• Published 6th Jan 2014
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Street Sweep's Journal - Cromegas_Flare

Princess Cadance and Prince Shining Armor have gone missing. The only way for Twilight Sparkle to find them, is by reading and decyphering the journal of the mad pony who napped them.

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"Wake up sleepy head," cheered Pinkie to a lump underneath a pile of bed sheets. Pinkie had gotten up early that morning because when she makes a promise, she always keeps that promise. Especially if it's a Pinkie Promise!

The day before, Twilight had asked Pinkie to wake her up early. A request that Twilight now regretted, not because she wanted sleep in, but simply because her night had not been the most restful of nights. The study session she had planned for this morning was not one she was looking forward to. With only a slight grunt, Twilight made her way out of her bed, letting the pile of bed sheets fall to the floor below.

"Thank you Pinkie, I knew I could count on you," said Twilight. She could not bring herself to be mad at her friend. She had asked to be woken up, and just because she could not sleep was no reason to blame Pinkie. No, her discomfort was entirely her own fault.

"No problem, Twilight! ...Hey! Would you like breakfast?" Pinkie asked, with a completely unnecessary level of excitement.

Twilight had to think about that for a moment. Her stomach was not at all in the mood for food. Especially considering what was in store for her today. She had to keep her own life built about though, even if it meant fighting her own appetite. "Yes, I would love somphmph...mph" her reply being cut short as Pinkie stuffed cupcakes in her mouth. The sweet and creamy frosting filling her taste buds, and the soft and moist chocolate cake brightening her mood, just a little.

"There you go, Twilight!" cheered the sweet chef. "Now I shall go make some more!"

Pinkie's face became more serious as she looked into her friend's eyes. "You should start reading, and if you need anything let me know...." The mare sighed, her face falling into half-hearted smile. "I'll do my best to cheer you up."

Twilight held her gaze to her friend. "Thank you Pinkie Pie, I know you will be able to help me. Though as much as I don't want to do this, I need to if I ever want to find out what happened to them." Leaning forward, she gave her friend a hug, as her horn lit up bringing over a bright green book. It only took a few moments for Pinkie to realize that the book was, in fact, the book Twilight had dreaded to read through.

Ever since that dreaded day when Shining Armor and Princess Cadence disappeared, Twilight had spent most of her time in research and detective work. In little time she was able to track down the catalyst of their disappearance- a middle aged stallion named Street Sweep. An aptly named, brown earthpony who had spent his days cleaning the streets. It also turned out that he had a hidden hobby of being a serial killer.

It was evidence of other disappearances and murder that led her to him, yet she had the nagging feeling the he wanted her to find him. It did not take long for her to locate his abode and prepare for the encounter.

As Twilight had approached him with the royal guard, at his own home, Street let out a final claim of defiance saying:

"Stop! I will end my work here! As the days come, none have known me! Twilight Sparkle, my book is inside. If you wish to save your family, read it!"

Before any of the royal guard could stop him, he fell dead. To this day, his death is a mystery, one that is still in work to be solved.

Twilight, on the other hoof, made it her personal task to read the book given to her, only to read the first paragraph of the first page and stop. Something in the book had scared the mare, and she would not touch the Celtic bound pages ever again. That was until this day, the day where she had planned to solve her family's blight, and save her BBBFF.

Twilight had soon found herself sitting at her desk with her book before her. "Oh Spike, I wish you were here..." she said, tears rolling down her eyes.

Then, bringing all of her courage to the surface, she opened the book and began to read.


My Letter to you Miss Twilight Sparkle

Oh boy, now that I have your attention, let me just tell you right now how happy I am that I have a friend. A friend that will become more like me with every word you will read. Not because I think you are weak, oh no that is not the reason at all. My reasons Twilight, are simply because I have watched you for quite some time now. The way you stress over work, as well the way you concentrate on a task and obsess over the smallest of details. It is quite the way I was, and am. That is why I know you will not only become more like me, but you will become me. Even if you try to fight it, you will love my life, and wish it were your own. Don't bother fighting it Twilight... You will find your brother and sister soon enough. That is a promise I give you.

You should also know that I used to be much like how you were, not having any friends. Then I did find some friends, but that is another story, but this is relevant to you, so read this up and drink the wine, as I love to say. The friends I made were everything to me, yet when they betrayed me I was only left with one friend, and that was my thirst for revenge. Your friends will betray you Twilight, make note of that, it will happen. When it does, that will be the day that you will become me!

Happy Reading

Street Sweep

Author's Note:

Short and sweat, and lots of questions unanswered.

Also, I would like to thank BloodyLastWords for his help in editing this part.

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