• Published 31st Dec 2013
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Dilemma - Locomotion

After rediscovering an old gift from Spike, Rarity finds herself in a real pickle over her feelings for him. Can her friends, both from Ponyville and from further afield, help her come to terms with being in love with a dragon?

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It took another five days for Spike to recover sufficiently for him to leave the hospital, and even then he was unable to walk very far on his own without going into a relapse. Rarity stayed by his side while his strength slowly returned, and even allowed him to stay at her boutique until he had been nursed back to full health, an offer that Spike was only too delighted to accept.

After only a few more days, Spike had been fully revitalised and was able to carry on as normal. Having seen to a few chores at the library, he was now packing a basket with sandwiches, cupcakes, lemon squash and a few small gems. Rarity had expressed to him how sorry she was that he had to return to the library after she had taken such good care of him, to which Spike had reminded her that while that little episode was over, their relationship certainly wasn't, and invited her out for a picnic in the Whitetail Woods. Rarity had never looked so overjoyed in all her life!

As Spike prepared for their first date, Rarity sat at the writing desk taking down a letter to Princess Celestia;

“Dear Princess Celestia,

Over the last month, I learned a very special lesson not just in friendship, but also, more importantly, love.

Sometimes in life, one can feel more than a little insecure about one's feelings for a certain stallion, mare, filly, colt, or even dragon, particularly when it comes to what others may think of such a relationship. But as I myself have found out, you should never let such fears cloud your judgement or prevent you from pursuing the one you truly love, otherwise it will only lead to heartbreak.

In fact, my good friend and confidante Fancypants summed it up with what he told me before I returned home; 'by the end of the day, it isn't the age, physique, species, social standing or even your own reputation that matters – it's how you feel about that someone.'

Your honoured subject,

Once she had finished, she rolled up the parchment and tied it up carefully with a length of ribbon. Having packed everything they needed for their picnic, Spike picked up the scroll and blew on it with his fire-breath, reducing it to ashes that drifted softly out of the window towards Canterlot Castle, where they would re-materialise in Princess Celestia's study.

“Right then, Spike,” said Rarity, “shall we away?”

“Yes, let's,” replied Spike with a smile, and walked towards the door.

At that same moment, Twilight came into the room. “You off then, Rarity?” she asked.

“Yes, Twilight; I've just finished that letter, and I believe Spike has the picnic all ready?”

“All present and accounted for,” affirmed Spike. He then opened the door and stepped aside, extending an arm; “After you, Lady Rarity.”

The white unicorn beamed affectionately as she approached the doorway. “Thank you so much, my knight in shining scales. You've always been so kind to me,” and she kissed Spike's cheek gratefully.

“See you later, Spike, Rarity,” called Twilight as they left. “I hope you enjoy yourselves.”

“Oh, we will, Twilight,” smiled Rarity. “I know I will, now that I've finally found my Prince Charming.”

“So long, Twilight,” added Spike, and closed the door behind him before walking alongside Rarity in the direction of the woods.

While the two of them were walking away from the library, Twilight gazed out of the window and smiled, a small tear in her eye. She had always seen Spike as being like her own little brother, and to see that at last he had found love brought joy to her heart. And how ironic it was that she had all too often doubted that it would actually be in the form of Rarity, when after all this time she had gradually come to love him back despite not always showing it.

“Oh, Spike,” she thought fondly, “you've no idea how happy I am for you.”

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Nice story!


Lovely story~

3712928 Agreed. Maybe it's just what Rarity thinks in normal pony ignorance of dragons, but it does leave a bad taste in the mouth all the same.

I'm glad I read this. I feel like ya could've at least given us their first date tho :c

A really nice story. :raritystarry: It would have been nice to see their first date, but nonetheless this was still a beautiful, heartwarming and feelsy story. :twilightsmile:


Fuckin' hell. Scootaloo gets off scot-free.. leaves a sour taste in my mouth, oh well, great story!

3724201 Not quite. If you were to read the following story, "From Rumble with Love", I think you'll find that both Spike and Rarity are rather taking their time to forgive her for it. I'll leave you to work out when they do. :raritywink:

3726047 Oh dang, guess I have to read that story then. :raritywink:

3843611 I appreciate your feedback, but I find it a bit tactless, to be honest. Speaking for myself, I consider myself factually accurate on this story. In any event, I think you might have got the part with Blueblood a bit wrong; if I remember correctly, Rarity did splatter frosting over Blueblood, but only after what you just related to me about Pinkie Pie knocking the cake over.
I would have liked to read your stories to see how you would have done it, but since you haven't written any, I'm in serious doubt as to whether these "errors" actually exist in mine. :ajbemused: Also, I find your policy of not reading any further into other people's fanfictions the moment you detect the slightest hint of whatever rubs you the wrong way a little shallow and hurtful. :fluttershysad:
Thanks for taking what little time you did to take a look into this story.

On the way they find Scootalo and beat the crap out of her.

3902813 Not really sure I would allow that to happen, personally, but I can see why you would think that, considering how harsh she had been. But they'll make peace with each other soon enough.

A pretty nice story overall although the lack of resolution (or karmic revenge) for scootaloo is kind of off putting...:fluttershysad:
I understand she was simply the last straw, and that even if she had let him down gently things could have still gone wrong.:fluttercry:
I did expect something to happen though when scootaloo and her friends found out later that he tried to commit suicide thanks in part to scootaloo verbally abusing him in public...but nothing happened...:raritydespair:

Well..its still a nice story overall ...:pinkiesmile:

3923631 Oh, it all gets resolved alright.:ajsmug: That all takes place in the next two stories; From Rumble with Love and Oh Mother, Where Art Thou?. I won't reveal anything though; you'll have to read it to find out.:raritywink:

3924554 Alrighty I'll give those a read!:pinkiehappy:

Have a like and a fav!:moustache:

OMGosh! I :heart: this story it was so enjoyable. I couldn't stop reading until I was finished. Great story :twilightsmile:

Don't think spikey would jump to his doom,He Waddle as he pondered what to do too close to the edge & he trip/have it give way , Splash.
It feels, :raritydespair:

Months later the Doc said "Didn;t I see you to here a few months ago?"
Rarity replys" The was a mater of Life & death, Today We're here in a mater of life & Babes":raritywink:

4736974 Well, to be fair, he was getting a bit emotional even before he had begun dating the CMC. If Scootaloo hadn't overreacted, perhaps he wouldn't have even considered it. That said, your suggestion for that outtake sounds pretty comical. :rainbowlaugh:

Good piont, It's Well writen "No Mushie stuff" from the KFC mascot LoL.:twilightblush:

and then scootaloo was hoofcuffed and tossed into the back of a Canterlot SWAT carriage

Not gonna favorite this, but I will give it a like. Well written. I just wish Rarity would have had the patience to wait for a better setting to tell her feelings as soon as Spike recovered.

The End :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Not really, I hope somepony would talk some sense into her though

Greetings! We have completed a review for this story over on My Little Reviews & Feedback. Hope you find the feedback helpful. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the feedback. I've read the review, and I'm happy to see it's got a decent overall score, given it was the first MLP fiction I ever wrote.

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