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This story is a sequel to Being Neighborly

Sheriff May Berry must keep the peace at a Eutaw County Board of Supervisors meeting. The good citizens of Eutaw need to remove a little potty humor from their landscape. Politics as usually, and other things going terribly wrong, in Equestria's wild west.

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Manes #1 · Dec 31st, 2013 · · 1 ·

Looks promising, off to read it now!:rainbowwild:

Buttes are really the greatest geographical feature.

“You Honor, what if we the whole butte?”

Just the one thing I saw that you might need to fix

I really liked the story, though! Are there any more Tales from Eutaw County in the works?

In the works, no, but there will be more.

Reminds me of a Mark Twain line, although I don't know where he got it. "It's not that the world is too full of idiots, it's that the lightning is badly distributed." (badly paraphrased)

FINALLY, someone has told me how to pronounce that damn word!

Buttes are the best. Stop laughing, I am being quite serious.

And Chief Weed just shot into my top 15 favorite Pony OCs. A list I should probably actually organize one day.

Hehe, nice bit of funny to start my day.

Personally, I'm more of a fan of plateaus. They're the highest form of flattery. :trollestia:

3710129 I'm embarrassed that this pun is new to me! LOL!!! I wish I'd thought of it before I published.

That was great. Not what I expected at all after "Being Neighborly," but that made it no less entertaining.

Tut, tut. You're making a real mesa things.

I guess you could say my comment was in-valley-able.

3711742 :yay: *wipes away a drop of liquid pride*

I would respond to all these geography puns, except I can't think of any.


Not what I expected at all after "Being Neighborly,"

I should address this. It is a departure; I've been writing stories with comedic elements and I wanted to write something that put the comedy first. I also wanted to do a little more world building, I've added to my cast of characters, characters that might be comfortable in Cicely, Alaska or Twin Peaks, Washington. But this is definitely in the Eutaw County continuity. I do include a supernatural element, and I even allude to the mysterious ponies May works with (they don't come and confiscate the meteorite). The only thing missing is Barney. I was going to include a line explaining his absence; has the good sense to avoid Board meetings and is hiding under May's desk. I forgot to include that.

Heh. To quote Ghostbusters, "I love this town!"
I'd say something about all the geography puns, but honestly I think you're all making a mountain out of a molehill.
:applecry: Oh dear. Perhaps we should just ditch that entire line of thought.

This was hilarious, but I kept expecting :trollestia: "Who did you call a figment of the buffalo’s imagination?"

I came across this randomly and I'm very glad I did - it was a rather fun story!

I'm kind of surprised other options weren't thought of, such as Sun Bluff or Sun Mesa (while geographers often distinguish between buttes and mesas, other people generally don't, especially in the Western US.) I'm also not sure that 'Mount Sun' would have been geographically inaccurate - a mountain is any raised natural landmark larger than a hill that rises abruptly from the ground (and there are even some hills that are named 'mountains', including one in my home city), and it just so happens a large number of them have peaked summits, although this is by no means necessary (for example, table mountains.)

But those are, of course, very minor nitpicks - I still very much enjoyed the story.

lol good one.
looks like im not the only one who has a OC named Grey accept mine is spelt Gray

Approved by Celestia's Library


(contemplates writing a letter to Luna about Sun Butte)

I still don't understand how to pronounce "butte". I don't get it.

Sun Butte was hilarious, but I lost it at the mention if buffalos and casinos. There's quite a few of those in my city. If you were to have mentioned Listerene, I would have coughed up a lung in laughter. And might have been offended a bit lel.

So many bloody awful puns. I friggin loved it.

Is Chief Weed (rofl) voiced by Scott McNeil, too?

4319594 Is Chief Weed (rofl) voiced by Scott McNeil, too?

Yes. And the name is short for Tumbling Weed, I really didn't see the other interpretation of weed until after I'd written it (no, really). I still liked the name and kept it.

Say the first syllable of the word beautiful. Add a t and that's how you pronounce butte.

Scott McNeill! Mighty is he who voices all buffalo chieftains.

I remember that in Nicknack's Summer Days, the word beut comes up. Or was it beaut? Anyways, it's used by griffins and is the German word for "prey".

Beut does look and possibly sounds like butte.
So does that mean griffins hunt buttes? They must make great butte hunters, with their ability to fly and all.

I love your stories, but this one takes the cake.
Well, one of them.
There are a lot of cakes, and they're always taken.

...I miss my cakes.


I agree with the Griffon, that was all just silly; "Sun Butte" is simply divine!

Why didn't they try to officially change the spelling to "Sun Beaut"?

This was amazing.. as was the last one, sorry there aren't more in the series, really love the idea and cast here.

The humor was really good! All those puns, and then the Sun Spirit's Gift! And then following up with Jam Canner at the end! :pinkiehappy:

In a world with Nightmares and monsters and such, the Sun Spirit is a cool addition, controlling meteorites and stuff...

And with all those observatories and astronomy about, their work is getting good publicity?


OH! Private Marigold first appears here!

And that makes this, and Being Neighborly, presumably in continuity with Wonderful - Private Marigold...

So, that means Known Space is connected to Quizzical, with those Puppeteers... *shrugs*

It also means that Private Marigold's future is looking up, what with the commendation and more, that she is prophesied to receive! Although the circumstances that led to that are unfortunate.

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