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Being a princess seems easy on the surface, but as Cadance reflects on her coronation, she realizes that the cost was too high, as she knows what happened to her fellow princess Amore, who dared to challenge the system. This past isn't something she can just hide, and she comes to realize that she could lose Shining Armor in much the same way...and decides to take action. Winner of a Midwest Brony Fest fanfiction contest.

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Comments ( 10 )

I would have liked it better if Amore turned into Chrysalis, but meh. Your story. xP

Good story. And long. I'm not good at long. xP

Haine, eh? I would have picked Pupa or Larva for Chrysalis' kid, keeping with the whole bug theme, but Haine's okay.

Amore did turn into Chrysalis. Quite honestly, I just put the "OC" in there to throw people off about the twist.

And I chose "Haine" because it's French for "hatred." I figured it'd be more original.

And for those wondering, Changelings reproduce asexually.

Good story, a bit of change to. You can also find more Tragedy stories in Tragedy.

Comment posted by Uberdeathninja deleted Jan 4th, 2014

Great story! Looking forward to the sequel.

Promising premise. However, it does make Celestia sound a bit more callous than usual.

I'm curious, what was your inspiration for the alicorn potion? I'm always a fan of alternate character interpretations and why folks find them fascinating.


Honestly, I just did the potion just as a way to ensure that Shining and Cadance could stay together. If it was something an alicorn was born with, that'd be too sad because of all the "immortality, but someone dies" stories.

Sorry I don't really have a better reason.

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