came every 3-4 days.:fluttershysad:

4207741 Haha, sorry for the delay! I'm planning on releasing the next chapter within the next two days! I've been busy working on another story! :twilightsheepish:

I can understand why A.J., Twilight, and Fluttershy are wearing diapers, but why Pinkie?

Hm, so despite Applejack already being in love with Rainbow Dash she's starting to develop feelings for a stallion? That can only lead to trouble I'm afraid, and Rainbow Dash is hardly one to be understanding. :eeyup:

I agree let's see how it turns out:pinkiehappy:

Didn't the cutie mark chronicles say she wasn't made out for life in manehatten

Shhhhhh~ just let it happen. :trollestia:

Oh yay a new chapte- oh wait no just an even more awesome re-read of an awesome story :raritywink:

:raritycry: I want a new chapter

Jk keep up the good work

to mutch i in this story so not one for me sory brownie he e:ajsmug:

No matter what aj would never quit working sweet Apple acers

It requires a new chapter

Also do the others appreciate its new form of speech?

4640176 I'm thinking I might continue this story after I finish "A Message to Rainbow Dash" :twilightsmile:

I don't get why so many people hate this sort of thing!

Mental regression is a normal part of life and your psychological state, after all.

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