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[2nd Person] [You X Octavia]

"It was not the first time that you had met under these circumstances. Often you would enter each other’s bedrooms, seeking companionship only a shared loathing of electronic music could bring together."

After living in Vinyl and Octavia's house for a while, one will notice that not much sleeping gets done. And when sleep is not an option, company is.
Often meeting in each other's bedrooms, you and Octavia could often talk the night away. But once in a while, just relaxing with some music on is best.

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"Nah, I'm not obsessed with Octavia." I told myself. Saw the character tag, clicked without thought or regret. Smiled through the whole story.

Totally obsessed with Octavia.

Alright, yeah, I liked it :pinkiehappy:
Very nice and sentimental, kinda hits me in the ol' feels :twilightsmile:
Just...Paragraphs, man, use 'em :ajbemused:

Oh god, you're right. Copy/Pasting from a Word document was not the brightest idea, after all.
Anyhow, fixed.

you need the human tag because the main character is assumed to be human with all the mentions of hands and arms instead of hooves and forelegs. i also really enjoyed this, its definitely in my top 5 octavia stories

Cute. So very cute.

we need more of these. I keep coming back to review some Octavia stories more often then others. glad to see im not the only one.

Loved it.

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