• Published 15th Mar 2012
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End of the Line - Wheller

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Epilogue: 10 Years Later

Epilogue: 10 years later

‘... now, Equestria is a parliamentary republic! Now who can tell me what that means?’

One of the foals from raised their foreleg into the air from her desk. Cheerilee smiled at her and pointed at her. ‘Go ahead Rocket’.

‘That means that we choose who represents us in government by voting for a party that we like! The party then picks one of their members to represent the area that they were picked in’, the little filly, called Rocket said.

‘Very good Rocket! Now, the Equestrian Republic was founded ten years ago, back then, everything was a lot different than it is today. I have here a picture from when I was a little older than you all!’ Cheerilee pressed a button on her slide projector and up popped an image of her when she was younger. In hindsight, she found herself a little embarrassed by it, the picture of her was when she was much younger, her mane was a frizzled mess, her teeth were covered by braces, and her earrings! Ridiculous ones shaped like lightning bolts... and the leg warmers. Never again.

‘Look at her hair!’ one of the other students called out.

‘Yes I know, but honestly, that's how everyone was wearing their mane back then!’ Cheerilee said. It was the sad unfortunate truth that this image of her was one that had been the norm when it had been taken nearly twenty five years ago.

‘Miss Cheerilee!’ one of the other students called out. ‘What are those on your flank?’

Cheerilee took a look at the picture and realised instantly what the student had been talking about. She looked back down at her flank, nostalgically reminiscing about her now missing cutie mark. ‘I’m very glad you asked that Turbo, this was called, a cutie mark. Before the Equestrian Republic was founded, everyone had one once they got to about your age, we didn’t fully understand them at the time, but we eventually came to learn that cutie marks were a nice way of saying ‘brand’, as in, those who had them were unwitting property of royal family... but I’ll get into that a little later. Now, back to the republic! The party that gets the most votes in an election becomes the majority party, they form up the back bone of the government, and they pick the Prime Minister and their cabinet to lead the government! The party with the second amount of votes becomes the opposition. Now, who can tell me who the Prime Minister of the Equestrian Republic is?’

Rocket’s foreleg shot up. Cheerilee chuckled; there was a reason why she was called Rocket, after all. ‘Go ahead Rocket’.

‘Why, the current Prime Minister is Scootaloo!’ she said.

Cheerilee smiled brightly at Rocket. ‘Very good Rocket! Scootaloo is indeed the second and current Prime Minister of the Equestrian Republic, and she comes from the Pony’s Progressive Party, they lead parliament at this time, you know? When Scootaloo was your age, I had her for a student!’

There were a number of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the group of students. Turbo raised his hand again. ‘Miss Cheerilee? If Scootaloo was the second Prime Minister, then who was the first?’

‘Ah... well, that would have been...’ Cheerilee began, however the bell interrupted her before she could continue. ‘Well, we’ll have to finish this tomorrow, read chapter three out of your text book for class tomorrow, we’ll pick up right where we left off!’

Cheerilee closed up her books and watched as her students all filed out of the class room on their way home. ‘Ah to be young!’ Cheerilee said with a smile.

‘They’re really the lucky ones, aren’t they?’ asked a voice from the door, causing Cheerilee to jump a little in surprise as she looked towards the door. She smiled as she looked towards the door.

‘Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you Cheerilee’, Twilight Sparkle said as she trotted into the room.

‘Twilight! Good to see you! Ironically enough, we were just talking about the founding of the Republic today, we left off with one of my students asking me who the first Prime Minister was’, Cheerilee said.

‘That is ironic!’ Twilight Sparkle said with a grin. ‘Well, you know what they say, “speak of the devil and he shall appear!”’

‘Indeed they do, Madam Prime Minister’, Cheerilee said with a grin.

‘Oh stop!’ Twilight said. ‘I’m not the Prime Minister anymore! But I’ve left the government in good hooves. I’ve only been grooming Scootaloo to take my place for two years, since she had her accident...’

Cheerilee nodded her head. ‘Yes, I was there when she had her accident, first show as Captain of the Wonderbolts... she hit the ground so hard... it’s a wonder she survived at all...’

‘Scootaloo is tough, that’s why she’ll make a great Prime Minister’, Twilight said.

‘Indeed she will’, Cheerilee said as she finished packing up her things. ‘Well, I’m heading out, care to walk with me? It’s been a long time since we got a change to talk’.

‘Of course! It happens when you’re the Prime Minister!’ Twilight said with a grin. She and Cheerilee walked through the hallways of the school and out towards the front doors.

‘Do tell me Twilight, after you overthrew the Princesses, how did you survive Canterlot falling down around you?’ Cheerilee said.

‘Oh come now Cheerilee, you teach this!’ Twilight said giving her friend a friendly bump as they walked.

‘Tell me anyway!’ Cheerilee said with a chuckle.

‘I concentrated really hard, and teleported back to Ponyville, scared the hell out of everyone because I accidentally took a few bits of debris back with me’.

Twilight and Cheerilee stepped out of the school and out onto the street, they couldn’t help but look up. ‘Sure has changed a lot in ten years hasn’t it?’ Cheerilee said as a zeppelin passed over their heads, manoeuvring between two sky scrapers.

‘Yeah...’ Twilight said. ‘Yeah it has’.