• Published 6th Jan 2014
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Street Sweep's Journal - Cromegas_Flare

Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor have gone missing. The only way for Twilight Sparkle to find them, is by reading and decyphering the journal of the mad pony who napped them.

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Taste is for the Bitter, I Am Sweet

The train ride had been bumpy, but for Twilight Sparkle it was a welcome intrusion. She didn’t want to finish the journal. Even if she did, the trauma coursing through the cars as the wheels passed by the ties would only disrupt her focus.

There was much more going on than just a crazy pony looking to scramble her mind. No, she was sure that the answers were in the book. They had to be in the book, otherwise there was no hope to find her family.

"Twilight, are you listening to me?"

Snapping out of her daze, Twilight focused on her friend. "I'm sorry Pinkie, all of this really has me occupied. You were saying?"

"Oh, I was just talking about that one time where I threw my sister her first birthday party. Though, if you want to talk about what is bothering you, we can talk about that."

"What makes you think something is bothering me?" questioned Twilight.

"The look on your face, silly! Any pony could tell by the sad look on your face that something is bothering you. What did you find in that book anyway?"

Twilight winced at the sudden bold question. After all this time, Twilight learned that nothing could really get past Pinkie Pie, unless she herself allowed it. Sure, Pinkie could seem out of it at times, but when it came to serious things, Pinkie knew about it. She knew that the best way to get through hard times was to laugh and have fun. And when the situation was dire, she could give comfort like no other.

"It was not so much as to what I found in the book, but how he wrote the whole thing. It’s a bit awkward to read, because the guy is clearly insane. But I am glad that his journal was not written like his letter to me." Twilight realized she was getting off track. "Ah hem, that is beside the point. In his journal entry he mentioned one of his dreams. In this dream, he was in the sewers of Canterlot, and he was going to be investigating it. So we are going there to see if we can find anything he has done.”

Pinkie sat there, taking in her words. It was all Twilight could do to watch the gears turn in Pinkie Pie’s head.

"Okie dokie loki!" she said, sitting back on her bench, releasing tension on her front hooves.

The duo sat there in silence, left to their thoughts.

"So, what do you expect to find in the sewers?" asked Pinkie Pie.

The question knocked the wind out of Twilight. She, having been so immersed in finding her siblings, was going just because of a hunch. Figuring that if she follows Street Sweep’s steps, she would be able to find more clues. The cold truth was that she had no idea what she was looking for. Twilight was just happy to have found an excuse to look somewhere new.

"I don't know Pinkie, I wish I did, but I don't.” Twilight hung her head down.


"Are you sure this is where we go in, Twilight?" Pinkie questioned.

"I'm not sure, but I have to start somewhere. Look, if you don't want to go in you don't have to; I can handle this alone."

"Nope, I'm going down with you," said Pinkie, who then jumped into the sewer duct without farther argument.

Twilight rolled her eyes before going down into the forbidden labyrinth.

Pulling out her map, she began to walk down the way. It did not take long for Twilight to realize that Pinkie Pie was nowhere to be seen. "Pinkie Pie where are you?" Twilight called out, suddenly getting the feeling of dread. Though she did say that she could handle this on her own, Twilight still found it hard to stay calm on her own.

"I'm behind you silly," said a bright voice form behind her, instantly giving Twilight relief to her fears. Not completely though, because Twilight still felt as if she was being watched and hunted.

"Good, then let’s start down this way." With the command given, the two friends made their way down the sewer.

It was shocking to Twilight to how the Sewers related so well to the dream she just read. Stone walls stained with green moss. Water that was tainted by the most fowl of substances, and even the dank smell that surrounded them. It was all described in his dream, or at least what he wrote.

"Pinkie, what do you know of Street Sweep?" Twilight asked.

"Well," said Pinkie, putting her hoof on her chin. "He is a meanie mcmeanie pants who goes and hurts other ponies! I know he is known for three deaths, and then killed himself before giving the location to your brother and sister-in-law. Why do you ask Twilight?"

Twilight let out a sigh, "For a killer his style is rather unique, but he did not claim the lives of three ponies Pinkie. After reading this, I believe he has claimed at least seven."

Pinkie let out a loud gasp, "You mean he hurt more ponies, and never got caught!" Pinkie went into silence, and Twilight watched as her main sagged a little bit. "That means there are at least seven less ponies to bring parties to."

The purple mare watched as Pinkie walked beside her, witnessing as her blue eyes filled with tears. "How could anypony be so cruel?" asked Pinkie.

"I don't know, but I don't think he started out that way," replied Twilight. "After reading the first few pages of his journal, he seemed like a caring pony who cracked under a broken heart."

"It's still no excuse to be so mean."

"I know, but all we can do now is find out all he has done and get my family back."

Pinkie lifted up her head in pure determination. "Then let’s do it!"

After some time, the two ponies finally came across an explosion of graffiti.

Twilight, curious about the strange art work, began to look things over. It was hard to read anything that was plastered on the cold walls, yet there was one thing that stood out. A section of words that where legible; saying, "Taste is for the bitter, I am sweet."

"Pinkie, could you come here please." asked Twilight.

Hearing the trotting of hooves come beside her, she heard her friend say, "What is it Twili....ohh"

Raising her hoof, Twilight began to show Pinkie Pie what she found. "These words were always found at the crime scene which Mr. Sweep created. Now, look at what the words are painted over."

Pinkie looked closer to the wall and soon found a latch that looked as if it belonged to a door.

"So, could this be where Street Sweep did all his work?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"No, I don't think so. The paint is too old. But I fear this might be one of his first victims. Come on, we need to open this door."

Letting out a gulp for a reply, Pinkie approached the door beside her friend and pushed it open. Instantly being drowned with foul air, both ponies began to cough, the stench was overpowering. It was a stench that neither of the ponies was used to, but instinct lead to the knowledge of what it was.

"Pinkie, I need you to go back up to Canterlot and get an Investigation team down here."

"OK, see you soon Twilight, be careful."

Why do I have to deal with this! Shouted Twilight in her thoughts, "It’s not fair! I just want my family back!"

Twilight stepped into the room, and increasing her light with her horn, she began to look around.

"Good thing I have a team on their way down here.” Avoiding the disturbing scene around her, she looked to the corners of the room. Other than the five unidentified lumps, the room was empty. Then her eyes caught something. A small box, just sitting there, undisturbed.

Cautiously, Twilight approached the box and used her magic to lift it up. Twilight slowly opened the box and looked inside. What she found where five, perfectly clean knifes, each matching the color of her friends’ coats

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