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On the other side of the Everfree forest, a filly deams of touching the stars.

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This is incredibly cute, shor and well written. But that "[ Tragedy ]" tag is making me nervous...

629 I'm glad you like it.
try not stress out too much about the [Tragedy], Moondust just gets a touch of classic greek tragedy and nothing too serious happens to her.

Im not even sure how this is the highest rated, the only thing i can think of is proxy abuse.

its boring, i see no plot turns or any Daww or anything...

If you did abuse proxys to get this rank, shame on you. many people spend their time writing fanfictions, and you get to the highest rated with this bowl of oats. (im saying its bland.)


I did not use any proxy or any software or anything to enhance the rating of the story.
I just published it when there was not much else on the site. I guess, I just got lucky. Still, I shall take on your feedback and make the next serving of oats with added fruits :raritywink:

Who else found this while looking at the wayback machine

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