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This story is a sequel to The Winds of Winter: A Hooves Family Adventure

What should have been a simply family vacation goes completely haywire when the TARDIS deposits the Doctor, his wife Derpy, and their daughter Dinky in the Crystal Empire thousands of years in the past. Going home isn't an option though, as their is a dark plot brewing in the heart of the Empire and it will be up to the Hooves to solve the mystery.

Who is trying to kill the beloved ruler of the Crystal Empire, the noble King Sombra?

This story is the official start of Series 1 of the Hooves Family Adventures.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 109 )

And thus begins the next Hooves Family Adventure, Let's Kill King Sombra!

My goal for this story is to take a Empire and a villain who were given very little development (really, the entire thing seemed like a way to give Cadence something to rule) and give them a deeper, rich backstory. I hope you all enjoy and review!

Ohh, interesting.

I really enjoy the Hooves Family's Character .
I'll follow .

I wonder if Princess Solsra becomes Sparkler?

I already did the "Put Sombra in cupboard" joke over on the blog. Hmmm...Oooooh. I know.

Dinky (With glowing horn pointed at her parents)- "Come on everypony, let's go kill Sombra."

So in this universe Sombra had a daughter? And she is voiced by Jenna Coleman. Sounds interesting! But this whole story already sounds interesting...
Can't wait for more!

3716826 Considering who she is voiced by, I'm guessing that the answer to that question is both yes and no.

Is the Equestria Games framing device tied to the first televised Olympics being held in Nazi Germany, or is that my apophenia again?


Awesome, great to see another adventure with the Whooves family and a buildup of Sombra's background.


Thanks. I really wanted to give the Hooves family some wonderful personalities and make them a fun group to read aobut.


Yeah. Solsra, as we will see, has a kind of cute, smiley way about her that contrasts wonderfully with my version of Sombra.

Nope, that thought never entered my head. I wanted to do a Classic Who story where the Doctor wants to go one place and ends up in a different place.


Yeah, Sombra is a great design who was horribly managed... I am going to give him a much more interesting backstory.

Isn't that basically every story?


Yes and no. Sometimes the Doctor goes someplace and discovers a threat he didn't realize. But other times he means to go on a simple trip and ends up another place... off the top of my head I know the Rebel Flesh episode and one trip in The Power of Three had examples of this.


This one is pretty good to:

King Sombra: "Thank you, whoever you are. I believe you have just saved my life!"

Doctor: "Believe me, it was an accident."


That's probably the best one for this story...

3718733 this is based of the episode "Let's Kill Hitler" isn't it? :ajbemused: (I haven't read it yet just asking)

Don't forget The Seventh Doctor. He almost always knew where he was going and why.


Actually no. I just liked the title and it fits with what I am doing. All my stories are completely original but will have echos of other Who stories

You have a time macine, I got a gun. What the hell lets kill sombra!

And so it begins.....:derpytongue2:

Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh yes!!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

A new adventure of the Whooves family, it's so fantastic!!!



You actually timed the music perfectly. The ending note on the video landed on,

“I… am King Sombra.”

That was just brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.


As someone pointed out, Rory has now punched out the ultimate good (The Doctor) and the ultimate evil (Hitler) that the world has ever known


Yeah, it is always hard with music because I can speed read. My hope was to have people get to aobut that point when the big final note played.

“We can always do that, mama! The past is the past and is always there! The future changes and may be gone in an instant!”

But isn't the past just someone else's future? Really though, this quote is not appropriate for Doctor Who's "wibbly-wobbly" interpretation of "timey-wimey". Rather than try and explain it myself, I'll have the Doctor do it.
(Skip to 2:20 for the relevant speech)

Twilight: That's ridiculous!
Doctor: Now you're getting it!


The Past is Past is almost a direct quote from the Doctor from Series 5. The idea is that the further you go back, the more fixed points there are and thus it is harder to change the past, while the further you go in the future or along the time-line, the less fixed points there are.

3726459 Which episode? Cause, call me crazy, but that just doesn't sound very, well, Moffatt. I could see that concept being introduced while Davies was head writer, but Moffatt really likes to play up the fairy tale/fantasy elements, the concept of infinite possibilities. Having him introduce that kind of limiting rule just doesn't seem... right.
But I've been wrong before, and I will be again. So feel free to prove it.


Edit: I've editted this because I thought you were complaining that time should be more fixed, not that it should be more opened. That said, I disagree with your statement that Moffat likes infinite possibilities... many of his arcs are all about how time is connected and events HAVE to come about.

Original Post: I honestly can't remember off the top of my head, but I remember something like that. It might have been Cold Blood/Hungry Earth, but I could be wrong. I know in that episode the Doctor points out, when Amy asks if the Silarians and Humans do unite in the future, that the future is NOT set in stone and that things can always change... that their are tipping points that can cause the future to change. But the past though is much, much harder to change (I believe that is from the Vincent Van Gogh episode, but again I could be wrong).

Whatever the case may be, I want to rule to be that the further back a time traveler goes, the more fixed points while the further forward the less, then that is the rule for my story. That's the wonderful thing about being the creator of THIS world... I don't have to play by every one of Moffat's rules (and trust me, some of his are really, really stupid... like Amy and Rory's being stuck in 1939... you are telling me the Doctor couldn't arrive five years later and save them? Or have them go to another country and pick them up? Or use the vortex manipulator that is RIGHT THERE ON RIVER'S BLOODY WRIST and bring them back?).

Hope that didn't come out as mean, by the way. I don't want a huge debate over a throwaway line that, as we can now clearly see, isn't even important to this story's plot since they aren't in the future (and is said not by the Doctor but by a filly). If you want to disagree, that's fine, but I think you're focusing on something that isn't that big of a deal for this story.

3730311 I could say something about respecting source material, especially when you are using it without permission, but if My Little Pony has taught me anything, it's not to piss off a power crazed tyrant! :pinkiehappy:
Have fun playing god!


*chuckles* Thanks. You'll see I edited things a bit, as I was a bit confused about what your issue was. I think we are kinda on the same page, just that you want things a bit more lax while I have just a touch more structure to the rules of time travel.

To make it simple, I will put it like this: Think of time like a sandwich. The future, the last moment, is at the top. The Big Bang is at the bottom. It is real easy to switch a slice of ham for a slice of turkey near the top. But the further you go down, the weight of all the rest presses down and makes it harder and harder to remove things. That creates 'fixed points'. It is POSSIBLE to do it, but very hard and runs the risk of altering things... and changing the lay out of the sandwich.

Except time isn't a sandwich at all. Forget the sandwich.

3730311 I am totally focusing on something completely inconsequential to this story, but it is a big deal for the lore of this series, as it is a series now. That said, I like your sandwich analogy, and think it will work out well for the rest of your stories, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Sombra's daughter is soufflé girl?!?!?!?! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile: :yay:
So is she falling through time to save the doctor?


I chose Jenna Coleman because she can portray innocence and coyness quite well, which are traits Solsra needs

could remember anything she saw, if only for a second.

This implies she remembers everything she sees for a second. Try adding an "even" before the "if".

This story looks like it could be fun! Can't wait for more!

3730399 First of all: because this isn't the Scootaverse but a Doctor Who universe that went weird during 11's run, you have to have the Doctor say that sandwich thing. Yeah it's very Matt Smith but it makes more sense than the 'banana.' I mean it was like Tom Baker explaining bigger on the inside, it worked!

Second: She needs to be soufflé girl. I want the Doctor to hear the princess (who apparently turns into his adopted daughter Sparkler) and remember stealing the Tardis. That and if you pull a Moffat and kill her off in a few stories (or this) have her say "Run, Run you beautiful stallion!"

Really, it just works, for once because it is a possibility in being the Doctor's time-stream.

Dun dun dun!

As I said, my goal with this story is to establish stronger backstories for many characters. Sombra isn’t a mush-mouth monster anymore but as depth. But the best addition is the idea that there are secrets about Derpy that even the Doctor doesn’t know about.

Time travel is so much fun to write. I love the idea that Dinky has regular playdates with Granny Smith back when Granny was a filly. And yes, I had to throw in the Ponds… I detest Rose and made River a stalker but the Ponds get to be normal ponies.

I've read other takes on Sombra's backstory though this has to be the politest one I've seen at least at this point.

Huh for once someone that finds the Conspiracy and doesn't get in trouble because of it.
Go Dinky!

“My King, my Princess,” the butler declared, “May I present the Doctor, her lady ‘No, not you, aarrgh I’m burning alive!’ Derpy Hooves, and their daughter, Dinky.”

So much for every other pony's normal.

Ooooo, nice sleuthing, Dinky.


I love the fact that only the Doctor reacts to that. Maybe it is a title

“I wish you hadn’t found that,” Solsra set, setting the plate of cookies she’d brought down. She began to walk towards the filly, eyes narrowed. “Oh Dinky… I really wish you-“
Solsra fell to the ground, knocked out cold, a lump forming on her forehead.
“Mama taught me that,” Dinky said, grabbing a cookie and munching on it.

There is no possible way you could have ended this chapter any better.

Things like maps and books and poisons and letters to assassins and magical explosive crystals and harmful totems and security orbs like the ones that had trapped her family earlier that day and secret plans that all described how the princess could murder her own father and cover up the crime…

Well...that took a nasty turn rather quickly...:twilightoops:

Solsra fell to the ground, knocked out cold, a lump forming on her forehead.
“Mama taught me that,” Dinky said, grabbing a cookie and munching on it.

Wow... What did she do?


I considered for maybe half a second ending it on Solsra's line but realized that was such a cliched way to write it... much better to have Dinky buck the snot out of Solsra and munch on a cookie.

Dinky: A smart as the Doctor, as deadly as Derpy... all hail the little Time Lady!

Wait, wasn't Sombra lord Tydal's dog wiggles?


In the Scootaverse he was. This universe is a touch more serious: the God Squad and The Many Secret Origins of Scootaloo never happened here.

Dat ending! :rainbowlaugh:

At first I was thinking that this was early Cadence, but now I'm not so sure. Hmmm


3749580 But...isn't River Song a Pond technically? Amy's part time lord daughter given all Tardis time travel stuff that was mentioned in A Good Man Goes to War and following episodes afterwards?

And Sombra's daughter is the assassin or behind it?

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