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You'd expect the parents of a refined cellist to be upper class, proper and sophisticated, right? Guess again...

A collection of short, individual stories featuring Octavia's parents.


Updates on an 'as and when' basis, hence the 'complete' tag, though technically it never ends.

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I'm not sure, since I have problems with punctuation myself, but I feel that there were missing commas in some sentences. And I'm so used to "Octamom/Octadad" that I actually forgot their names... :rainbowderp:

3787871 Chances are you're probably right. I suffer dreadfully from not being able to think of how to start writing, yet once I get started I find it just as hard to finish a sentence. :rainbowlaugh:

It's a little jarring to not see them be referred to as Octamum and Octadad for a change. :rainbowlaugh:

I was actually expecting some more humor for this first chapter, but I won't say no to slice-of-life feel-good tales. :pinkiehappy:

Only thing I noticed amiss is your spacing; you jump from double-spacing to single-spacing and then back again seemingly at random. Best pick to do one over the other and then consistently stick with it all throughout. Most people around here do double-spaced paragraphs, and to them it's an absolute horror when someone doesn't do that, which I like to mock occasionally, because it's really kind of ridiculous, but I'll let you decide what to do. :twilightsmile:

I look forward to more.

3789128 Good thing you pointed out that formatting problem. Seems to be an error from when I copied the text over to the internet. :rainbowlaugh:

I'll admit, having them as Ostin and Mixy can be a little jarring yes, but at the end of the day...

"Oh Ostin!" said Octamum
"Oh Mixy!" said Octadad

...sounds even more odd in my opinion. :rainbowlaugh:

I was trying to add more humour into this, but after a while it became apparent that that was a bit like trying to run when I can't walk, so I mainly focused on getting the words down. There'll be more humour in future though. :raritywink:

So that's the Octaparents real names, "Mixy" and "ostin".

(With all due respect they really don't sound like compound pony-names that relate to cutie marks.)

And I remember Octamum being a more disturbing and scary character. (Not like I am accusing you of making her OCC.)

It's not Mervyn Peake, but it's a good start for a first fan fic. :twilightsmile:

3794921 Their full names are actually 'Ostinato Melody' & 'Mixed Media' (Later 'Mixed Melody' after marriage (This will be explained in a later fic, don't worry!)) So hoopefully that should clear up the whole name to cutie mark problem you were having. Their names were actually first revealed several months back here:

3796042 Okay, tngat explains a lot.

Its also te result of not beinv on DA for so lon.....

"She looked over at Ostin, whose mouth was now hanging agape as he'd quickly begun snoring his way into the land of nod."

That part amused me.

Very nice.

I like Ostin's personality. It reminds me of when I was younger.

These two are always adorable.

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