Mix a New Years party with plenty of booze and a night so great you'll never remember it, and what you might just get is an unexpected surprise sharing your bed when you wake up.

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My god.

I want to know more about that party.

“But, I guess it’s just me and nightstand again, just like old times.”

And I laughed wayyyyy more than I should have at that.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh Bob, you certainly threw me for a loop with this one. I wonder what the headline would be? "New year is three times as chaotic"?

Trolly Discord is best Discord. Nuff said.

Three Discords and a Nightstand walk into a new years party...

“Especially with you,” Discord answered back, grin growing more devious by the second. “Though, I don’t know how much you drank. Maybe my good friend, Captain Manegan, can tell us.”

And this is where I lost it. I laughed out loud.

Always a pleasure to read your work, RainbowBob!



Pancakes? Pancakes? Clearly, this is a situation that calls for waffles!


This was.......

Yeah. This was. :trixieshiftright: :rainbowlaugh:

3718693 Scout: Today ain't your day, pancakes!

There's only one thing we can do to fix this situation.
We must kill Discord, Discord and Discord.... and maybe Nightstand, I haven't decided yet, nightstand knows too much, but who could be a valuable ally, should we be able to neutralize Discord, Discord and Discord before they can damage nightstand any further.

But nightstand has connections in the underworld. When nightstand wants someone gone, they're gone, just like that. He scares me. :applecry:

Then we must band together to remove nightstand once and for all.

You fool! Silence your tongue! Nightstand knows all! :derpyderp1:

Well nightstand can kiss my sweet ass I'm going to bed now!

(Nighty night, I've gotta get up in 6 Hours :O)

Not a bad story. I liked it. Although there were some inaccuracies. Luna wasn't talking like the way she does in the show. And Twilight does not live in the castle; she still lives at the library (but then again, I guess you could say that she stayed the night at the castle).

Sorry about Luna's lines not being too accurate. I usually write Celestia more, so I guess I need more practice with Luna, but I hope that didn't put you off from the story too much. As for Twilight, it was a New Years party, so you can just chalk it up to her going over to visit and celebrate.

Well there goes the number 1 spot on funniest fim fics of all time

Actually, then wouldn’t your’s count as hoof-fisting? Oh wait, no, I think that term is used for something else…”


I genuinely did not expect the twist. Well written sir. I'd love to see twilight's and luna's sides of the story:yay:.


I have an idea... We get Pinkie Pie to get him.:moustache:
He may know everything, but he is not aware of Pinkie's forth wall breaking ability.
She'll break the forth wall and travel through the crack until she is in the evil lair of nightstand. (Of course she'll be wearing her stealth outfit from the season 3 premiere) of course that's not a required option but it should be. Anyways... She'll travel through the crack into tit's evil lair with her party Cannon and they will have a EPIC BATTLE... Or she could just tip it over.

Just as well he limited himself to just one Discord per princess really.

We could have a flash to the Crystal Empire to see if he bagged the whole set.

:pinkiehappy: Morning, Twilight!

:facehoof: Ugh... not so loud, Pinkie....

:pinkiehappy: Didja have a good night with Discord?

:twilightoops: What? No! I mean, nothing happened with Discord. Nothing!

:pinkiehappy: Oh, Twilight, you silly-dilly. Don't worry, your Auntie Pinkie Pie knows ALL about it.

:twilightoops: You do? What? How?

:pinkiehappy: Well, I saw you cutting the rug last night, and then you and he sowed all those wild oats in the middle of the ballroom! And when you danced that mattress jig, even Rainbow Dash was impressed!

:twilightoops: And everyone saw?

:pinkiehappy: Oh, don't worry, Twilight.

:twilightoops: So nobody saw?

:pinkiehappy: I understand. Sometimes, after a really big party, I have trouble remembering everything, too.

:twilightoops: Oh, good...

:pinkiehappy: So I got Photo Finish to document it!

:coolphoto: I worked ze magicks!

:twilightoops: AAAAAAHHHHH!

:pinkiesmile: Huh. Weird.

* Discord walks by, whistling innocently and holding a rug with holes cut out of it in one hand, a floor tile with oats growing out of it in another hand, and a mattress with hoof marks all over it in a third hand. *

Nice fic! Just what I needed for a morning laugh.

I'll have the Discord, Discord, Discord, eggs, bacon, and Discord.

Also, who in their right mind has marble flooring in their bedroom of all places? That just seems silly.

Happy New Year, Bob. :twilightsmile:

This simply must continue! Either from the other pony princess' stories or a continuation! :pinkiegasp:

Bob I challenge you to 2 weeks without getting a story in the featured box. I seriously don't think it's possible unless you just don't write for 2 weeks, but then I don't see how that would be possible either.


Chapter 2 or sequel?

With pregnancies on top?


And possible twins on the side?

Discord would be the best drinking buddy ever.

3719176 Luna's lines did not ruin the whole story for me. I still enjoyed reading it. And also for Twilight, I figured that was what she did.

I had to do a legit doubletake when the 3 Discords began talking. Then I laughed.:rainbowlaugh:

....That would be a horrendously devious direction for the story to go: Discord, despite all his screwyness, knocked boots with all three Princesses in order to sow the seeds of his re-emergence as Emperor of the entire world through his illegitimate alicorn-draconequus hybrid offspring!

3721226 My thoughts/actions exactly.

3718986 dont get it but still funny

heh didnt realize that it was one of you fic until i was looking though the comments no wounder its good

This is just some new series a guy I follow on deviantart has started and I thought it seemed rather fitting considering how much pancakes and Discord were talked about at the end of this story.

Discord banged three alicorns in the same night. Flawless victory!

Muahahahaha :pinkiehappy: Great story! Very funny and perfectly paced.

Great little story, laughed my ass off! :rainbowlaugh:

And she would’ve gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for that meddling Discord, and her stupid hangover!

Aaaaaaaand there's the Scooby-Doo reference.

But, I guess it’s just me and nightstand again, just like old times.

Why no space? Just 2 lines up you have a space.

I am more interested in what happened before they fell asleep...

You should write about what happens at breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:trollestia:

So proud of you Discord! Banging all three of them in one night! Quite a feat if I do say so.


Thats the pun.

One night stand....

And one nightstand.

This makes me rethink my definition of the term "three-way."

Thanks, asshat.

OH *insert George Takei here* MY

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